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Literary Allusions


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nonsensical speech or writing
deceitful or sly especially in politics; the end justifies the means
teacher, counselor, advisor, coach
Cheshire Cat Grin
smug grin, sly grin, know it all grin
Sour Grapes
to despise something that you really want because you cant have it; someone with a bad attitude
large, agressive, strong willed female
traitor, hypocrite, betrayor
a strong male
Cut the Gordian Knot
a single simple solution to a complex problem
vain, conceited person
Garden of Eden
paradise on earth
Oedipus Complex
a son's abnormal attraction to his mother, and resemtment or hatred towards his father
Electra Complex
a daughter's abnormal attraction to her father, and resentment or hatred towards her mother
an overly optimistic and naieve young girl
Wisdom of Solomon
a very wise person
Patience of Job;
Job's Comforters
extremely patient, extremely patient person;
friends who make a bad situation worse, "with friends like these, who needs enemies?"
Pandora's Box
any source of unending trouble or sorrow
small minded or petty person
Herculalean Effort; Herculalean Task
to put forth a great effort
Midas Touch
the golden touch; a lucky or successful person especially in regards to money
Dog in the Manger
selfish or spiteful person
Fight like Kilkenny Cats
fight to the death; fight to the bitter end
an alluring and attractive female
the lowest of servants
Cyclopean Attitude
a narrow minded person
a two-faced person; one who makes decisions for the future based on knowledge and experience of the past
Patience of Penelope
faithfullness, fidelity
Doubting Thomas
one who has to see it to believe it
Caught Between Scylla and Charybdis
caught between a rock and a hard place; caught between the devil and the deep blue sea; out of the frying pan and into the fire
ladie's man
Hobson's Choice
no true choice, choice with no alternative
Promethiean Heat
to endure self sacrifice
Simon Legree
a task master or slave driver
a handsome young male
As Old as Methuselah
very old
a miserly callous person
Trojan Horse; "Beware of Greeks Bearing Gifts"
to defeat from within through deception
Prodigal Son
a wayward son who leaves home, sins, repents, and returns home and is forgiven
Damon and Pythias
unconditional friendship; true friendship
woman of loose morals; prostitute
Achilles Heel
weak spot, vulnerability
Tilt at the Windmills
to fight imaginary foes
prophet who no one beleives
tease, taunt
Big Brother
any government that inbavades the privacy of its citizens
Brave New World
a society of sterile uniformity and soulessness
Jekyll and Hyde
a split personality, usually one is good and the other is bad
ever watchful; jealously watchful
a liar
a rule for a person in a problematic situation that denies the only solution for the situation; a no-win situation
Loose Cannon
an unpredictable and potentially dangerous person
Malapropism; Mrs. Malaprop
the humorous misuse of words
Pyrrhic Victory
a victory that is no true victory
Heart of Darkness
the dark and evil side of man's nature
ressurection, rebirth, renewal
Elisian Fields (Elysium); Valhalla
He Met his Waterloo
final and ultimate defeat
unbeatable rival
Peeping Tom
one who spies on others for sexual pleasure
Kiss of Death
any gesture of impending danger, death, or doom
Good Samaritan
someone who helps a stranger in distress
a mass exit or departure
Three-ring Circus
noisy confusion resulting from too many events happening simultaneously
person who is made to take the blame for others
meaningless contradictory speech or writing
Holy Grail
an unattainable subject of a quest or journey
raised from the dead
Maginot Line
a line of defense that is easily outmeneuvered
Ugly American
a rude or crude person visiting a foriegn land
Colossal; "Bestrides the World like a Colossus"
larger than life; having too much power
Yellow Brick Road
the path taken to find your heart's desire
a grotesque figment of the imagination
an ideal place; seat of government; an ideal place where youth and beauty reign
a crude, ignorant, and stupid person
Uncle Tom
and overly submissive or subservient person
mayhem; uproar; pandemonium
White Elephant
any possession that is too costly to mantian, yet cannot be done away with
Evil Empire
any government that uses fear and terror to supress its citizens
Jacob's Ladder; Climbing Jacob's Ladder
steps taken to achieve sucsess
a state of blissfullness and enlightenment
Davy Jones's Locker
bottom of the sea
Murphy's Law
if anything can go wrong, it will go wrong
Crossing the Rubicon
taking an irriversible step
Silent Majority
majority of populus that does not speak its views or have its views heard
Lamb to the Slaughter
an innocent person unknowingly or naievely led to their demise
a wealthy yet godless/wicked society
a perfect or ideal society
a person who must bear an incredibly strong load
Thirty Pieces of Silver
money given or received for a betrayal; blood money
The Handwriting on the Wall
an ominous sigh of disastrous events to come
Forbidden Fruit
something greatly desired yet prohibited
Sisyphean Task
any endless or fruitless task
an ideal place; paradise on earth
uproar, mayhem, chaos
soemone who controls and manipulates others by force of will

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