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Spanish LIFE


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yellow, blue, and red
What are the colors in Colombia's flag?
Costa Rica
Which Hispanic country abolished the army?
an animal
Guagua is the name given to buses in Cuba and Puerto Rico. What is a guagua in Colombia?
What does the white stand for in the Mexican flag?
What is the name of the oldest airline company in Colombia?
The week before Easter
When is the Holy Week celebrated in Spain?
According to a Spanish saying, if you keep your mouth shut, what cannot enter?
Tikal (in Guatemala)
What is the biggest Mayan city known today?
red, yellow and green
What are the colors in Bolivia's flag?
What is the general name of a place where fish is sold?
What percentage of people in Argentina are of European blood?
in Suriqui Island in Bolivia
Where do people use totora reed boats?
ito or ita
What do you add to the end of a Spanish noun to show friendliness or affection?
What is the name given to a person from the region of Cataluña in Spain?
During which month is the day of the Dead celebrated?
What is the national flower of Colombia?
Medellín, Colombia
Where is Festival Internacional de Poseíal held?
What would you buy in a panadería?
place of lots of fish
What does Panamá mean?
What is the national airline of Spain?
December 16
When in December does Las Posadas begin?
Flor de Nochebuena
What is the name in Spanish of the Poinsettia?
What is the Spanish word for a spoken compliment to women?
the earthquake of Chile on May 22, 1960
What has been the most devastating earthquake ever recorded?
New Year's Eve
What is La Noche Vieja?
the Chihuahua
What minature dog originated in Mexico?
The bear and the tree are the symbols of what Spanish city?
on the Atlantic coast of Colombia
Where do people listen to and dance Vallenato music?
General Pinochet (Chile)
What South American dictator was imprisoned in Europe?
What is the nickname given to people from Costa Rica?
Vote in the presidential elections
People from Puerto Rico are North American citizens but are not allowed to do what?
afternoon discussions at a local café
What are tertulias?
How many days do posadas last?
a Mexican cowboy
What is a charro?
The pig
What animal is a symbol of good luck to the Mexicans?
Which language is close to Spanish in many aspects?
What is the season in Argentina in December?
a party to celebrate the 15th birthday of women
What is a quinceañera party?
el Balboa
What is the currency of Panama?
a Telenovela
What do you call a soap opera in Spanish?
What is the term for a person of Mexican origin who is born in the United States?
January 6
When is Día de los Reyes Magos celebrated in Hispanic countries?
a folkloric dance from Chile
What is Cueca?
light blue and white
What are the colors of the Argentinean flag?
the Spanish railroad system
What is RENFE in Spain?
during Holy Week
When would you be able to see a Passion play in Mexico?
a central plaza in a Mexican city
What is a zócalo?
California, Texas, Florida, Illinois
Name two states with more than one million Hispanic inhabitants.
high speed train system
What is the AVA in Spain?
in Venezuela
Where is Joropo danced?
Las Mañanitas
What is sung on a person's birthday in Mexico?
High School
El Bachillerato Clásico is a system of education comparable to what institution in America?
For good luck
Why do some Spanish people eat 12 grapes at midnight on New Year's Eve?
the running of the bulls
What festival is celebrated in Pamplona, Spain in July?
What is the religious affiliation of most Hispanic people?
a flea market in Madrid
What is El Rastro?
the festival of sun in Perú
What is known as the Inti Raymi festival?
Tropical Forest Initiative (it takes care of forests in Costa Rica)
What does the acronym TFI stand for?

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