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surface anatomy abdomen


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what are some important planes to be aware of in the abomen?
1. subcostal - below inferior edge of costal margin
2. transpyloric - halfway tween xiphisternal junction and umbilicus
3. transumbilical
4. transtubercular - most lateral aspect of iliac crest
what are the dermatomes above, at, and below the umbilicus?
umbilicus = T10
T7-T9 above umbilicus
T11-L1 below umbilicus
where's the inguinal ligament as far as surface anatomy is concerned?
ASIS to pubic tubercle
where's the superficial inguinal ring as far as surface anatomy is concerned?
above pubic tubercle just lateral to lateral edge of rectus abdominis
where's McBurney's point? what's it important for?
is 1/3 distance from ASIS to umbilicus on right
this is the site of the appendix
where's the liver in surface anatomy?
on right, is with dome of diaphragm
goes through xiphisternal junction past the median plane for a variable distance
the inferior border is just under the common costal margin on right
what landmarks did we use to draw the liver on?
top of 5th rib in MCL - right
xiphisternal junction
bottom of 5th rib in MCL - left
transpyloric plane in middle of body
on right, lowest point of right costal margin
where's the gall bladder?
intersection of linea semilunaries and costal margin
what's murphy's sign?
it's a sign of pain at the gallbladder
sudden arrest of inspiration during deep palpation over site of gallbladder
this suggests inflammation of gall bladder = cholecystitis
where's the stomach?
pylorus is at transpyloric plane
fundus is under LEFT dome of diaphragm
cardiac opening is posterior to LEFT 7th costal cartilage - behind lobe of liver
where's the transverse colon?
varies - but somewhere around umbilicus
where's the right colic flexure? or hepatic flexure?
under lateral aspect of right lobe of liver just below TTP
where's the left or splenic flexure?
under spleen just above TTP
where's the spleen?
parallel to posterior ribs 9, 10, 11 behind MAL
what's important to know about the surface anatomy during pregnancy?
around 20 weeks, is at umbilicus
at 36 weeks, uterus top can be found just under xiphisternal junction

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