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Week1 Wednesday Lectures


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list 6 members of a health care team and 3 from a nursing department
respirartory therapists
speech therapists
social workers

what does the ANA do?
American Nursing Ass.
promotes professional develop.
works to improve standards of health care
promotes intrest of nurses
what does NLN do?
National Leaque for Nurses
accredits schools
entirely volunteer
promote nursing service
what is the nurse practice act
nurse practice act
its the law...outlines scope of practice for nurses
what is nurse practice act again?
says what a nurse can and cannot do. outlines scope of practise for nurses. what they can and cannont do.
its the nurse's job to know the state's practice act
what are the nursing standards? Codes?
Nursing codes is about nursing ethics:
practices w/ respect & compassion
nurses' primary concern is to the patient, community, etc
nurse advocates for the patient
nurse is responsible and accountable
nurse owes same duties to self
participates in improving the nursing enviroment
list maslow's 5 pyramind?
self actualization
why is it important to follow the rules, regulations, policies of a health agency. and to abide?
law suits
whose at risk to infection?
those w/ lowered resistance
those involved w/ medical therapy
old age or very young age
nutritionally challanged
stressed out
what is the purpose of infection control?
protect client
the public
from disease
why are old people at risk w/ infection?
thinner skin
decreased cardiac function
dry mouth
pH of stomach too high
decreased cough reflex
drug therapies
increased exposure from being around hospitals, etc
the nature of infecton.
what is asympomatic signs mean?
lack of clinical signs
colonization w/o apparent injury ex. indwelling cath
injury to tissue
immunsuppressed by drugs, age, disease
then there is nature of infection from symptomatic, whats that?
local inflammatin ...this means you know about it, not hiddern
redness, pain, fever, vomiting, confusion, etc.
name 2 natural body defenses
normal flora
organ defense system
inflammatin (its good)
the chain of infection
portal of exit
mode of transmission
portal of entry
so what?
break the chain to stop the spread of diseas
concerning the immune response, what is humoral immunity?
natural immunity, once sick, lasts a lifetime
arifical immunity, vaccine, duration varies
passive immunity, short duration
what is nosocimial infections
didn't mean it disease from
long nails
long hair
not washing hands
soiled clothes
dirty on clean
improper procedures
there is medical & surgical asepsis. whats the diff?
medical is clean asepsis, clean technique. to minimize pathogens, prevent spread
surgical is sterile like for surgery, or, labor/delivery
iv therapy, catherization, suctioning, surgical dressings
how do you control infectious agents w/ medical asepsis?
removing of foreign material from an object by friction and soap...proactive clothing
disinfection by chemicals
there is critical semi and non critical categories . whats critical?
needles, urinary cathetures, surgical stuff,
semi = respiratory suction tubing, GI endoscopes,
non critical = bedpans, linens
you can control by reducing reservoirs. whats this?
drain a pee bag
get rid of contaiminated stuff
proper dressing changes
clean rooom surfaces
handling bottles correctly
what is control of portals of exit?
disposable wipes & tissues
wearing a mask
careful handling of urine,feces
wearing gloves, carefull w/ lab stuff
what is contol of transmission?
dropletts, air, vectors, vehicles, etc
how do you control portals of entry?
muccous membanes
proper wound care
cover a cough
what itrhers tier one protection of host?
body fluids
muccous membranes
hand hygene
sharp discarded correctly
there is a slide about airborne, droplet and contact. lists types of pathogens w/ each delivery system. what is co-hort?
cohort means same. like same cohort disease . 2 guys have same disease.
,5 micro meters is airborne TB
.5 micro meters is droplete, think strep, mumps, pneumonia
direct contact think colonization, wound infections, you should wear a gown, gloves
whats an isolation barrior?
private room
negative pressure
personal protection
knowledge of the disease
dedicated use of equipment
where is sterile technique practiced?
labor delivery
majour diagnostic areas
how do you prepare a patient for a procedure?
pain management
elimination needs
comfortable position
principles of surgical
sterile touching sterile cool
sterile touching non sterile not cool
what else?
sterile gloves touching questionable area, not cool
only sterile objects can touch sterile fields
air can make a sterile nonsterile
whats one way to prevent the spread of disease by microorganisms?
washing your hands
what is standard precautions?
contact precautions
droplette precautions
airborne precautions
just stategies to prevent infection transmission
what is the main principle of medical asepsis?
this is the clean technique
prevent reduce spread of microbes
wash hands b/f cooking
list principles of sterile technique?
this is surgical asepsis
when doing anything invassive, use gloves, gowns, protect from blood
totally eliminate all microbes from the area
feeding precautions:
why do a swallow evaluation?
so you can properly administer nutrition to client
weak cough?
weak voice?
poor oral hygene?
delayed cough?
no swallowing movements?
what precautions do you take when feeding these people?
sit upright
have oral suction near by
use correct texture of food
look for signs of aspirations
what are possible health complications related to swallow difficulties?
loss of weight
aspiration of food
what does inhaling food into the trach, lungs cause?
aspiration pneumonia
our responsibliity is to prevent aspiriation , who's at risk?
anyone w/ dysphagia
who helps w/ dysphagia?
speech therapist help
occupational therapist help w/ dietary equipment
what's most common cause of death in old people?
why feed elderly seperately from others ?
its work to eat so they need to concentrate
what is asepsis?
absence of pathogens
sroke people can't ?
cough so they can't handle a choking episode.
they gag and gurgle, aspirate.
what are 3 liquid concentrations?
nectar honey pudding

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