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History of Massage


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Influence from China
anmo amma = press-rub
tui-na = push-pull
hatha yoga
Ancient Greece
athletes rec'd vigorous oil treatments and rubbed with sand
"Fr of Medicine"
anatripses = "to rub up"
oils to loosen or strengthen joints
"to rub up" (Hippocrates)
Ambrose Pare
16th century French Physician
revived massage in scientific way
used massage after surgery
Per Henrik Ling
1814 opened Medical Gymnastics School
Father of Physical Therapy
Developed Swedish Massage
Used 3 movements--active, passive, duplicated
Dr. John Metzger
Dutch Physician brought massage to medical community

Used: effleurage-stroking
Charles and George Taylor
1850's introduced Swedish massage to U.S.
Dr. Randolph Stone
American Physician
developed polarity therapy
Emil Vodder
Danish Physiologist
developed manual lymph drainage
Dr. James Cyriax
English orthopedic physician
developed transverse friction massage
(today's sports massage)
also "endfeel"
3 reasons for latest revival of massage
1) renewed interest in preventative medicine 2) realization of effectiveness of nonsurgical techniques to aid healing 3) increased interest in physical fitness
Dr. Boris Chaitow and Stanley Lief
Co-developed neuromuscular technique
(umbrella term for techniques that take advantage of physical capabilities of muscles and tendons)
Dr. Tiffany Field
Director of Touch Research Institute of U. of Miami

influential researcher of current times
Definition of massage
the manual or mechanical manipulations of the soft tissue of the body by such movements as gliding or stroking,kneading,friction,compression,touch,joint movemts or rocking for therapeutic purposes
Therapeutic purposes of massage
improvemts in circulation of blood & lymph, increased flexibility of muscles & joints, sense of wellbeing,reduction in stress,normalization of body stystems,other benefits mental-physical

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