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Doukhan Mid Term Pentateuch


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What is the first tool of exegesis?
Who developed JEDP Hypothesis?
What does the Septuagint name "Deuteronomy" mean?
Second Law
What is the name of the hypothesis which states there were four authors of the Pentateuch named JEDP?
Documentary Hypothesis
What is the theme in the book of Genesis?
According to the lecture notes concerning Leviticus, what allows God to come closer to humans?
What is the strong testimony to the unity of the Pentateuch?
Samaritan Pentateuch
The first recorded contact with Egypt was made by who?
The first five books of the Bible are commonly defined to us as the what?
In the Pentateuch, the two most important names of God are?
YHWH and Elohim
The book of Numbers is a theology of __________?
The Pentateuch is framed with what two important ideas?
Creation and Re-Creation
What are the three main approaches that the critics have used to explain the Pentateuch?
1. Literary Analytical Approach
2. Form Critical Approach
3. Tradition Historical
Joseph (Genesis 37-50) ruled under the _________.
The word that describes Exodus the best is?
What does the Torah mean?
Law and Teaching / Instruction
What is the meaning of the word Toledoth which is found ten times in Genesis?
Genealogy, History
What is the central chapter in the book of Leviticus?
Chapter 16
What was the major difference between the Israelite sanctuary and the other sanctuaries of the Ancient Near East?
Whereas other ANE sanctuaries only had idols which represented the presence of the gods, YHWH actually dwelt personally in the sactuary of Israel
What phrase at the end of the building of the sanctuary alludes to the Creation story? Give the biblical text where it is located.
"Finished the work"
Exodus 40:33
What major old testament prophet was heavily influenced by the book of Deutoronomy?
What event in late Israelite history was associated with Deutoronomy?
Too many Jews were sacrificing at the high places, and Josiah needed a way to stop them
Theology of Leviticus is?
Brielfy explain the basis of Hebrew and Greek thinking.
In Hebrew thinking the event precedes the theology and is based in history. In Greek thinking the thinking precedes the event.
The unity of the people that is found in the book of Numbers shows that the concept of individuality ("no man is an island") was not present among them is known as what?
Corporate personality
According to Jewish tradition, why did God choose to reveal Himself to the children of Israel in the wilderness?
Because God wanted to reveal Himself in a no-man's land.
What are the three themes in the book of Exodus?
1. Salvation
2. Covenant
3. Worship
What are the three thematic aspects of the promised land?
1. Unity
2. Holiness
3. Wandering
Who wrote the last chapter of Deutoronomy?
The first idea of the Decalogue in Exodus teaches us
Law comes after God's grace.
The Egyptian meaning of the name
Moses is
Which of the following is not proof of the Eqyptian connection.

A. Many Egyptian words in the biblical Hebrew
B. Tablet found in Egypt of the story of Joseph
C. Evidences of camels in ancient Egypt
D. Stories in Egyptian literat
Tablet found in Egypt with story of Joseph.
Pentateuch is a word that translates the concept of what?
Five fifths of the Torah
What are the reasons that qualify Moses as a probable author of Pentateuch?

