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Great Depression Test


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New Deal
relief for needy recovery for economy, refrom for finances
Fair Labor Standards Act
1938- min. wages, max. hours for workers (.25 cent/ hour) ( 44 hr. week)
National Housing Act (NHA)
made housing and home mortgages more affordable
NLRB (board)
to hear testimony and vote for union leadership
Social Security Act ( SSA)
1935-pensions for retirees 10- 85 $ for those over 65, UE insurance, and aidy for needy/ handicapped
FSA ( farm security Admin.)
$ billions in loans, camps for migrant farmers, photogrophers doc.
Securities Exchange Commission
1934 The stock police to prevent rigging pprices
National Recovery Administration (NRA)
1933-encouraged cooperation among businesses in est. production and labor practices; set prices on goods/lensured fair comp.
National Industrial Act (NIA)
authroized the president to regulate banks and stimulate the economy to recovery
Father Charles Coughlin
firey sunday sermons on radio. sociolist- annuel income from gov. and all banks run by gov.
1932 Election
Herbert Hoover (R) vs Franklin Roosevelt (D)* won with 2/3 senate and 3/4 congress
Agricultural Adjustment Act (AAA)
1933- paid farmers to reduce crops for crop stability
Public Works Admin. (PWA)
1933-provided public works jobs for many needing help $ to fund construction projects
Civil Works Act (CWA)
1933-public works for those needing relief; 40,000 schools built, 50,000 teachers hired
Election of 1936
FDR vs Alfred Landon (ks) only maine and vermont voted for him
Rural Electrification Admin. (REA)
promote modification of electric systems in rural areas. electricty to 90% of america by 1951 no monoplokies for uttilites
Bank Holiday
stops withdraws to inspect banks' soundness
SCDA (soil conservation/ domestic allotment act)
paid farmers not grow soil depleting crops. (after AAA declared uncosnt.)
Works Progress Admin. (WPA)
1935- public works jobs on wide range of jobs;$5 billion to creat jobs; provided ppl with a sense of dignity
Second 100 Days 1935
after midterm elections (1st term) focus on the forgotten man ( individuals vs industries)
Ag. Adjustment Act 2- same as old w/o unconstitutional tax placed on farmers
Dr. Francis Townshend
spoke for elderly (pension)
National Youth Admin. kept kids out of trouble by giving them jobs
American Liberty League
welathy business conservatives. felt private business was threatened
Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC)
1933-provided jobs on conservation projects; $30/months 3 mill. members ( flood control, tree planting to stop dust bowls)
Home Owners Loan Corp (HOLC)
refinanced homes to prevent foreclosure
too much being done for needy and too much gov. control
Hundred Days
Reassure Public , Directly Aid the People, Increased Gov. Influence in Economy ( st prices/ lim. prod. set hours no child labor, allowed unionization and collective bargaining)
Food Drug Cosmetic Act
Glass Steagall Act 1933
creates FDIC insurance
TVA-TenN. Valley Auth.
dams provides jobs, hydroelectric power, fishing havens, flood secuirty, agric.
Fed, Securities Act
1933 Full disclosure about stocks, liability if u misinform
Federal Housing Admin. (FHA)
1934-encouraged loans for renovating or building homes
NAtional Labor Relations ACt (NLRA)
1935-national labor relations board to enforce labor laws; (wagner act) right to unionize
not enough being done for needy
Farm Credit Act (FCA)
regulates and examines banks, associations, related entities of farm credit systme
Huey Long
King Fish- spoke for poor"robin hood" taxation policy assissinated- possible candidate

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