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Summer Biology Immune system

(note: some terms derived from svmsung)
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Cellular Immunity
a defense mechanism that does not involve antibodies, but cells fighint on their own
An overreaction of the immune system
white blood cells that defend the body against foreign substances
Memory Cells
Remembers what the foreign antigen looked like, just in case
a collection of dead white blood cells and various body fluids
Killer T Cells
white blood cells that kills infected cells directly
Carbohydrate nametags on the outside of cells
lymph node
small mass of tissue that filters lymph
Inserting dead or almost dead bacteria into a host so that the defense system remmembers how to defense against it.
Nonspecific Defense System
a defense system that attempts to block all pathogens out
chemicals that fit onto an antigen perfectly; binding the pathogens and marking them for destruction
Helper T Cells
White blood cells that release cytokines when they come across a strange antigen
Antibody Immunity
a type of chemical warfare with your body where chemicals are used to fight infections
virus that attacks T cells
Example(s) of Lymph Nodes
Tonsils, Spleen, Bone Marrow, Appendix
B Cells
white blood cells that produce antibodies
proteins that are host specefic, only protect humans cells and distrupts vital multiplication by producing antigens that surround the cells.
a group of protein in blood that aids in destroying pathogens by destroying cell membranes and attracting an increased number of phagocytes
An increase in temperature that kills bacteria
Good bacteria that line your digestive system protect you from invading pathogens
a white blood cell that ingests and destroys pathogens by surrounding and engulfing them
Auto-Immune Disorder
Disorder caused when the immune system begins attacking organs in its own body
tissue fluid
forms when water and dissolved substances diffuse from the blood stream into intercellular spaces and surrounding tissues
white blood cells outside the blood stream freely flowing in plasma
A white blood cell that eats anything foreign in the body

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