A. Trained in one of the most powerful and advanced dynasties in Egyptian history
B. Moses' familiarity with Sinai Peninsula
C. Moses' concern with people no
All of the above
The meaning of word brt
Which one of the following is NOT one of the covenant found in the Pentateuch?
What characteristic of the Promised land is NOT found in the book of Numbers
People living in the land were to live independently from others.
What person in Genesis serves as the main theme of Qohelet?
What theology of God is revealed through His name?
The God of the future
What is the key word in the book of Exodus?
What is the key phrase that articulates the book of Leviticus?
And the Lord spoke to Moses saying
Which Egyptian god did the golden calf represent?
What is the second half of the book of Exodus dealing with?
Building of the Sanctuary
What book of the Bible reflects and gives us a key to the book of Genesis?
What is the significance of the ten plagues?
Each plague was an undoing of creation, The plagues demonstrated the God of Israel's power over the gods of Egypt.
According to Abraham Herschel, the Bible is?
An anthropology of God
One major factor in understanding biblical literature according to Hermann Gunkel
Studying the Sitz im Leben (situation in life)
How is the book of Numbers organized?
What chapter(s) and verses in the book of Deuteronomy are considered the historical prologue?
About what year did the redactor put together D?
550 B.C.
The fearing of God means
He sees me
True or False, The structure of the book of Deutoronomy has no parallels to ancient Egyptian treaties.
True or False, the word "Torah" means law but also teaching or instruction
True or False, the story of Joseph is supported by Egyptian literature
True or False, Deuteronomy structurally has five sections
True or False, The Hebrew word for the book of Numbers is "in the wilderness"?
True or False, In the JEDP hypothesis, the J document assumed to have been authored in the 9th century?
True or False, Source Criticism suggests that Scripture originated with a single author
True or False, The philosopher Descartes, states "I think therefore I am" complements Hebrew Theology as observed in primarily in the Pentateuch
True or False, The evidence of camels has been found around 3000 B.C.
True or False, The pentateuch contains many Egyptian words
True or False, The Pentateuch contains almost all the major names for God
True or False, Genesis 3:15 is the first text about birth in the Bible.
True or False, The title of the book of Exodus in Hebrew means "The names"
True or False, The descendants of Cain built a civilization diametrically opposed to God that resulted in God destroying the world with a flood.
True or False, The key word of the book of Leviticus is 'Sanctuary'
True or False, the central idea of the book of Numbers is 'the presence of God'
True or False, The book of Deuteronomy is structed around Divine speech
True or False, Deuteronomy is the exact structure of ancient covenant treaties.
True or False, Until fairly recently, most Jews believed that Moses was the author of the Pentateuch
True or False, Genesis is divided into two parts, the first being more historical.
True or False, Archaeological evidence is available to support the Pentateuch
True or False, the bulk of the five books could indeed have been written by Moses or under his supervision
What three things should you consider when you read the Hebrew Bible contextually?
1. Ancient text
2. Archaeological data
3. Geography
What are the two dominate paradigms being used today to study ancient Israel's origins as a people, and her religious traditions?
Rationalistic and post modern
From the recent archaeological discoveries and paleoenvironmental situation where is the probable geographic setting of the crossing according to the author
The term Sinai is used three different ways in the Hebrew Scripture what are they?
Mountain, wilderness or desert, Sinai
From what city and what day did the Israelites leave Egypt?
Rameses; the day after Passover
According to Hoffmier where was ?Mt. Sinai? located in the Sinai Peninsula?
Southern Sinai seems the most likely region in which the ?Mt. Sinai? of the Torah is located
What is the relation between Mt. Sinai and Mt. Horeb?
Sinai is the Mountain and Horeb is the dessert region.
Why is there no archaeological evidence of Israel in Sinai?
Because their dwellings and artifacts were perishable.
What biblical text reveals that Israel?s covenant was drafted at Sinai?
Exodus 20-24
What was the name of the famous inscription first noted in Sinai at Wadi Maghara?
What ancestor epic pattern is the text of Gen 1-11 modeled after according to the author in ?Rethinking Genesis?
The Atrahasis Epic
Which chapters do Jaques Doukhan propose as structurally unified, being made of two separate heptads, each having an introduction and a conclusion?
Genesis 1 and 2
What is one idea the author provides to explain where Moses got his sources?
The Levites were traditionally the scribes and keepers of records before the exodus ? they wrote the histories and passed them on.
According to the author in 'Rethinking Genesis', what is the theme that pervades the entire text of Genesis?
What two things does the end of the book of Genesis tell its readers?
Hope for the future and lays the foundation for the new work of God, the Exodus.
In what period was the Pentateuch written?
15th Century BCE
T/F A considerable amount of Genesis is from non-toledoth sources.
What makes up the heart of Genesis?
a. The story of Israel
b. The toledoth material
c. The three patriarchal cycles
d. The primeval history
How were the sources of Genesis transmitted during the Egyptian sojourn?
(The Levites adopted the roles of scribes and teacher and preserved the traditions of the patriarchs, pg. 234)
T/F Moses compiled the material for the Pentateuch in a way analogous to Luke?s collection of materials for his Gospel.

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