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trematodes 2


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Trematodes have a body that is _____.
flattened, elongated and leaf like
-only exception to flattened trematode bodies
-ovoid, conical, and cylindrical bodies
Trematotodes have muscular suckers and spines located
anteriorly and ventrally that are used for the attachment to the host
Trematodes have layers of muscles beneath the integument used to
alter the shpae of the worm by contraction, elongation and flexion
Trematodes contain an intervening space b/w
the carious organs that is filled with fluid and a network of connective tissue cells and fibers
Trematodes do not have a _____ ______, but have a ___________________ that constits of a muscular, globular pharynx that bifurcates to form 2 posterior lobes: schistosomes are an exception (they lack a pharynx)
body cavity; have a digestive tract
How is nutrition obtained?
From the hosts tissues, secretions or intestinal contents
The integument absorbs ___ and excretes _____ and ___.
carbohydrates; metabolites and mucus
Trematode excretory system consists of
flame cells, capillaries, connecting tublues, a bladder, and an excretory pore
Nervous system is composed of
2 lateral ganglia near the pharynx and longitudinal nerve fibers extending anteriorly and posteriorly throughout the fluke body
Trematodes are hermaphorditic which means
their reproductive system consists of ovaries and testes present in each indidual
Schistosomes are dioecious
dont have overies and testes in each individual
Eggs are
released when mature into the body cavities of their host
Life cycle includes
a snail host and asexual multiplication
Life span
can cover several years or up to 30 years with the schistosomes

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