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Formula II Final


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Basic formula to tonify spleen qi
Si Jun Zi Tang
Four Gentlemen
Spleen qi xu with phlegm & damp

Four Gentlemen + Er Shen Tang
Liu Jun Zi Tang
Six Gentlemen
For Spleen/Stomach qi xu with damp cold stagnating in the middle jiao & causing pain

Alleviates pain
Xiang Sha Liu Jun Zi Tang
Six Gentlemen
+ Amomum
+ Aucklandia (Saussaria)
Xiang Sha Liu Jun Zi Tang
Spleen/Stomach xu leading to lack of fluids creating moderate accumulation of heat

Pearl - Sweet & Warm natured herbs can actually reduce heat in the body
Liu Shen San
Four Gentlemen
+ Dolichos
+ Atragalus
Chronic Spleen xu --> Damp
--> Damp Stagnation --> more Spleen Weak
--> restricted qi --> T&T breakdown

Actions: Nourish Sp, Tonify Qi, Discharge Damp, Stop Diarrhea

Major Diarrhea Formula

Shen Ling Bai Zhu San
Ginseng, Poria, & Atractylodes
The most important formula to tonify qi

Earth Qi Xu --> Sunken Yang
Qi Xu --> Heat

Actions: Tonify middle jiao qi, raises yang qi

Any prolapse

Strong to tonify blood, body qi & spleen qi
Bu Zhong Yi Qi Tang
Ginseng & Astragalus
Functional Application:
Collapse from qi xu --> severe blood loss
\--> devastated Yang
Variation of Bu Zhong Yi Qi Tang

Actions: tonify qi to tonify blood

Astringent function to control heat
Ju Yuan Jian
Lift the Source Tea
Functional Application:
- Qi & Yin xu especially of the Lungs
- Relates to acute collapse
- Stops Bleeding
- Chronic Coughs
Sheng Mai San
Ginseng & Schizandra
Primary formula to tonify blood & regulate menstruation

Functional App:
Blood xu (primarily of Liver)

Actions: tonify blood, activate blood, regulate Liver

Has laxitive effect
Si Wu Tang
Dang Gui Four
Functional Application:
Qi & Blood xu with constant ache in lower abdomen

Actions: tonify qi, tonify blood, preserve blood

Tonify Qi to Tonify Blood

Fast recovery formula for post partum, quick pick-up for post m
Sheng Yu Tang
Gang Gui 4
+ Astragalus
+ Ginseng
Primary formula for amenorrhea

Functional Application:
Concurrent Blood deficiency & stagnation

Lubricating laxitive for the uterus, it cleanses and moistens the uterus.

Pearl - Hong Hua & Tao Ren are both ex
Tao Hong Si Wu Tang
Dang Gui 4
+ Safflower
+ Persica
Functional App:
1. Shi pensiveness/obsesive behavior --> spleen qi xu --> Heart blood & qi xu
2. Blood & Qi xu with palpitations
3. Insomnia from blood & pi xu
4. Restless heart spirit
5. Spleen not controlling
Gui Pi Tang
Ginseng & Longan
Primary formula for Floating Yang
Primary formula for Qi Xu Bleeding

Functional App:
Source qi xu--> heat in face & muscles along with flooding, large, deficient pulse (no rapid component)

Similar to White Tiger Dec
Dang Gui Bu Xue Tang
Dang Gui & Astragalus
Primary formula for irregular pulses, especially slowish pulses

Functional App:
Qi & Yin xu --> weakened blood --> obstructed heart yang --> palps
Qi & blood(yin)xu with palps
Zhi Gan Cao Tang
Baked Licorice Combo
Restore the Pulse
Primary formula to build blood

Functional Application:
Qi & Blood xu, gynecological conditions where menses is affected.

Actions: tonify qi, tonify blood

Combines 4 gents + Si Wu Tang

Can treat xu feve
Ba Zhen Tang
8 Treasures
Dang Gui & Ginseng
2nd most widely used formula for tonification

Functional Application:
Qi & Blood xu with cold symptoms

Actions: tonifu qi, tonify blood, warm the cold

~use for female with infertility...

variation of B
Shi Quan Da Bu Tang
Major 10
Functional Application:
QI & Blood xu --> Chronix Spleen xu --> Lung qi xu --> chronic cough with phlegm

Actions: Augments qi, tonifies blood, nourishes heart, & calms spirit

50% qi tonic + 50% blood tonic
Ren Shen Yang Ying Tang
Ginseng Nutrative Combo
Most widely used formula in China

Functional Application:
Liver/Kidney yin xu with mild heat condition

Actions: tonify Kidney yin, tonify Liver Yin

*Strengthens blood, moves water, builds Spleen, tonifies body yin
Liu Wei Di Huang Wan
Rhemania Six
Functional Applications:
Respiratory Disorders
Chronic Cough with asthma --> Lung qi xu --> Kidney qi xu

Actions: tonify Kidney qi, tonify Lung qi

Chronic respiratory disorders
Du Qi Wan
Capitol Qi Pill
Rehmannia Six
+ Schizandra
Functional Application:
Yin xu consumptive disorcers with chronic cough

Actions: tonify Yin of Lung & Kidney

Stronger than Du QI Wan (R-6 + Schizandra)
Ba Xian Chang Shou Wan
8 Immortals
Rehnannia Six
+ Schizandra
+ Ophiopogen
Functional Application:
Kidney/Liver yin xu with Liver yin xu primary
Eye Problems

