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1 Study of Government


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Law that is higher than human law is dubbed _____ law
In the marxist view, government is a relfection of underlying ______ forces.
Max Weber felt that the dominant social and political reality of modern times was that
All instituition have fallen under the control of large bureacracies
Weber's theory suggests it would be wise for scholars who want to study power to focus on
Appointed officials and career government workers
A pluralist might agree with all of the following except
mass opinion and the interests of citizens are irrelevant to policy making.
The fact that people have been willing to die over competing views of public interest suggests that
such views are more than mere window dressing
Aristotles notion of democracy is also refered to as
Direct democracy & Participatory Democracy (B&D)
In Aristotles view, democracy would consist of
Participation by all or most citizens in either holding office or making policy
Which of the following is a basic tenet of representative democracy
individuals should acquire power through competition for the people's vote
If you fear the people often decide big issues on the basis of fleeting passions and in response to demagogues, you are likely to agree with
many framers of the constituition
Which of the following statements concering power is correct?
all of the above; its excercize can sometimes be obvious, it can be exercised in subtle ways, it invovles a person getting another person to act in accordance with the first person's wishes
it is found in all human relationships
Which of the following statements about authority is correct?
it is defined as the right to use power
Americans seem to agree that the exercise of political power at any level is legitimate only if, in some sense, it is
The framers of the constituition did not think that the "will of the people" was synonymous with "the public good"
the framers hoped to create a representative democracy that would act swiftly and accommodate sweeping changes in policy
Marxist theory sees society as divided into two classes: capitalists and workers
Weber assigned a significant amount of power to appointed officials in the bureaucracies of modern governments
Politicws exists in part because people differ about who should govern and the ends toward which they work
most people holding political power in the US today are middle-class, middle-aged, white protestant males
much of american political history has been a struggle over what constitutes legitimate authority
everyone in the ancient Greek city state was eligible to participate in government
some writers of the Constituiton opposed democracy on the grounds that the people would be unable to make wise decisions

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