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Social Studies chapter 7 test Greece


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Who did the citizens of the Greek city-states of Athens and Sparta work together to defeat?
In many Greek city-states, what did an assembly make?
In Greece trade was nearly impossible. why?
Mountain ranges made transportation hard.
All the decisions in the assembly of Athens were made by .......
Majority Rule
From whom did the Mycenaeans borrow their art styles pottery designs, and writing?
Which Greek city-state had a military culture?
Where did most of our knowledge about the Mycenaeans come?
The Epics of Homer
What was the goal of Alexander the Great?
To rule the world
What ended the Golden Age of Athens?
The Peloponnesian War
What is another term for a city-state?
Who thought that philosophers would make the best rulers?
What was the name of the leader of Macedonia who united the Greek city-states and brought peace to Greece?
What is another name for a bad leader?
Who were the Minoans?
The people of Crete who built the palace at Knossos
Why did the city-states of Athens and Sparts temporarily unite around 500 B.C.?
Because the Persians invaded Greece
What do you call a land mass that is surrounded on three sides by water?
a Peninsula
What was the central marketplace of an Athenian city called?
In Greece an independent city-state was called....
How did ancient Greece develop likes with other societies?
through sea travel
The Illiad and the Odyssey are long poems of Homer called.....
Which ancient Greek city-state was famous for its military way of life?
Why did the Olympic games begin?
They were a festival to the god Zeus.
Why did the Greeks develop a system of government in which the citizens made their own laws?
because they believed in justice and fairness
How were the voting rights in the Athenian government different from those of American democracy?
only male citizens could vote
What was the largest island in the Aegian Sea?
What were the two major seas of the Aegean world?
Aegean and the Mediterranean
Alexander the Great was taught to love philosophy and the Greek way by what Greek philosopher?
What was Plato's Academy in Athens?
What are some of the reasons that the sea was important to the development of ancient Greece?
1)It was a source of food-fishermen
2)Greeks became traders-traveled the sea looking for resources.
3)Sea trade brought new resources and new ideas
What are two more reasons why the sea was important to the Greeks?
4) Greek ideas spread to other lands.

5) The Greeks became skilled at fighting on the sea; made large fighting ships

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