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ROP QUiz #1


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What appears most radiopaque on a x-ray?
X rays are used to do what to the tissue?
If the darkroom has a light leak, how will the film appear after it has been developed?
Otto Walkoff
1st dental radiograph
discovered bisecting angle technique
W.D. Collidge
invented vacuum tube
C. Edmund Kells
american pioneer in dental radiography; hired first dental assistant
W.K. Roentgen
discovered x-rays
Explain where leakage radiation comes from
all radiation coming from teh tube housing except the useful beam
What does the periapical xray detect?
entire anatomy of the tooth
Explain what density is
referring to the blakening of the film
What is a RAD of radiation
unit of absored radiation
What appears most radiolucent on a X-ray Film
periodontal membrane
What does the bite/wing x-ray detect
carries inbetween teh teeth ( inter proximal)
is the panoramic film used intraoral or extraoral
What is a Curie
unit of radioactivity
What is used as a aid in mounting a X-ray film?
raised dots
What is the purpose of the collimator in the x-ray machine?
reduces the size of x-ray beam to 2/3 inches
Explain the error of foreshortening
vertical angle is too high
How does cumulative radiation effect the body?
kills gonadal cells reproduction cells each does is added to the previous dose
What does occlusal xray film detect?
upper/lower arch on one film
explain the error of elongation
vertical angle of cone is placed too low
when the xray machines are installed in adjacent rooms, how far between these rooms must the barriers be placed?
explain the error of overlapping
central rays are not directed through contact points incorrect horizontal angle
What is the contrast of a dental xray
the difference between black and white on the x ray film

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