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Lack of cell walls
Mycoplasma, Chlamydia
A viral species is not defined on the basis of the disease symptoms it causes. The best example of this is
The wall-less mycoplasmas are considered to be related to gram-positive bacteria. Which of the following would provide the most compelling evidence for this?
They share rRNA sequences
An example of lysogeny in animals could be
latent viral infections
Place the following in the order in which they are found in a host cell:
phage nucleic acid, capsid proteins, infective phage particles
The molecule serving as mRNA can be incorporated in the newly synthesized virus capsids of all of the following except
- strand RNA rhabdoviruses
Bergey's Manual of Systematic Bacteriology differs from Bergey's Manual of Determinative Bacterilogy in that the former
groups bacteria according to phylogenetic relationships
Which of the following pairs is mismatched
spirochete - Helicobacter
Gram positive - Nonendospore- forming cells are rods- produce conidiospores
Which of the following statements about yeast are true? 1)Yeasts are fungi 2) Yeasts can form psudohyphae 3) Yeasts reproduce asexually by budding 4) Yeasts are facultatively anaerobic 5) All yeasts are pathogenic 6) All yeasts are dimorphic
Into which group would you place a multicellular organism that has a mouth and lives inside the human liver
Obligate intracellular parasites- transmitted by ticks
Gram- negative Cells are helical or curved- no axial filament
You could identify an unknown bacterium by all of the following except
percentage of guanine + cytosine
Gram - negative cells are rods - facultatively anaerobic
If a snail is the first intermediate host of a parasite witht hese stages, which stage would be found in the snail
These are obligate intracellular parasites that lack mitochondria
Spirillum is not classified as a spirochete because spirochetes
possess axial filaments
Biosynthesis of bacteriophage takes place in this order
DNA, DNA polymerase, mRNA, viral proteins, phage lysozyme
Cyanobacteria differ from purple and green phototrophic bacteria because cyanobacteria
produce oxygen during photosynthesis
Obligate intracellular parasites- Reticulate bodies in host cells
Fleas are the intermediate host for Dipylidium caninum tapeworm, and dogs are teh definitive host. Which stage of the parasite could be found in the flea
cysticerus larva
A virus with RNA-dependent RNA polymerase
synthesizes double-stranded RNA from an RNA template
Which of the following would be a first step in the biosynthesis of a virus with reverse transcriptase
A complementary strand of DNA must be synthesized from an RNA template
Which of the following events follows cell fusion in an ascomycete
ascospore formation
Which are found only in prokaryotes
fimbria and peptidoglycan
Which of the following is used to classify organisms into the Kingdom Fungi
absorptive; possess cell wall; eukaryotic
Which of the following terms is most specific
How many phyla are represented in the following list of organisms: Echinococcus, Cyclospora, Aspergillus, Taenia, Toxoplasma, Trichinella
Which of the following does not belong with the others
Which of the following does not belong with the others
Into which group would you place a photosynthetic organism that lacks a nucleus and has a thin peptidoglycan wall surrounded by an outer membrane
Proteobacteria (gram negative bacteria)
dsDNA virus
1) Virion attaches to host cell 2) Virion enters cell and it's DNA is uncoated 3) A portion of viral DNA is transcribed producing mRNA that encodes "early" viral proteins 4) Viral DNA is replicated and some viral proteins are made 5) Late translation; capsid proteins are sythesized 6) Virions mature 7) Virions are released
When Legionella was newly discovered, it was classified with the pseudomonads because
it is an aerobic gram-negative rod
Which are found in all three domains
70S ribosomes and plasma membrane
Gram positive - Endo spore forming rods - Not obligate anaerobe
Gram - negative cells are rods- Aerobic, nonfermenting
Gram positive - Nonendospore- forming cells are cocci - Lack cytochrome system
These photosynthetic organisms can cause paralytic shell-fish poisoning
Gram positive - Nonendospore- forming cells are rods - acid fast
These are nonmotile parasites with special organielles for penetrating host tissue
The ability of a virus to infect an organism is regulated by
the host species, the type of cells, the availability of an attachment site, and cell factors necessary for viral replication
If you gram stained the bacteria that live in the human intestine, you would expect to find mostly
gram negative rods
Which of the following is not true about scientific nomenclature
names vary with geographical location
Which of the following statements is not true?
Viruses multiply inside living cells using viral mRNA, tRNA, and ribosomes
Put the above stages in order of development. beginning with the egg
miracidium, redia, cercaria, metacercaria, adult
Bacillus and Lactobacillus are not in the same order. This indicates that which one of the following is not sufficient to assign an organism to a taxon
morphological characteristics
Gram positive - Nonendospore- forming cells are cocci- Use aerobic respiration
Pathogenic bacteria can be
motile, rods, cocci, anaerobic
Multiplication of a retrovirus
1) Retrovirus enters by fusion between attachment spikes and the host cell receptors 2) Uncoating releases the two viral RNA genomes and the viral enzymes reverse transcriptase, integrase, and protease 3) reverse transcriptase copies viral RNA to produce double stranded DNA 4) The new viral DNA is transported into the host cell's nucleus, where it is integrated into a host cell chromosome as a provirus by viral integrase. The provirus may be prelicated when the host cell replicates 5) Transcription of the provirus may also occur, producing RNA for new retrovirus genomes and RNA that encodes the retrovirus capsid, enzymes, and envelope proteins 6) Viral proteins are processed by viral protease; some of the viral proteins are moved to the host plasma membrane 7) Mature retrovirus leaves host cell, acquiring an envelope and attachment spikes as it buds out
Gram positive - Endo spore forming rods - Obligate anaerobe
Gram- negative Cells are helical or curved- axial filament
Which of the following does not initiate DNA synthesis
a single stranded RNA voris (Togaviridae)
The definative host for Plasmodium vivax is

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