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What are vintage sparkling wines?
Vintage Champagnes are those which are aged for a minimum of three years up to ten years, and are the most expensive. Non-vintage Champagnes are aged for at least 18 months in France.
What is the ideal way to serve sparkling wine?
Champagne should be served in flute or tulip style glasses, with long stems. This is so your hands don't warm the drink. Such glasses enhance the aroma and the flow of the bubbles.
At what temperature should sparkling wine be served at?
The temperature of the Champagne should ideally be between 6 to 8 degrees C. this is best achieved by refrigerating your bottle for about three and a half hours before serving. Or, you could also place it in an ice bucket filled with ice, for about half a
What is the difference between Champagne and Sparkling wine?
That Champagne is a type of sparkling wine which is only grown in the French region of Champagne? America has its own version of Champagne as well, because of a loophole in the patent. However, American brands must mention the region they were produced in
Where do sparkling wines get their bubbles?
Sparkling wines get their bubbles through a second fermentation where yeast and sugar are added to the bottle.
A friend has a birthday/anniversary and we would like to get him a special sparkling wine from the year of his birth as a special gift. Where can we find one?
Claude Taittinger told me this story a couple of years ago:
Are "Champagne" and "sparkling wine" the same thing?
All Champagne is sparkling wine, but not all sparkling wine is Champagne. This type of wine was invented in the Champagne region of France and named after that district. The term "Champagne" subsequently got attached as a generic term to all such wines no
What type of sparkling wine should I pour with a desert?
Try Demi-Sec champagne when eating dessert.
Why are fluted glasses the best for drinking sparkling wine?
The flute prevents the bubbles from escaping and also directs the bouquet.
What is meant by "vintage" or "non-vintage"?
Most sparkling wines are blends ("cuvées") of several vintages. Originally this was because the climate of the Champagne region is so cold for grape-growing that each year's wine had to be combined with other reserve wines from preceding years. Over time,
What does "Brut," "Extra Brut," and "Extra Dry" mean?
"Brut" means dry -- that is, not sweet. The etymology of the word, however, is not what you might expect. Literally translated, it means raw or crude, which is no longer a quality that we associate with fine sparkling wine. In earlier times, however, peop
Why does it sparkle?
After the grapes are harvested and the wine is fermented, extra sugar and yeast are added to the bottle, which is then tightly corked. This second fermentation releases carbon dioxide, which gets dissolved in the wine because it can't leave the bottle. Pr
What terms are used to describe sparkling wine?
Lime, Apple, Toasted hazelnuts, Sourcream/yogurt, Malt, Vermouth, Vegemite, Cherry/strawberry, Nutmeg, Caramel, Vanilla, Maltiness, Hoppiness, Fruitiness
What are good sparkling wine glasses?
The older "Marie Antoinette" glass is good if your party has a theme reminiscent of the 1920s or 1930s. Another very elegant and sexy option is the trumpeted champagne flute.
What kind of glass should sparkling wine be served in?
NOT the popular image of Champagne glass -- i.e., a wide and shallow dish. Rather, the glass should be tall and slender ("flute"-shaped) so that you can watch the pinpoint bubbles rise in a steady stream. When you pour, tilt the glass at an angle to prese
"How can I find out about a particular sparkling wine brand?
Most of the bigger houses now have their own websites. There are around 12,000 Champagne brands, yet we have only 300 or so websites listed. Who are the rest?
How much is my sparkling wine worth?
There is not such a great market in the re-sale of Champagne as there is with quality Bordeaux or Burgundy wines, although certain wines such as Dom Perignon and Cristal from top vintages attract the attention of collectors all over the world. A collector
What are the best types of glasses to serve sparkling wine in?
For a more modern look, go with the tulip-shaped champagne flute.
Is it ok to pop a sparkling wine bottle?
Contrary to popular belief, a bottle of bubbly (Champagne) should never pop with a big bang, but with a soft sigh. Popping open a bottle is garish, and extremely un-classy!
When did the first French sparkling wine producer open in the US?
Founded in 1976, Domaine Chandon was the first French-owned sparkling wine producer in the U.S.
What are wine flutes made from?
Flutes can be made from regular glass or crystal and add a touch of class to any formal occasion or toast.
What is étoile?
étoile is Domaine Chandon's name for their rosé and translates to "star."
What type of sparkling wine works best with entrées?
Rosé champagne pairs great with entrées.
Which grapes go into sparkling wine?
Traditional fine sparkling wine is made from three varieties: Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, and Pinot Meunier (though some other classic sparklers come from different grapes -- for example Asti, the sweet Italian dessert bubbly that's made from Muscat, or Mosca
How much pressure is in a bottle of sparkling wine?
That the pressure in a bottle of Champagne is equivalent to the tyre pressure of a double decker bus in Bombay? Chilling the bottle helps reduce the pressure tremendously.
How long will a bottle of sparkling wine last after it is opened?
Once opened, a bottle of sparkling wine can last up to one week as long as it is refrigerated.
Who filled her bathtub with sparkling wine and how many bottles were used?
That Marilyn Monroe once filled up her tub with 350 bottles of Champagne, and took a long, luxurious bath in it? It was said that she drank and breathed Champagne as if it were oxygen.
What types of sparkling wine should I look for when I buy?
When buying champagne, look for brut non-vintage.
Will regular glass work as well as crystal for sparkling wine?
Crystal actually keeps the bubbles in champagne more easily than does regular glass.
How long does sparkling wine keep?
In ideal cellar conditions (around 50F), some fine Champagnes will keep for twenty or thirty years or more. However, it is not as long lived as Burgundy or Bordeaux.
How many bubbles are in an average bottle of sparkling wine?
That there are 49 million bubbles in a regular bottle of Champagne? Large bubbles are considered extremely unsightly and are not the mark of good quality Champagne. The tinier the bubble the better.
What temperature should Champagne be served at?
The temperature of the Champagne should ideally be between 6 to 8 degrees C
"What are some of the best brands of sparkling wine?
Veuve Clicquot;
When did sparkling wines and toasts come into vouge?
Champagnes are synonymous with toasts, and a beautiful lady was acknowledged by everyone toasting to her and clanging their glasses. This is why she was known as the toast of the town, in the 1800s.
What is a Nebuchadnezzar?
That a Nebuchadnezzar represents the largest quantity of a Champagne serving? One Nebuchadnezzar is equal to 20 bottles! A Magnum is equal to only two bottles while a Split equals one-forth of a bottle.
"Which is the best sparkling wine?
The one that you enjoy the most. I would not presume to tell you which Champagnes you should enjoy, although I taste hundreds every year, but I can tell you which ones suit my palate and which I feel are good value.
"What type of food should you have with sparkling wine?

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