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2.4 SMR & LA


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Local Anesthetics PONTOCAINE
TETRACAINE HCL local skin irritation ophthalmic anesthesia spinal anesthesia FOR THE EYE (EYE DROPS)
Local Anesthetics ALCAINE
PROPARACAINE ophthalmic anesthesia eye
Local Anesthetics AURALGAN
Local Anesthetics MARCAINE
BUPIVACAINE nerve block for minor surgery dental anesthesia long lasting
Local Anesthetics NUPERCAINAL
DIBUCAINE local skin irritation, hemorrhoid pain
Local Anesthetics XYLOCAINE
LIDOCAINE local skin irritation, minor surgery (viscous) do not eat for 1 hr after use
Skeletal Muscle Relaxants (SMR) DANTRIUM
DANTROLENE Spasticity Assoc. c MS, CP, Spinal cord injury (drowsiness), TARRY STOOL no ETOH, notify MD of JAUNDICE
Skeletal Muscle Relaxants (SMR) FLEXERIL
CYCLOBENZAPRINE Muscle Spasms (drowsiness), dry mouth NTE TID for 21 days without re-evaluation
Skeletal Muscle Relaxants (SMR) LIORESAL
BACLOFEN Spasticity Assoc. c MS, Spinal cord injury (drowsiness), dry mouth no ETOH, do not D/C abruptly (may cause Hallucinations)
Skeletal Muscle Relaxants (SMR) NORFLEX
ORPHENADRINE CITRATE Muscle Spasms (drowsiness), dry mouth no ETOH, no driving, TWFM
Skeletal Muscle Relaxants (SMR) NORGESIC, NORGESIC FORTE
ORPHENADRINE, ASA, CAFFEINE Muscle Spasms, Tension HA (drowsiness), dry mouth no ETOH, no driving, TWFM
Skeletal Muscle Relaxants (SMR) PARAFON FORTE DSC, PARAFLEX
CHLORZOXAZONE Muscle Spasms (drowsiness), dry mouth, ORANGE-RED Urine no ETOH, no driving, TWFM
Skeletal Muscle Relaxants (SMR) ROBAXIN
METHOCARBAMOL TETANUS, (acute-painful muscle skeletal conditions) (drowsiness), dry mouth,DARK-URINE no ETOH,
Skeletal Muscle Relaxants (SMR) VALIUM Benzodiazepine
DIAZEPAM Muscle Spasms, Anxiety, Status Epilepticus (drowsiness) no ETOH, HABIT FORMING (C-IV)

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