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English Final Exam Review


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When Elie's father dies, Elie feels a sense of freedom, not sorrow.
Plays a violin concerto as he slowly dies.
Elie's father dies during the forced march.
The downward angle of the stab wound in teh victim becomes an issue for discussion because...
the defendant was shorter then his fater.
According to Juror Eight, does the American justice hold an individual guilty until proven innocent?
Juror Three hates all young men because...
His son punched him and then ran away from home.
When he was liberated, Elie's main thoughts were about his family and getting revenge for their deaths.
Morrie admits that he had thought of Ted Koppel initially as a...
Mitch nicknames Morrie...
Wehn Elie witnesses the striking of his father, he attempts to defend him.
Is the charge against the accused premeditated homicide?
What instrument did Mitch play when he was young?
the piano
What happens when Mitch returns from covering Wimbledon?
the union goes on strike
Why, one year, does Morrie give all his male students A grades?
to prevent them from being drafted to serve in Vietnam
In reenacting the stabbing does Juror 3 nick Eight?
He won the Nobel Peace Prize
The jury in Twelve Angry Men is composed of all of the following EXCEPT
an elderly women
What does Morrie yell to the crowd at a Brandeis basketball game?
What's wrong with being #2?
Elie witnesses a father murder his son for a crust of bread
At the end of Act 1, the protagonist proposes that...
All the rest vote again, but he will not.
What subject did Morrie teach in college?
What is Mitch's professional occupation?
How did Morrie hear about his Mother's death?
He read the telegram notice that announced she had died
What religion does Morrie choose to follow?
The term Hitler gave to fair skinned, Nordic people was Aryans.
Morrie is afraid of aging, whereas Mitch is afraid of the process.
"How can you believe him, ,nowing what he is? I lived amoung 'em all my life. You can't believe a word they say."
A person who is prejudiced.
Whom did Lou Gehrig play baseball for?
What disease was Morrie diagnosed with?
According to the charge by the judge, the jury may find the defendant guily only if it...
has a majority agreement
Throughout the book, the deterioration of Morrie's body is symbolically compared to...
the pink hibiscus plant
He was almost thrown off the train because the prisoners thought he was frozen to death.
Mr. Wiesel
What illness does Peter (Mitch's brother) suffer from?
Pancreatic cancer
"I'm saying that it's possible that the boy lost the knife and that someone else stabbed his father with a similar knife. It's possible.
Juror 5
What is Morrie's favorite hobby?
Whom did Mitch bring to meet Morrie?
Morrie repeatedly tells Mitch that he must create his own...
Do the jurors decide to discuss the case before they cast the first vote?
Elie moved to France after the war to study literature, philosophy, and psychology
Is the jury room pleasent and well ventilated?
Has an operation on his foot.
Was the defendant an experianced switch-knife fighter?
What does ALS stand for?
Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis
Does the defendant claim he was at a movie during the time of the killing?
Which item is NOT on the list of topics Mitch wants to discuss with Morrie?
A Meaningful Life
During the ten day ride from Buchenwald, German citizens showed their pity for the prisoners by giving them bread.
In the opening of the play, the judege tells the jurors that for a guilty verdict...
both B and C
Morrie grew up in a wealthy family, living in New York
What has Morrie encouraged Mitch to do since they met?
What does Morrie want to be reincarnated as?
A quiet thoughtful, gentile man. A man who sees all sides of every question, and constantly seeks the truth. A man who wants justice to be done and will fight to see that it is.
Juror 5
A very strong, very forceful man, extremely opinionated man within whom can be detected a hit of sadism. A humorless man who is intolerant of opinions other than his own.
Juror 3
Why is Mitch out of a job?
His union is striking
Does not realize that his son has abandoned him during the forced run.
Rabbi Eliahou
The Russian Army was also known as the "Red Army".
Doubt is cast on the old man's ability to cover 63 feet in 15 seconds primarily...
he had two strokes and walks slowly with two canes
What is the catalyst for Mitch's surrender to the corporate world?
His uncle's death
Morrie continually emphasizes that..
Love is more important then money
"There are no secrets here! I know who it was. You come in here and you vote guilty and then this slick preacher starts to tear your heart out with stories about a poor little kid who just couldn't help becoming a murderer."
Juror 3
The guards in the camp were known as oberkapo.
Is the playwright of 12 Angry Men Ernest Hemmingway?
What profession does Mitch want to enter after college graduation?
professional musician
When Juror #3 bursts out with rage against the defendant, we may be able to conclude that he...
identifies the defendant with the son he hated and beat.
What professional sport did Lou Gehrig play?
What does Morrie mean by the tension of opposites?
Life is like a wrestling match; love always wins
Did the defendant live in a slum and experience the death of his mother when he was young?
Who is Morrie's favorite poet?
W.H. Auden
Morrie stresses a couple's belief in the importance of what?
their values
Does Juror Three refuse to change his vote, resulting in a hung jury?
Does the woman testify that she was tossing in her sleep and happened to look in the window, seeing the crime being commited?
According to Morrie, when are people mean?
when they feel threatened
On what sports topic did Mitch write his honors thesis on?
sports as a religion
Does Juror Eight's experiment cast doubt on the old man's testimony?
Why does Mitch hit Morrie on the back?
to loosen the congestion in Morrie's lungs
Who interviews Morrie for "Nightline"?
Ted Koppel
Int he first ballot, Juror Eight votes not guily because...
He believes there should be a discussion before the verdict
The evidence against the young man is...
An eyewitness who saw the murder.

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