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Social Studies Review Midterm Part II


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unwritten constitution
invlves more than one document. the document consists of formal laws,legal customs.written and unwritten traditions. the parliament interprets the constitution
common law
tradition of laws set from past events such as court cases that occurred in England. Guides great britian's legal system. greatly influenced the American legal system
a group of representatives who meet to discuss and pass laws
Boston Tea Party
The Americans dressed up as Native American and dumped the tea in the Boston Harbor
the romans were the first to use it. People are chosen to represent the people in the government. there is a legislative branch. The citizens vote on who they want to represent
Magna Carta
In 1215 the king of England, John, signed it. It says the king has to respect the basic rights of citizens. Can't put someone in jail or execute them without a proper trail.
English Bill of rights
In 1816, William III became king king and agreed to a Bill of Rights. There were specific rights for citizens, and had rights for the parliament. The rights balanced with giving some people more freedom or giving more responsibility to otheres
John Locke
An English philosopher that believed in " Divine Right" His ideas has an enormous influence on the political philosophy. Some of his ideas were: freedom of religion, and woman's voice. Some documents that are based on the fundamental ideas of John Locke are the Declaration of Independence, Bill of Rights, and the Constitution.
House of Burgesses
The representatives from every colony would meet to discuss the functionality of laws that should or should not pass in the Virginia Colony. Was used frequently in other American Colonies before the independence of the United States of America.
Direct Democracy
All citizens vote for the laws they comply with. Women were not considered slaves. Ancient Greeks created democracy
Stamp Act
involved paying a tax for any material consisting of paper.
Mayflower Compact
the first official written Constitution. .

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