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Jazz Midterm Questions


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6 Contributions Louis Armstrong made to jazz.
1-first soloist improvisor in jazz
2-advanced jazz music rhythmly,harmonicly, and melodicly
3-raised the bar on his instument
4-expanded the audience of jazz
5-leading inovator in chicago style
6-ambassador of goodwill in the world
father of the blues
william hendy
empress of blues
bessie smith
tenure with Fletcher Henderson Orchestra,elevated popularity of sax in jazz
Coleman Hawkins
Most influential intrumentalist during chicago era and was first fully developed improvising soloist
Louis Armstrong
Prominent trumpet player of swing era who bridged styles of louis armstong and dizzy gilespie
Roy eldridge
as a pianist,composer,arranger, poet, philosopher, and bandleader his vast contribution to 20th century music extends beyond the category of jazz
Duke Ellington
King of ragtime
Scott Joplin
4 prejazz african american vocal forms
1-field holler
4-work songs
recored Body and Soul
Coleman Hawkins
played with Duke Ellington, father of modern bass
Jimmy Blanton
pianist and bandleader, his great swing big band exemplifies the riffing rhythm and blue style of Kansas City
Bennie Moten
Recorded West End Blues
Louis Armstrong
a journalist and producer he became most influential entrepeneur in the history of jazz bring fletcher henderson, count basie,benny goodman,MeadeLL, etc
John Hammand
1st to exploit the melodic potential of the electric guitar
Charlie Christian
most important development of jazz. trumpet player singer and endearing carm which won jazz many friends around the world
Louis Armstrong
king of swing
benny goodman
composer for large jazz ensemble he was 1st to write extended works such as suites,symphonic tone poems masses and scores for theater and film
Duke Ellington
composer of Take the A train
Billy Strayhorn
he wrote many songsbut his instumental works are pivotal in the transition of jazz as pop culture into the realm of high art
Duke Ellington
inspired by bessie smith
billie holiday
principal soloist on tenor sax with the early count basie
Lester Young
as an arranger he broke from conventional techniques applied to big band and experimented with atypical use of specific instruments, the employment of a small band w/i a bigbadn expolit personalities in his emsembles
Duke Ellington
self proclaimed inventor of jazz
Jelly Roll Morton
tenure with count basie modernized jazz and its swing feel-streamlined drumming
Jo Jones
ragtime guy
Scott Joplin
became prominent cornetist during chicago era influential white artist
Bix Beiderbecke
Aint Misbehavin-stride pianist
Fats Waller
key figure in Boogie Woogie precurser to rock and roll
Meade Lux Lewis
period thought of as primarily as a literary movement,jaxx was becoming popular with the masses
Harlem Renisannce
His recording with the Hot Five, Hot Seven, and Earl Hines show jazz developing rhythmically, melodically and harmonically.
Louis Armstrong

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