Actions: tonify yin of Liver & Kidney, promote & nourish vision
Qi Ju Di Huang Wan
Rehmannia 6
+ Lycium
+ Chrysanthemum
Functional Application: Yin xu with vigorous fir especially in lower jiao

Actions: tonify yin of Kidney & Liver, Purge fire

UTI, herpes
Zhi Bai di Huang Wan
Rehmannia 6
+ Anemarrhena
+ Philodendron
Functional Application: Liver/Kidney yin xu --> blurry vision or diminished vision

Actions: tonify Kidney & Liver yin, improves vision

Stronger than Zhi Bai Di Huang Wan (Rhemannia 6 + annemarrhena + Philodendron)
Ming Mu Di Huang Wan
Vision Pill with Rehmannia Six
Functional Application:
Clears heat from moderate yin xu with prevailing fluid xu

Actions: tonify Kidney & Liver Yin

This formula is all tonics - not like Liu Wei Di Huang Wan (Rehmannia 6)

For applications for t
Zuo Gui Yin
Restore the Left Kidney Tea
Functional Application:
Severe Yin xu with false yang & jing xu

Actions: tonify yin of Kidney & Liver, calm false yang, suppliment essence

Stronger action than Zui Gui Yin (Restore the Left KLidney Tea)

Zuo Gui Wan
Restore the Left Kidney Pill
Functional Application:
Yin xu with ascending yang

Actions: Enrich yin (mainly Kidney) & purge fire (descend)

Steaming Bone Disorder
Da Bu Yin Wan
Great Tonify the Yin Pill
Functional Application:
Liver/Kidney Yin xu --> strong Yin xu resulting in:
Ascending Yang
Jing Xu
Blood Xu

Actions: Tonify yin, descend fire, strengthen sinews & bones, nourish essence
Hu Qian Wan
Hidden Tiger Pill
Functional Application:
Kidney/Liver yin xu --> malnourishment with fire --> Liver Yang Shi --> Wood overacts on Earth --> Injury to Stomach

Liver/Kidney xu with concurrent qi stagnation

Actions: Tonify Liver Yin, M
Yi Guan Jian
Linking Decoction
Functional Application:
Mild Kidney/Liver yin xu

Clinical: females with menses, fertility problems

Actions: tonify yin of Liver & Kidneys

Also premature gray hair, loss of hair, infertility
Er Zhi Wan
Two Ultimate Pill
Functional Application:
Kidney Yang Xu with insufficient Fire in the Ming Men

Actions: Tonify Kidney qi

Nourishes without being cloying or sticky,
Warms without drying

Slight yang tonification to boost Kidney q
Jin Gui Shen Qi Wan
Rhemannia 8
Kidney Qi Pill from
the Golden Cabinet
Functional Application:
Kidney Yang xu with more oedema & dysuria

Severe oedema, ascites, swollen arms & lymph nodes

Actions: Warms the yang, tonifies the Kidneys, assists the qi to transform water, promotes urination,
Ji Sheng Shen Qi Wan
Kidney Qi Pill to aid the Living
Rhemannia 8 + Plantago
Functional Application:
Kidney Yang xu with insufficient fire in ming men with strong effect on essence & ability to grasp qi

Actions: astringes Kidney qi, tonifies Kidney Yang, Nourish Essence

Strong effect on Jing and Kid
Shi Bu Wan
Rhemannia 10
Ten Tonic Pill
Functional Application:
Ki Yang xu --> true cold & false heat pattern

Actions: Warm Kidney, tonify Kidney Yang, nourish Essence
You Gui Yin
Restore the Right Tea
Functional Application:
Kidney Yang xu with waning of the fire at the Ming Men.

Actions: warm Kidneys, tonify Kidney Yang, nourish Essence

Oedema in the upper jiao
~face, ~arms, ~chest

variation of Jin Gui Shen
You Hiu Wan
Restore the Right [Kidney] Pill
Functional App:
Relieves Stagnation of All Types

Calm Liver Yang
Activate Qi
Relieve Depression of Qi

Frequently used for mild cases of restraint from qi stagnation
Yue Ji Wan
Escape Restraint Pilll
Functional Application:
Plum Pit Qi

emotions are usually the root

activate qi
disperse stagnation
send down rebellious qi
Ban Xia Hou Po Tang
Pinellia & Magnolia Bark
Functional Application:
Liver Qi Depression with Fire

Treats all types of pain in the Chest, Hypochondria, & Abdomen

regulate qi
clam liver qi
activate blood
stop pain
Jin Ling Zi San
Sichuan Chinaberry Combo
Functional Application:
Cold stagnating in the Liver Channel
Shan Disorders

Calm Liver
Relieve Cold &
Stop Pain

No long time use.

Sensation of heaviness in testes or lower abdomen
Tian Tai Wu Yao San
Lindera Combo
Functional Application:
Excess in upper jiao
Deficiency in lower jiao
leads to Asthma

descend rebellious qi
stop asthma
discharge phlegm
stop cough

secondary strategy is to help kidneys to
Su Zi Jiang Qi Tang
Perilla Fruit Tea
Functional Application:
Existing Internal phlegm & heat smoldering. Then gets wind-cold invasion --> wheezing with difficult expectoration of phlegm

Regulate Lung Qi
Stop Asthma
Clear Heat
Discharge Phl
Ding Chuan Tang
Arrest Wheezing Decoction

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