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Homesick Test Review


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to protest loudly and bitterly
a large number of people or things moving in mass
embarassed, nervous
having a self-confident manner
somber, thoughtful, serious
any of the parts into which something is divided
to move unsteadily from side to side
to take a lesuirely walk or stroll
a dramatic change, overthrow of government
an agreement on the terms of a deal
to hand or give out
having or showing a serious attitude, a token or pledge
an act or instance of striking
a person who stirs up public feeling
a public violence, disturbence, or disorder
an instance of change
timbers that support a roof
a large group of people moving in an orderly fashion
to take away, a military blockade
one who flees to a country because of unsafe conditions
a small battle
a small board that connect the ship to the dock
a wide strip of cloth gathered along one edge and attached as a trimming
to appease the desire of
to take great pleasure in something
pilot, one wo flies a plane
to spend time wastefully
to sentence. (bad thing) or to declare something
to cause a boat to lean or tip over
to move in a jerky fashion
to annoy
What did Jean Fritz mean when she said "I was on the wrong side of the globe?"
She was truly an american put in an enviornment where everyone looks at her and treats her differently. her grandmother is in America
a nurse or governess           
why might Lin Nai-Nai be considered a modern women despite her bound feet?
she believes in men having only one wife
What evidence do we have that Jean was a michevious child?
She lies to a policeman, casually skips school, refuses to sing a song that is not American, and she lied to Lin-nai-nai
Why were the Chinese people rioting?
-did not want foreigners getting alot of concessions -great poverty and inequality -corrupt government
how did the revolution change the familys summer plans?
They could not go to their regular visit to Petaiho. They had to go to Kuling instead.
How did the british show thier predjudice against the Chinese in China?
on a sign near the promenade in the bund read "no dogs, no chinese" and they put them on the same level as dogs
Why did Jean want to be a part of the juck that was being built in the Chinese quarter?
Being a part of the junk that would sail the Yantze river would be her only connection with China.
how did Jean's father solve the problem of 'god save the king'
Jean would sing "my country 'tis of thee" over the song becuase the tunes were the same.
Why didn't Jean think she was living up to her mother's expectations?
Her mother constantly expressed the desire for her to be good. She also thought that her mother had named her the plain, simple name 'Jean' becaue that was the person she wanted her to be.
why did Jean enjoy her visits to the Hull's house?
Andrea always told jean thing she didn't know. She also liked that the Hulls were free & natural!
although jean agreed to help david, why did she feel she could not really help him at all?
Jean thought that David would never be satisfied and would always want to know more.
How did andrea explain the increasing hatred of the Chinese for the foreigners in their midst?
The communists were angering the Chinese.
how was millie's visit a disapointment on Christmas Day?
millie ran out of the house while they were playing hide and go seek
how did the family travel to Kuling?
carridge, boatride, and a sedan chair which two coolies carried up the mountain.
three things Jean loved about Kuling:
kids down da block, her kitty, all the beautiful scenery.
how did jean react to the news of the death of her baby sister?
angry at minister, sad, felt wooden and emotionless.
What did Jean mean when she cried to her father: i was counting on her. i needed her?
she needed a sibling to share things with.

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