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In 1969 Native American protestors began a 19 months occupation of what famous location?
Alcatraz Island
A troy ounce is a unit commonly used to measure the weight of which of the following?
Precious metals
Cheap Trick's album "At Budokan" was recorded at a famous concert hall in what city?
The 1987 movie Dirty Dancing is set at a fictional Catskills resort named what?
What often happens to a person's hair if it stops producing melanin?
Turns gray
Quick Silver is another name for what metallic element?
Acetaminophen is the active ingredient in which of these popular over the counter products?
For over 700 years the House of Grimaldi has been the ruling family of what Country?
Famous fairy tale authors Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm were natives of what country?
Which of these trees is classified as a softwood?
Which of these popular games was an Olympic sport from 1900 to 1920?
Tug of war
In Greek mythology, who ran off with Helen of Troy, causing the Trojan War?
The term "ad lib" comes from the latin phrase "ad libitum," which roughly means what?
At ones pleasure
What comic strip character is pestered by Nermal, the self proclaimed "world's cutest cat"?
In the human body the tibia is a bone that runs parallel with what other smaller bone?
Like other stars, the Sun generates energy by convering hydrogen fuel into what element?
According to the Guinness Book of World Records, what is the world's most recorded song?
The word "alimony" comes from a Latin word meaning what?
What classic song includes the line "I recall Central Park in fall"?
Danke Schoen
Who is President Bush's Chief of Staff?
Andrew Card
Once a resort known as "The American Spa," Hot Springs National Park is in what U.S. state?
What Fleetwod Mac song was Bill Clinton's theme song during his 1992 presidential campaign?
Don't Stop
What animal did not become a popular pet until it was imported form Mongolia in the 1950s for lab use?
What US president was often accompanied by his beloved pet terrier, Fala?
Franklin Roosevelt
What group performed in the 1978 movie "Grease" as the band Johnny Casino and the Gamblers?
Sha Na Na
A person is most likely to visit London's Saville Row to shop for which of the following?
What is former US President Gerald Ford's middle name?
The word "souvenir" comes from a French word meaning what?
In the 1986 movie "Ferris Bueller's Day Off," Ferris borrows what kind of car from his friend's father?
Not including Russia, what European country has the largest population?
In the 2003 movie Pirates of the Caribbean what transforms the cursed pirates into skeletons?
Joh Krakauer’s 2003 bestseller Under the Banner of Heaven examines extreme sects of what religion?
The strait separating Tierra del Fuego and the South American mainland is named after what explorer?
Every year, thousands flock to Buñol, Spain, to take part in a food fight involving tons of what food?
What classic novel was Oprah Winfrey's first selection when she resumed her book club in 2003?
East of Eden
What insect shares its name with a corporation listed in the Dow Jones Industrial Average?
In 1974, Robert Pirsig authored a best-selling philosophical novel titled "Zen and the Art of" what?
Motorcycle Maintenance
What classic work was the inspiration for the Pulitzer Prize-winning novel "The Hours"?
Mrs. Dalloway
What is George W. Bush's annual salary for serving as President of the United States?
A 14.6 Billion Dollar project called the "Big Dig" is designed to decease traffic congestion in what US City?
In US Central Command’s deck of "Most Wanted" cards, Saddam Hussein is on what card?
Ace of Spades
In 1986, Texas introduced its "Don't Mess with Texas" program in support of what cause?
Litter prevention
In the first "Got Milk?" TV ad, a man loses a trivia contest when he cannot enunciate what answer?
Aaron Burr
What classic Rolling Stones album originally featured a working zipper on the cover?
Sticky Fingers
In 2003, Secretary Rumsfeld caused a stir when he referred to France and Germany as what?
Old Europe
The Lollapalooza music festival was founded in 1991 by the free-spirited lead singer of what band?
Jane’s Addiction
What constellation, often used by seafarers for navigation, is featured on the Australian flag?
The Southern Cross
What artist's famous sketch “The Vitruvian Man” is said to depict the ideal proportions of the male body?
Leonardo da Vinci
In the Telecommunications abbreviation "DSL" the "S" stands for what?
In 1960, John Kennedy's social vision for the country was popularly known as the "New" what?
The individual cells of a honeycomb are what geometric shape?
On Saturday Night Live the observations of Jack Handy were featured in a segment named what?
Deep Thoughts
What Interstate Highway begins in Holton Maine and ends in Miami Florida?
President Lyndon Johnson's domestic policies were collectively known as the "Great" what?
Mount Rushmore National Memorial is carved from what kind of stone?
A baby shark is often called which of the following?
According to Arthurian legend, which of these knights had an affair with Queen Guinevere?
Opium is a drug obtained from what flower?
The rock group "No Doubt" is lead by what energetic female singer?
Gwen Stefani
Served at Chili’s restaurants the Awesome Blossom is a battered and fried what?
In 1807, inventor Robert Fulton launched the first commercially successful version of what vehicle?
The title of U2's 1991 album "Achtung Baby" roughly translates into which of these phrases?
Attention baby
What major airport was originally named Orchard Field and still uses the airport code ORD?
