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WWI to WWII Terms


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A Cool Million
Depressing book by Nat West in which a man loses all money
Wilson Clemenceau Lloyd George Orlando
Big Four at Versaille, initials WCLGO separated by spaces
Hopkins Ickes Wallace Farley
Brain Trust members, order HIWF
Office of Price Administration
WWII Office that installs price controls on essential items to prevent inflation
Douglas MacArthur
US General on Pacific front who moved from south to north after retreating from the Phillipines
National Labor Relations Act
1935 Act that guarantees the right to Unionize
Fordney-McCumber Tariff
1922 high tariff supported by Mellon
Battle of Okinawa
April-June 1945 Pacfic battle, bloody for Japanese, Nimitz and MacArthur meet up
Rudyard Kipling
British author of "White Man's Burden"
Four Power Treaty
Treaty that maintained status quo in Pacific between Japan, US, France and UK
F. Scott Fitzgerald
Author of the Great Gatsby, ridiculing materialism
Council for National Defense
Investigative committee established 1916, pre-war planning that wasn't very effective
American Liberty League
League lead by Al Smith (bumped out by FDR) believing that there was too much government intervention
Potsdam Declaration
Warning to Japan of "prompt and utter" destruction
March on Rome
Event in 1922 that displaces King Victor Emmaneul and establishes Mussolini as leader of Italy
John Keynes
Architect of Mixed Economy model, in which Command and Free Market economies are combined
Labor group that supports war effort (use initials)
Zoot Suit Riots
Californian riots as farmer migrations displace Hispanics
Casablanca Conference
January 1943 conference between FDR and Churchill that produces Unconditional Surrender doctrine
Monroe Doctrine
1823 - Attitude that told Europeans to stay out of Latin America
John Lewis
Leader of CIO, helps incite United Mine Workers to strike in 43
Group by Marcus Garvey that seeks immigration back to Africa
Emergency Quota Act
1921 Act that stipulates only 3% of 1910 immigrants are allowed in
Fair Labor Standards Act
Act that creates minimum wage and maximum hours
Meuse-Argonne Offensive
Offensive strike by US that gets to St. Mihiel and Verdun, ending WWI
H.L. Mencken
Directs American Mercury magazine ridiculing small-town values (initials for first two words)
Smith-Connally Act
Act in response to UMW strike that authorizes government to seize industries that are vital to National Defense (has an a)
Second New Deal
Legislation covered from end of 1933 - November 1984
London Conference
July 1942 conference, results in second front in Africa
Lever Act
Sets up Food and Fuel Administration, consolidates industry
Acts overturned by New Deal (order NA, acronyms)
The Jazz Singer
First film to use sound (leading the)
Beer and Wine Act
Permits production of alcoholic beverages with 3.2%
Election year, Roosevelt v. Hoover
Election year, Wilson v. Charles Hughes
Langston Hughes
Poet Laureate of the Weary Blues
Nationalism Imperialism Militarism Entangling alliances
Causes of WWI. Order NIME, spaces inbetween
A person who put up an NRA blue eagle without following the codes
October 29, 1929
Date the stock market crashed, Black Tuesday
Gerald Nye
Senator in charge of committee that determines war merchants caused WWI
Battle of Midway
June 3-6, 1942 battle, Nimitz wins due to superior intelligence, turning point
Administration that creates 8M jobs making roads, buildings, bridges and artistic projects
Roosevelt Recession
1937 economic downturn caused by sound fiscal policy due to cut spending and higher taxes
Triple alliance
Alliance between Austria-Hungary, Germany and Italy, established 1879 and 1882
Korematsu v. US
Court case that upholds constitutionality of Japanese internment camps
Gavrilo Princip
Assassinates Ferdinand on June 28th, 1914
Theodore Roosevelt
Police commissioner who called for expansion
Acronym: Act that gives aid to families with dependent children, paid for with a withholding tax
September 1, 1939
Date WWII began with German invasion of Poland
100 Days Congress
Litmus test of New Deal, runs March-June 1933 (use digits)
Acronym: Administration that regulates public utility monopolies
Acronym: Administration established by NHA that gives money for housing mortgages
George Creel
Propagandist in charge of Committee of Public Information
Seattle General Strike
Strike of entire city to gain back conditions lost at end of war
Truth-in-Securities Act
Reform act that cleans up Wall Street, forerunner to SEC
Harry Daugherty
Attorney General under Harding who sold illegal liquor licenses and pardons under Harding
Johnson Borah
Leaders of the irreconciliables, order JB
Frederick Taylor
