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Polychrests Short Keynotes Part 1

Short notes on remedies


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" mucous flies from mouth, cough < sweets, sneezing; suddenness (eyepains to forehead) syphilitic desires mental work"
Arsenicum iodatum
"hyperactive, warm blooded, watery coryza in hay fever, honey-like discharges, allergic, respiratory, skin"
"severe violent constricting pains - heart attack, pain like band or wire, 11AM/PM"
"domineering, ab pain to rt scapula >lying left side w legs drawn up, eating; right, 4AM or 2-4 PM, liver, jaundice,(++) cheese, milk"
" rapid sepsis, putrid odors; confusion; falls asleep mid sentence; dullness/stupor/coma; red, inflamed throat, but not painful"
"glands, impulse to move, left to right, < summer,heat, >sea, respiratory, parotid thyroid"
"workaholics, suicidal depression (< business failure, humiliation, grief, disappointed love, pains), music amel, gen > evening but pains worse night, spiritual inclination; severe sinusitis; moaning/crying in sleep"
Allium Cepa
"acrid nasal, bland eye discharge, hay fever, thread like pain; headache < closing eyes, warm room"
"one of main remedies for cancerous/pre-cancerous tumors/indurations,emotionally hard, flat; cancer of breast; agg from suppression of sex desires; lacrimation with photophobia, impotence w premature ejaculation; progressive paralysis, hard to rise from squat; slowly advancing induration of mind > fixed ideas, indifference, depression, senility"
"NS,epilepsy, convulsions, childish, retardation after head injury, strabismus, arching of back (Opisthotonos); (++) inedible things"
Ferrum metallicum
"sensitive to noise, walking slowly, diversion ameliorates pain, ANEMIA, circulation, flushed red face, long continued headaches, irritable, thinks of business, craves sweets, adverse eggs PSORIC"
" chilly pulsatilla (esp similar in foods, female complaints, but < open air), visual disturbances(flickering) anemia, left"
"< COLD DAMP, changing weather, suppressed eruptions; HA from suppressed sinusitis; autumn hay fever; flat smooth warts on face; herpes on lips; urinary urging < chill; domineering, opinionted, uptight"
" enuresis, cystitis < close of urine (urging worse when bladder nearly empty), right, dull, dreams of many people, comp Silica"
"fear of falling, anxiety downward motion, nausea, < fruit, aphthae, startling, sen to noise, infertility"
Cannibus indica
"theorizing, paranoia, laughing, sensat. vertex open and closing, internal ball; chronic urethritis"
Coccus cact.
" kidney colic, cough > drinking, urinary stones, red sediment, hair in larynx, left"
Argentum metallicum
"electric shock sensation (esp assoc with sleep), symptoms-sudden onset, vocal strain, gonads, vertigo, inflamed cartilage"
Calcarea sulphurica
"chronic otorrhea, chronic yellow pus, acne, jealousy (sibling rivalry),unripe gr fruit, skin abscesses"
Carbo animalis
"longing for past,cold, glands, PQRS "cannot tell direction of sound" sad, weak ankles, copper colored eruptions, fibrocystic breast, burning pains; weak ankles"
Calc Carb sometimes Nux Vom
chilly remedy wears socks to bed and warms up during the night
Antimonium crudum
"don't look or touch me, irritable, digestion, coated tongue,< obesity, < heat; radiant esp. warmth, impetigo; >open air, prolonged vomiting"
burnings,hypersexual (esp. in patients with colitis),gastrointestinal,bowels, depression alternating with or starting with suppression of diarrhea, severe depression, diarrhea+old people, cold sensation of teeth, diarrhea and vomit together, sudden gushing of stool: yellow or grumbling"
"reversed peristalsis, nervous, oversensitive; hysteria, globus hystericus, left side, great distension but no flatus passed; ineffectual eructations"
Argentum nitricum
"Impulsive, suggestible, phobias, bridges, anxiety, one of hottest remedies, (++) salt and sweets, sweets agg; palpitations (like heart will jump out of place), eructations; anticipation anxiety (stage fright); >company; impotence < thinking of it"
