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A&P II Muscles of the Neck


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the two heads of the sternocleidomastoid originate at the __ and the __
top manubrium, medial 1/3 of clavicle
to create an even more visible contraction in the SCM, ask your partner to flex his neck after making what adjustment
rotate head slightly to opposite side
which scalene is difficult to distinguish from surrounding muscle bellies
which muscles are located between the scm and the anterior flap of the trapezius
the brachial plexus and subclavian artery pass through the small gap between which two muscles on the anterior lateral neck?
anterior scalene, middle scalene
you might ask your partner to breath deeply into your upper chest when palpating which muscle group
the anterior scalene lies partially deep to the lateral edge of which muscle
to discern the posterior scalene from the levator scapula, what action could you ask your partener to perform that would contract the levator but not the scalene
elevate the scapula
the __ is the strongest muscle in the body relative to its size
the broad origin of which muscle attaches to the frontal, temporal and parietal bones
to access the insertion of the temporalis you must ask your pattern to perform what action.
open your maw to access the coronoid process
passive protraction of the madible would __ the temporalis
passive rotation of the head and neck to the opposite side would __ the scalenes
assive lateral flexion of the head and neckto the same side would __ the SCM and scalenes
passive flexion of the head and neck would __ the anterior scalene
passive rotation of the head and neck to the same side would __ the scm
passive elevation of the mandible would __ the masseter

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