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prep professionalism


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what makes a person a proffesional
scope of practice
continuing education

what is the difference between chairside and cda>
cda gone to school
chairside no education learn on job
what is the image of a proffessional
general apperance
appropriate communication

how is their wellness and balance
universal precautions

what is the characteristic of adult learner
motivated self directed but make mistakes and afraid to fail
define self directed learning
cheaking moodle clinic board
doing hw
getting assigments in on time
being prepared for clinic

what is self eveluation
reviewing work criticaly
areas succes improvement
areas guidence assistants required
recieving feedback in on defensive way
setting goals

what is dmd or dds
abbrevation for dentist
how many years does it take to become a dentist
4 years undergraduae
4 years dentistry education
who diagnosis hard and soft tissue
who does the dentist work underand who are the licensed by
debtist act and they are licensed under cdsbc
how long does it take to become a hygienist
one yr prerequisites and 2 year education
who do the hygenist work under
what do hygienist diagnosis?
soft tissue
how long does it take to become a cda?
6-18 months
who are cdas licensed by
what do cdas do
perform intra oral duties
what do dental receptionist do?
patient scheduling recall and accounts payable and receivable
how long does it take to become a denturist
2 years
how long does it take to become a dental tech
2 yrs
what do dental techs do
fabricate appliances orthodontic appliences
partial dentures
under dentist

what does teamwork in a dental office promote
unity and efficency
what does team cooperation do
job satisfaction
reduce workload
no hierarchy
conflict resolution

what are ethnics
judge professional behavior right or wrong
what is the ethnic responsibility to

what are examples of ethics
illegal practice
out of date

what are local associations
tri cities
what is proffesional association
what is national association
are alberta and saskatchewan self regulating
what are the 13 core skills
exposure radio graphs
rubber cup polishing
oral hygine instruction
place remove matrices and wedges
treatment liners
aliginate impressions
dietary council ling
apply removal dental dam
apply fluoride
topical anistentic
bleaching agents
fissure sealants
desensitizing agents

who writes the national dental assisting exam
all the gradutes
who writes the written and does the clinical
non accredited and foreign
what do the cdsbc and bylaws regulated by and fall under
provincial and fall under HPA
how many times must you register
how many times do you have to license?
how many years can you do the continuing ed credits
how may hrs do you need for the continued compentcy
hundered hrs over three yrs
what are cdsbc duties
protect public
standards practice
register license dentists

what is a practicing cda
met all requirements
what is a temperory cda?
not met ndaeb requirement no restricted duties one year
what is a limited cda
upgrading duties restricted before
what is a non practice cda
perform non duties
what is a dental assistant
restricted duties
what is a practicing cda with moduel
other duties
define super vision
operator always on premises during procedure
define crediting process
success theory,clinic, practicum
recommended by department
successful completion NDAEB
successful criminal record check
register cdsbc

what was dental thought as by magicians and priests
magical art
Has there been decay found in older human remains
was caries lower in olden times why
yes diet of raw and natural goods
what was the oldest dental document
Chinese cannon of medicine
wat did the chinease develop>
silver paste for fillings
what did Hippocrates invent
tooth paste
mouth wash
was also author of the unknown

what did Romans do
restored teeth with gold crowns and replacing missing teeth bridge work
what was the law of twelve tables
crafted by gold smith and placed by dentist
who was Pierre fauchard
founder modern dentistry
first word caries
rejected carries by worms

what did horce wells invent
inhalation anthesia
who was conrad roegten
x radiation led to x rays
who was Greene vardiman black
described structural elements and properties of enamel
who found the first dental school
chapin harris
horce hayden
who was the first women grad dentistry
dr. Lucy Taylor
who was the first person to hire a women
dr. edmund kells
who brought the idea of Hygienist what was the purpose
Dr. Alfred fones for intra oral care
why were hygenist licensed and regulated quickly?
intra oral duties
what led to 4-6 sit down dentistry
time/motion chair side improve efficiency
what did Juliette southard find
American dental assistant association
what was the past focus on what about today
past repair
today prevent
what did people say about the mouth what about now
past mouth seperate
today mouth part of body
what are deterents to dental health
high carb sugar diet
low dental iq
side effects

what sort of changes have been made
awareness health oral care
more educated knowledgeable about dentistry
keep teeth clean
preventive products
aging pop

what is a solo practice
dentist manages their own practice limit hrs
what is a group practice
dentists in partnership with one another long hrs
define mall practice
hivh emergancy patient rates open long hrs 7 days
what is hospital dentistry
large metropolitan hospitals out patient in patient services
what is public health
goverment funded focus on high risk group
what are armed fores
medical and dental care for all forces
what is educational institution
from school done by students available reduced cost
define operating role for cdas
exposing radiographs and doing impressions
what is suppourting role for dental assistants
restorative surgical procedures
define oral surgery
diagnosis surgical related treatment disease defects functional and esthetic of hard and soft tissue
define maxillofacial surgery
disease injries defects to head neck face jaws and hard tissue
define prosthodontics
replace teeth relate mouth jaw structures by artificial device
define periodontics
gum disease and other tooth structures
define orthodontice
teeth irregularities
define endodontics
disease of pulp
define oral pathology
changes in teeth that cause or caused by disease
define radiology

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