Pioneered scientific management efficiency
Five Power Treaty
Treaty that establishes 5:3:1 battleship ratio between US, Japan and France
Acronym: Commission that loans money to house owners
Amendment 16
Number of the amendment that legalizes income tax in 1913
Nine Power Treaty
Treaty that establishes open door in China (signed by Western Powers)
Conscription Act
June 5, 1917: Act that drafts people with two lotteries
American Legion
Patriotic organization of veterans
Charles Forbes
Director of Veteran's Bureau, scandal from stealing money
Acronym: Relief agency lead by Hopkins in New Deal
Acronym: Manages resources, conservation and production during WWII
Battle of Chateau-Thierry
June 4, 1918: first large US battle
Economy Seas Culture Propaganda
Causes of US entrance into WWI. Order ESCP, spaces inbetween, one word each
Acronym: Administration run by President that subsidises farmers, managed by Wallace, levies food processor tax
Passenger-liner sunk in August 1915
Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact
Non-agression treaty between Germany and Russia
Sinclair Lewis
Author of Main Street and Babbit, lampoons mid-west and conformity
Overman Act
Act that regulates railroads during WWI
Dust Bowl
Result of 1920s mismanagement of land
Zimmerman note
Proposes Mexico-German relations
Ezra Pound
Poet author of "Hugh Selwyn Mauberley" on postwar crisis
Farmers Mortgage Act
Act that aids people in mortgage need
Franklin Delano Roosevelt
29th president from 1921 - 1945
T.S. Eliot
Author of "The Wasteland" on the horrors of war (first two words initials)
Bracero program
Labor program between US and Mexico importing workers
John Pershing
Leader of the American Expeditionary Force
Passenger-liner sunk off Ireland in May 1915
Joint Chiefs of Staff
Highest ranking officer of navy and army, George Marshall
Charles Coughlin
Hyper-liberal radio messiah, anti-semitic, wants nationalization of Banking System
George Marshall
Lead general of the American army during WWII
Resettlement Administration
Administration that helps move farmers away from Dust Bowl stricken areas
September 2, 1945
Date of V-J Day, when MacArthur accepts Japanese surrender off of the Missouri
Hawley-Smoot Tariff
Tariff instated in 1930 that imposes the highest tariff ever
June 1940
Month and Year France falls
Glass-Steagall Act
Act that sets up FDIC, insurance of bank money
Election Year, FDR v. Willkie
Acronym: Administration that establishes smaller daily jobs for winter
May 8, 1945
Date of V-E Day
Atlantic Charter
Joint agreement between FDR and Churchill that defines war aims
Pearl Harbor
Purchased in 1887
Passenger-liner sunk in March 1916
Social Security Act
1935 act that establishes pensions and insurance
Yalta Conference
Conference in Crimea, FDR and USSR make agreements for post-war
Alliance between UK, Russia and France established 1894, 1904, 1907
Stimson doctrine
US response to 1931 Japanese invasion of Manchuria
War Labor Board
Lead by Taft during WWI
Battle of Guadacanal
August 7, 1942 battle with MacArthur, close to Australia
Battle of Marianas Islands
August 4, 1944 battle, taking them was essential to getting Guam, from where Allied forces could bomb Japan
fascism racism
Things Double V minority group wanted to combat (order fr)
Emergency Banking Act
Act that closes banks, and then reopens only good banks
Site of first atom bomb drop "Little Boy" by Enola Gay on Japan
William Jennings Bryan
Resigns due to Lusitania Notes
Acronym: CWA for 17-year-olds
Battle of the Bulge
December 1, 1944 last ditch effort by Germans to get back to the North sea, Allies defend Antwerp
Washington Naval Arms Conference
Conference held 1921-1922, instance of active isolationism
Frances Townsend
Hyper-liberal who wants large pensions for all retirees
Site where Archduke Francis Ferdinand is assassinated
Francisco Franco
Spanish dictator who rises into power after Spanish Civil War in 1936
Ernest Hemingway
Author of "Old Man and the Sea", "The Sun Also Rises", "A Farewell to Arms" and "For whom the Bell Tolls"
Site of second atom bomb "Fat Man" by Bockscar drop on Japan
Herbert Hoover
31st president from 1929 - 1933
Operation Overlord
Code name for D-Day
Mitchell Palmer
Attorney General who prosecutes many suspected Communists
Georgia O'Keeffe
Aritst of watercolors, flowers, bleak cityscapes, deserts and bones (20s)
Acronym: Commission that enforces T-i-S act and Wall Street laws
Josiah Strong
Author of Our Country, on Anglo-Saxon superiority
Acronym: Military-style corp of young men who travel around to do heavy work
Election year, Coolidge (Republican) v. LaFollette (Democrat) v. John Davis (Ohio)
John Hay
Ambassador who called for expansion
Immigration Act
1924 Act that stipulates only 2% of 1890 immigrants
Battle of Verdun
