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Fundamentals ch 36 s


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What is an abscess??
An accumulation of pus made up of debris from phagocytosis. It is a localized infection.
What is an adhesion?
A fibrous band that holds together parts that are normally separated.
What does approximate mean??
to close together, as in wound healing.
What is approximation??
degree of closure of a wound
What are binders??
Support bandage that supports breast or abdomen
What is cellulitis?
An acute spreading inflammation of the deep subcutaneous tissues, and sometimes muscle.
What is collagen??
Fibrous structural protein of all connective tissue
What is debridement??
Removal of foreign or unhealthy tissue from a wound.
What is dehiscence??
Spontaneous opening of an incision.
What is ecchymosis??
Bruising - flat hemorrhagic blue or purple patch on the skin or mucous membrane
What is erythema?
Redness of the skin caused by congestion of the capillaries that occurs with any skin injury or inflammation.
What is eschar
slough produced by a thermal burn, oorrosive material, or gangrene
What is evisceration?
Protrusion of the viscera through a surgical incision.
What is exudate?
Fluid in or on tissue surfaces that has escaped from blood vessels in response to inflammation, and which contains protein and cellular debris
What is fibrin?
Insoluble protein essential to clotting.
What is a fistula?
An abnormal opening between two organs, or an organ to the body surface
What is granulation tissue?
Connective tissue with multiple small blood vessels.
What is a hematoma?
Localized collection of clotted blood underneath the skin.
What is hemostasis??
Stopping blood flow
What is induration?
An area of skin that feels hard.
What is a keloid?
Permanent raised enlarged scar
What is a laceration?
A ragged wound
What is lysis?
Breakdown or disintegration
What is maceration?
Softening the tissue that increases possibility of infection.
What is a macrophage?
any of the mononuclear phagocytes found in tissues
What is platelet aggregation?
Part of inflammation, it means clumping of platelets
What is primary intention?
A type of wound closure - like a surgical incision. There is little tissue loss.
What is purulent?
Contains pus
What is sangineous??
What is secondary intention?
A type of wound healing for wounds iwth tissue loss, like pressure ulcers. The wound remains open and fills with scar tissue.
What is serosanguineous??
composed of serum and blood
What is a sinus?
A canal or passageway leading to an abscess
What is supporation?
the formation of pus
What is tertiary intention?
A type of wound healing: Delayed or secondary closure such as a draining abdominal wound.

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