A famous scenic stretch of road known as "PCH" runs along the coast of what U.S. state?
In the e-mail and memo abbreviation "bcc," what does the "b" stand for?
According to the comic strip, what element shields Supperman from the affects of green kryptonite?
The small island nation of Cyprus is located in what sea?
In 1534 Henry VIII made himself the head of the Church of England in order to do what?
Divorce his wife
A popular children's book by Eric Carle tells the story of a Very Hungry what?
Weighing up to 650 lbs, what are the largest members of the cat family?
In the 2000 movie "Almost Famous," Kate Hudson plays a groupie with what Beatles-inspired nickname?
Penny Lane
The Univeristies of Michigan and Wisconsin are among the original members of what athletic conference?
Big Ten
Salvador Dali's painting "The Persistence of Memory" features pocket watches doing what?
What historic building is depicted on the back of the current 100 bill?
Independence Hall
What famous frontiersman helped blaze the Wilderness Road, used by pioneers to travel west?
Daniel Boone
All Saints' Day, which honors Catholic saints, is celebrated the day after what holiday?
What TV character has an on-again off-again romance withe the handsome Mr. Big?
Carrie Bradshaw
In the Northern Hemisphere the vernal equinox occurs around the 21st day of what month?
In the 1930s, sketches by Sister Maria Innocentia Hummel inspired a famous line of what collectibles?
Porcelain figurines
Artist Norman Rockwell painted over 300 cover illustrations for what magazine?
Saturday Evening Post
A 2003 best-selling novel about the fashion magazine world is titled "The Devil Wears" what?
In the 1980s, what automaker's cars were commonly known as "K-cars"?
A widow's walk is a rooftop platform that was originally designed for the observation of what?
Ships at sea
What US president appointed William Rehnquist as the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court?
Ronald Regan
The company that produces OskKosh B’Gosh brand clothing is located in what US state?
The Battle of Bunker Hill an important Revolutionary War Battle took place in what US State?
In 1962, Dr. Virginia Apgar invented a system for assessing the physical condition of whom?
Newborn babies
During the American Civil War, what general led the famous March to the Sea through Georgia?
Hello Kitty, a popular Japanese cartoon character typically wears what accessory on her head?
What medical term comes from a Greek word meaning 'seeing with one's own eyes'?
What movie's working title was simply "Three Thousand"?
Pretty Woman
The "jerk" method of perparing and cooking meat originated in what country?
In the 1940 animated movie "Pinocchio", what is the name of Geppetto's pet cat?
For over 50 years, Halloween trick-or-treaters have collected money in boxes for what charitable organization?
In 2000, what chart topping performer went on tour with her husband Country singer Tim McGraw?
Faith Hill
In a traditional children's game of tacks, how many prongs does each jack have?
What does the letter "d" stand for in the acronym "radar"?
What mathematician’s famous theorem is used to find the length of a side of a right triangle?
What symbol is usually painted on a highway to indicate a high-occupancy lane?
The hammer, anvil and stirrup are common names for the three bones located in what part of the body?
During WWII, the Vichy government controlled unoccupied regions of which of these countries?
Otitis externa is a medical condition better known as what?
Swimmer’s Ear
What does the name of the French newspaper “Le Monde” mean in English?
The World
Presidential Candidate John Kerry is a four term US Senator from what New England State?
A successful Rap Duo was born in 1986 when DJ Jazzy Jeff teamed up with what performer?
Will Smith
"Sweet Baby James" is the title of what musician's breakthrough album?
James Taylor
In 1958 what country adopted a disastrous economic plan known as the Great Leap Forward?
What are the official colors of the Cub Scouts?
Blue and Gold
Founded in 1872, what U.S. city's major newspaper is often simply known as "The Globe"?
What U.S. senator was the namesake for a popular kind of IRA that was introduced in 1997?
William Roth
A passage of music marked "forte" is to be played how?
In the 1991 song "Smells Like Teen Spirit," Kurt Cobain sings "Here we are now" what?
Entertain us
What 1986 song begins with the line "She was more like a beauty queen from a movie sceen"?
Billy Jean
What does the "C" stand for in the name of the CBS television network?
"Prohibito Fumar" is a Spanish phrase meaning?
No smoking
Instead of "Man of the Year" Time Magazine named what invention "Machine of the Year" for 1982?
During a 1997 match, former heavyweight champ Mike Tyson bit what famous boxer's ear?
Evander Holyfield
Founded in 1972, the Tony Roma restaurant chain claims to be "Famous For" what?
What book of the New Testament is also known as the Apocalypse?
By definition, a chanteuse is a female what?
A madeleine is a small cake that is traditionally molded to look like a what?
In 2001, what company introduced a popular digital music payer called iPod?
The drink known as "Bloody mary" shares its name with the nickname of what famous woman?
Mary Tudor
In 2003 what famous baseball player received a 7 game suspension for using a corked bat?
Sammy Sosa
Introduced in 1979, Croakies are designed to help you from losing what fashion accessories?
Sam's Club, the warehouse shopping club, is a division of what retail giant?
In the classic comic strip "Alley Oop" the title character is a what?
The 2003 "Justified and Stripped" music tour pairs up Justin Timberlake and what other singer?
