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What is the flattened area of the femoral head called?
fovea capitis
for mild or moderate cases of hip displasia, evaluation is best made by comparing what?
the cranial acetabular rim with the femoral head
What rediographic evidence is often seen with severe hip displasia but is not a primary sign?
a large rim of osteophytes around the femoral head
What dogs get ischemic necrosis of the femoral head?
toys and terriers
What is the purpose of radiography when evaluating patellar luxation?
identify any secondary disease such as deformity of the distal femur or proximal tibia
What dogs get panosteitis?
big dogs and bassets
Where do panosteitis lesions usually occur on the bone.
usually near the nutrient foramen
In what bones does panosteitis usually occur?
humerus, radius, ulna, femur, tibia.
What dogs usually get hypertrophic osteodystrophy?
big dogs
What is the earliest radiographic sign of HOD?
double physis
What dogs get hypertrophic osteopathy?
usually middle aged to older dogs with concurrent lung neoplasia
What is the anatomic location of HOP lesions
Diaphyseal regions of tubular bones commonly but occasionally affects short bones(carpal and tarsal) usually symmetric
Where do HOP lesions of start?
on the abaxial surfaces of the second and fifth digits. appear lacy
What are the most common sites of OCD in the dog?
caudal humeral head
humeral condyles
femoral condyles
distal medial tibia or talus
What dogs are predisposed to elbow disease?
usually young large dogs
What closes at 4-5 months in small animals?
anconeal process
What closes at 6 mos in small animals?
medial epicondyle of the humerus
What closes at 7 mos in small animals?
proximal ulnar physis
What 3 things close at 8 mos in small animals?
proximal radial physis
femoral head
distal femoral physis
What 2 things close at 9 mos in small animals?
distal radial physis
distal tibial physis
What 4 things close at 10 mos in small animals?
prosimal humeral physis
distal unlar physis
proximal tibial physis
tibial crest
What does the term dessicans mean?
a separate fragment
What is the usual time of onset for panosteitis?
10 mos -2 years
What is the name of the view used to film dogs for hip displasia at the UofI?
half axial view
What is unique about the presentation of a dog with HOD?
often present with a fever

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