"active, busy, hot swelling >cold applic, allergic crisis, 3PM, thirstless; < sexual suppression; cystitis - scalding pain during urination"
" heart (fear it will stop beating if moving); fears < motion, slow pulse, KEY hemoptysis from suppressed menses"
Ferrum phosphoricum
"high fevers but no localized or individual symptoms,>cold applications,right sided, hot palms, enuresis daytime, head empty sensation menses, circumscribed red spots on cheeks TUBERCULAR"
"ailments of preg. ineffectual labor, intermittent pain, irritable, fearful; arthritis of small joints"
"tremendous oversensitivity esp to noise, hysteria, wringing hands, noise agg, vertigo with floating sensation, alcoholism"
China officinalis
"loss of fluids, anemia, periodicity (2 7days),touchy moody; "Walter Middy" daydreaming (heroic fantasies); stomach no relief from flatus or eruct. insomnia, fears domesticated animals; < cold, damp weather, autumn (asthma), touch (avers esp light touch); HA > hard pressure; history or family history malaria"
Arsenicum album
"12-2 am agg, super-fastidious, restless, hypochondriac, compulsiveness"
Bellis perennis
"injuries or surgery (esp trunk), impulse to move, breast cancer after injury to breast"
"cramping > doubling+presure, colic; numbness; dysmenorrhea >heat, pressure; < indignation anger"
Calcarea flourica
"bones, exotosis (bone spurs), teeth crumble, warm, scoliosis, fears sudden loss, thyroid, large hard fibroids"
" dull, dreary, droopy, drowsy, stage fright, complaints from anticipation, thirstless, trembling, droopy eyelids, diploma,before or during HA, FEELS HEART WILL STOP UNLESS HE STAYS IN MOTION, Chills running up and down the spine, 10am, HA>urination, heavy sensation of head, tongue, sycotic"
"radiating pains, colicky, sharp, stitching, kidney stones, arthritis and gout low back"
chilly remedy wears socks to bed and never warms up
Fluoricum acidum
"domineering, materialistic, sexual preoccupation, lacivious, hurried,< uncovered be must feet hot nails, weak veins, varicose; alopecia; coryza, watery bloody, copious > "
"confusion, slowness of execution, internal hastiness, constipation w/out urging, stubborn dry stool, vertigo < closing eyes, potatoes agg.; PQRS not sure if he himself is speaking or if it is someone else."
" pertussis, cough as head hits pillow, must hold chest, mistrust, restless, epistaxis, cyanosis, respir distress"
"motion sickness; < sleep loss, grief, anxiety over loved one; TRUE VERTIGO (the world seems to spin); slow to perceive pain (compare Alum, Plumb)"
"angel/devil, low self esteem, cruel, swearing, plug or band sensation, > eating"
Antimonium tart.
"wet, rattling, non-productive cough; weakness, drowsy, old looking face ("hippocratic"), cyanosis in end-stage resp. conditions"
"female organs,hysteria, loquacity, gloomy/morose, muscular rheumatism (fibromyalgia), dysmenorrhea spasm (back, neck) dislike mental work, sensat top of head will fly off; cramps shoot across pelvic down thigh in labor"
Aconitum napellus
"fast, fear, fright or shock, main for croup, thirsty, feels death is imminent, great restlessness; < cold, dry wind; urine retention in infants"
Arsenicum album
"burning pains relieved by heat,very chilly in general, avarice, anxiety < alone"
" acrid eyes, bland nose, hay fever, right, cough only in daytime"
"uncovers in cold (compare Carb v), covers in heat, collapse, irritable, night fears, green urine"
"skin, cuts, wounds, desire for light,fear something will happen"
"diarrhea, sudden involuntary stools (drives from bed - compare Sulph), intestinal disorders, hot flatus, grape like hemorrhoids >cold applic; HA > cold applic"
"fears dogs, delirium/hallucinations; rt sided, heat (hot head, cold extremities), pulsation, inflammations, pressure, cold applications; otitis, tonsillitis; (++) lemons"
Eupatorium perf.