September 26, 1918: Last US engagement, US fights alone
Adkins v. Children's Hospital
Supreme Court that overturns minimum wage for women
First Red Scare
Period of strong sentiment against Capitalism and Communism
Charles Evans Hughes
Secretary of State under Harding
Election year, Roosevelt v. Landon
Election year, Hoover against Smith (democrat), booming economy makes it a handy victory
Acronym: Administration that has blue eagles, sets up codes of competition
Calvin Coolidge
30th president from 1923 - 1929
Office of Scientific Research and Development
WWII agency contributes $100Ms to scientific projects like Manhattan, radar, sonar, etc
McNary-Haughen Act
Farmer aid act vetoed twice by Coolidge
Ludlow Amendment
1937 act that would make war declaration possible only by popular referendum, narrowly defeated
Henry Cabot Lodge
Massachusetts senator who called for expansion
Andrew Mellon
Secretary of Treasury under Harding
Muscle Shoals Bill
Bills that would allocate funds to dam the Tennessee River and provide employment, is vetoed by Hoover
Indian Reorganization Act
Act that partially repeals Dawes Act, "New Deal" for the Indians
Acronym: Administration lead by Ickes about big jobs: tunnels, bridges, big buildings
Battle of Iwo Jima
March 1945, Pacific battle that, along with the Bulge, assure allied victory
Acronym: Experimental administration that used government to create jobs and land
Harry Truman
33rd president 1945 - 1953
Sussex Pledge
Agreement in which Germany ceases submarine warfare if British stop mining North Sea
John Davis
Ohian compromise candidate between McAdoo and Smith
April 25, 1945
Date United Nations is established, in san Francisco
Warren Harding
29th president from 1921 - 1923
Operation Torch
Codename for allied invasion of North Africa from Novermber 1942 to September 1943
Frank Lloyd Wright
Pioneering architect of "form follows function"
Herbert Hoover
Secretary of Commerce, facilitates (not regulates) business
Herbert Hoover
Leads Food and Fuel Administration
Teheran Conference
December 1943 conference that begins to arrange D-Day
Cairo Conference
November 1943 conference between US, UK and Jiang Jieshi about unconditional surrender of Japan
London Economic Conference
Conference in 1933 subverted by FDR's attempts to protect US dollars from deflation
War Powers Act
Act that grants emergency executive powers to president to run war effort
Pare Lorentz
American documentary-writer who exposed the New Deal's workings
Money Industry Spirit People
Mobilization needs, order MISP, one word spaced
Sacco and Vanzetti
1921 case where Italian archanists are executed under circumstantial evidence order SV
War Industries Board
Board that organizes industry, reduces waste, rations resources, fairly ineffective (plural)
Edward Hopper
1926 artist who painted Early Sunday Morning: personal cityscapes
Manifest Destiny
Idea prevalent from 1840s-1850s associated with Indians, gold and China
James Byrnes
"Domestic President' who heads Office of War Mobilization
Battle of Coral Sea
May 7th, 1942 battle where ships never see each other, halts Japanese advance
Reservationist Republicans
Post-WWII group lead by Henry Cabot Lodge opposed to ARticle X
Dawes Plan
American plan to restructure German debt
Huey Long
Governor of Louisiana, "Share the Wealth" wants to give $5k to all families
Albert Fall
Secretary of Interior under Harding responsible for Teapot Dome scandal
Dwight D. Eisenhower
American commander of WWII
Acronym: Act that establishes National Recovery Administration and Public Works Administration
Kellog-Briand Pact
1928 pact that outlaws war but allows self-defense
Revenue Act
1935 act that shifts tax responsibility to wealthy
Bernard Montgomery
British commander of WWII
Good Neighbor policy
Reversal of Roosevelt Corallory by Hoover
John Steinbeck
Author of The Grapes of Wrath
Acronym: Regulates workers hours, conditions and wages, prevents inflation
Acronym: Agency that gives power to the poor
Quarantine Speech
Speech that marks turning point in US policy from isolationism to interventionism
June 6, 1944
Date of D-Day, largest amphibious assault in the history of the war
Edgar Hoover
Leader of FBI, begins NARCS during red scare
Woodrow Wilson
28th president from 1912 - 1920
Office of Strategic Services
Office that organizes intelligence agencies, father of the CIA
Potsdam Conference
Conference where Truman, Atlee and Stalin complete post-war agreements. Trinity test is successful during this time
Office of War Information
Manages WWII propaganda to censor bad accounts and make war look good
Neutrality Acts of 35-37
Three successive acts that outlaw trade, travel and loans with belligerents (need years, omit leading 19)

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