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Courtney's Unit 3 Quiz

aquiz on unit 3


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minor character
character who plays a lesser role
is a struggle between two forces in a literary work
first-person point of view
narrator uses words such as I and we
A work of fiction is the time and place in which the events take place
direct description
describing the physical features, dress, and personality of the character
internal state
revealing the characters private thoughts and emotions
Short Story
Is a brief work of fiction that tells a story.
stock character
character found again and again in different literary works
three-dimensional character
character who exhibits the complexity of traits of a human being
Is the atmosphere or emotion created by a literary work
is the writers attitude toward the subject or toward the reader of a work
showing what the charater says or does
second-person point of view
narrator uses you
point of veiw
is the vantage point from which a story is told
major character
charater with a significant role in the action of the story
static character
character who does not change during the course of the story
one-dimensional character
character who exhibits a single dominant quality (character trait)
is a series of events related to a central conflict, or struggle
three-person point of view
narrator uses words such as he, she, it. and they
character who struggles against the protagonist
Central figure in a story
Is prose writing that tells an invented or imaginary story.
dynamic character
character who does change during the course of the story
interaction with others
showing what other characters say or think about the character
Is a person ( or something an animal or thing) who takes part n action of a story.
Are tales that feature the adventures of legendary figures such as Alexander the Great and King Arther
Is a long work of fiction that usually has more complex elements than a short story

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