" achy influenza as if bones broken; thirst for cold drinks esp during chill; bone pains, come and go suddenly; < 7-9am, > vomiting, perspiration"
"dry, < motion, irritable, business matters; 9PM agg, great thirst, desire to go home; left side, white tongue, > pressure, fear poverty, constipation"
Calcarea phosphorica
"discontent, desires travel but gets homesick, sighing, growing pains, delayed walking, dentition, closure of fontenelles; < melting snow, (++) smoked meats"
"twitching, spasms, involuntary movements, chorea; convulsions; anxiety, dependent, fearful; fear cancer; awkward; < sitting, coition, thunderstorms; concomitant yawning."
" over ecstatic, excitement, insomnia, aggr. coffee, oversensitivity, HA as nail in head; ill effects (insomnia, weakness) from joy or surprise"
"intolerance to milk, reserved, with strong inward emotions. Attachment to animals; wrinkled, old-looking face ("hippocratic") everything sudden; epilepsy eyes turn downward; sleepiness, drowsiness; stupor"
"burning membranes,homesickness, mastoiditis, obesity,sen. to noise during CHILL; red face with tiny spider veins on face and nose; (++) pepper"
"burning,anger/irritable, fears mirrors (compare Stramonium), cystitis w severe burning during urination, blood in urine; desire sex; skin burns"
"black discharges,des travel alone yet fears; fear rain, snakes; suspicious; coldness (chest, stomach); Av. bananas; (++) oranges, salads, ice"
"trauma, bruise, soreness (bed feels too hard) < exertion; concussion, epistaxis when washing face, symmetrical eruptions; cough from weeping"
"cramping, convulsions < cold coition, down; < drawn thumbs clenched inside fists in sleep; cramps muscle convulsions; asthma 3am, turns blue (cyanosis) which relieves; water amel cough, suffocative paroxysms severe; grimaces; slow; dull rigid, closed; shrieking eruptions >; cramps:mental, emotional, psych. "
Arsenicum album
"the greatest of the periodics, every day every third or fourth day, every six weeks,year"
Baryta carbonica
"delusion, he walks on knees, dwarfness, timid, bites nails, childish, indecisive, shy, bites nails; glands"
Calcarea carbonica
"fears, flabby, insecurities (others see his mental weakness), inner trembling, responsibility, children, glands, eggs,right; overwhelmed < exertion; stubborn; obesity, vertigo, sweats on head/neck esp at night; (++) eggs, sweets; constipation (w/out urge), uterine fibroids, dyspnea; < cold, damp; clammy handshake; wears socks to bed"
Crotalus horridus
" less intense than Lachesis with more hemorhage, sepsis; yellow skin dark UNCLOTTED blood; (++) pork"
Crocus sativus
"hemorrhage with hysteria; stringy discharges/clots, alternating moods, PQRS chest pain as if head drawn back; delusion pregnant, something alive in abdomen (comp. Thuja)"
"over sensitive (esp to pain), IRRITABLE,inconsolable, must be carried, dentition (with diarrhea - rotten egg smell),1 red 1 pale cheek,capricious,9am, demands things then throws away"
Carbo vegetabilis
"fainting, collapse, coldness,> fanned, bloating >eructations, dyspnea, < lying"
< strong odors; gout (esp big toe); rheumatism (< least motion); liver; wandering pains; extreme nausea;
"super empathetic, injustice agg.; rebellious/political; compulsively checking/rechecking tasks; slow/paralysis, palsy,stammers when excited, chorea warm, balmy weather; (++) salty, smoked; sweets"

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