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Lymphatic & Immune Systems Vocab


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right lymphatic duct
large lymph vessel in the chest that receives lymph from the upper right part of the body
axillary node
one of 20 to 30 lymph nodes in the armpit (underarm)
mediastinal node
one of many lymph nodes in the area between the lungs in the thoracic (chest) cavity
cervical node
one of many lymph nodes in the neck region
masses of lymph tissue in the nasopharnyx
organ near the stomach that produces, stores, amd eliminated blood cells
natural immunity
a persons own genetic ability to fight off disease
weakened of killed microorganisms administered to induce immunity to infection of disease
humoral immunity
immune response in which b cells transform into plasma cells and secrete antibodies
masses of lymph tissue in the back of the oropharynx
lymph capillaries
tiniest lymphatic vessels
poison; a protein produced by certain bacteria, animals, or plants
acquired immunity
formation of antibodies and lymphocytes after exposure to an antigen
t cell
lymphocyte formed in the thymus gland
inguinal node
one of several lymph nodes in the groin region (area where the legs join the trunk of the body)
large phagocyte found in the lymph nodes and other tissues of the body
thin, water fluid found within lymphatic vessels and collected from tissues throughout the body
cytotoxic cell
t-cell lymphocyte that directly kills foreign cells
helper t cell
lymphocyte that aids b cell in recognizing antigens and stimulating antibody production
thoracic duct
large lymph vessel in the chest that receives lymph from below the diaphragm and from the left side of the body above the diaphragm

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