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American Lit: My Brain


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Emily Dickinson Common themes
death, love, life, eternity, nature,
compares two things not using 'like' or 'as'
Biblical Allusion
allusiton from christ and the bible
Common Symbols
rose, dove, black, flower, sword, rope, snake, basket of goodies
over exaggeration of something
Emily Dickinson bio basics
born 10th December 1880, grew up rich, slowly secluded herself, became a shut in
the dictation of a piece of writing
Death Sets a thing significant
Death, loss of someone dear,
American Dream
Come here broke, and become successful
I hide myself within my flower
Virginity is dear, and the speaker hides themselves within their weaknesses
Compares two things using 'like' or 'as'
I heard a fly buzz when i died
its about death, and the loss of a loved one
giving human characteristics to non-human things
Historical Allusion
Allusion from the past
Classical Allusion
allusion from Greece
a concrete object stands for an abstarct idea
5 characteristics of good thesis statements
makes an assersion, "so what",
Success is counted sweetest
Success is only temporary, 15 minutes of fame
same general theme, different skin

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