Christina Aguilera
What legal term is a Latin phrase that literally means "you should have the body"?
Habeas corpus
Born in 1905, author Eugene Fodor was a pioneer of what book genre?
Travel guides
What candy bar features the line "Crispety, crunchety, peanut-buttery" on its wrapper?
Pince-nez are a type of what fashion accessory?
In the Bible Lot’s wife turns into what when she looks back at Sodom?
Pillar of Salt
Homeowners often have detectors installed to alert them to hazardous levels of which of these gases?
Often served in Italian restaurants, panini are a type of what?
What sports personality famously said, "It ain't over till it's over"?
Yogi Berra
What piece of sports equipment is usually attached to the ankle with a plastic rope called a "leash"?
In human anatomy, the bones found in the fingers and toes are called what?
The famously unsuccessful Edsel was produced in the late 1950s by what automobile company?
The calorie is a unit used to measure which of these properties?
Deep vein thrombosis or economy class syndrome usually occurs when blood clots form in what part of the body?
What Star Wars character claims he is fluent in millions of forms of communication?
A famous line from a 17th-century poem urges young people to "gather ye" what "while ye may"?
The first "I'm going to Disneyland!" ad aired in 1987 after the conclusion of what sporting event?
Super Bowl
The first trademarked sound, three musical notes played on chimes, was registered by what comany in 1950?
In Boy Scouts, what is the name of the first rank that can be achieved?
Flour made from carob pods is commonly used as a substitute for what type of flavoring?
What video game debuted in 1972 with the simple instruction "Avoid Missing Ball for High Score"?
Fish that have both of their eyes on the same side of their body are commonly known as what?
What US state's coastline was explored in 1741 by the Danish voyager Vitus Bering?
What standardized test is designed to measure the abilities of nonnative speakers of English?
In restaurants, "decaf" coffeepots typically have what color rim or handle?
How many U.S. presidents have had the first name of George?
A boxer who is easily knocked out is said to have what kind of jaw?
Hydroponics is the science of growing plants without what?
On a movie set, a boom is a long movable pole often used to do which of the following?
Hold microphones
In an e-mail “smiley face,” what symbol is typically used to represent the smile?
Closing parenthesis
In the classic PG Wodehouse novels, the unflappable Jeeves works as a what?
What kind of tree is "General Sherman," the world's largest tree in terms of volume?
On the HBO series “Six Feet Under,” the Fisher family runs what kind of business?
Funeral parlor
A children’s story by Rudyard Kipling is titled "How the Leopard got His what"?
Famous former POW Jessica Lynch is from what U.S. state?
West Virginia
Jewish Holy days begin at what time of day?
In the children’s book Bunnicula a new pet bunny is feared to be a what?
DC's Washington National Airport was renamed in 1998 in honor of whom?
Ronald Reagan
The award-winning musical "The Producers" is based on the 1968 movie written and directed by whom?
Mel Brooks
A fathom is a unit primarily used to measure what?
Water depth
Waterford, Ireland is world famous for making what luxury item?
Vail, one of the U.S.'s most famous ski resorts, is located in what western state?
What animals migratory patterns have led to the belief that they commit suicide by jumping into the sea?
A fife is a type of what woodwind instrument?
Fitness guru Richard Simmons stars in a series of workout videos titled "Sweating to the what"?
What popular toy was created when engineer Scott Stillenger tied together a bunch of rubber bands?
Koosh Ball
The week long holiday of Kwanzaa begins in what month?
Which of these terms is often used to refer to the act of dining outdoors?
A verbal mistake that reveals an unconscious belief is often referred to as a "Freudian" what?
Founded in 1938, what charitable organization's original mission was to find a cure for polio?
March of Dimes
Often used in dining rooms, a "Lazy Susan" is a type of what?
Serving Tray
Tinnitus is a medical condition that affects what human sense?
In Greek Mythology Pandora unleashes Evil upon Mankind when she does what in defiance of the gods?
Opens a box
What US state name comes from an Aleut word meaning mainland?
Yale University is located in what New England town?
New Haven, CT
Souvlaki is a dish native to what country?
Rick's Cafe American is the primary setting of what classic movie?
Tallow, a substance used to make soap and candles, often comes from which of the following?
Animal Fat
Natives of New Zealand are often known by what nickname?
The Roman candle, illegal in many parts of the U.S., is a type of what?
For 50 years, Friedrich has been a leading brand of which of the following products?
Air conditioners
A person who wishes to ride in the front passenger seat traditionally calls out what word?
A tracheotomy is a medical procedure typically performed to help a person do what?
In a famous 1994 freeway chase O. J. Simpson fled from the police in a Ford Bronco of what color?
"Sheepskin" is a common nickname for which of the following?
College Diploma
What does the "C" stand for in the name of the animal welfare organization ASPCA?
John Lennon's anthem "Imagine" begins with the line "Imagine there's no" what?
On a standard touch-tone telephone, which of these numbers does not have any letters assigned to it?
Which of these desserts is commonly served flambé?
Cherries jubilee
Caesar's Palace is the home of what singer's miltimillion-dollar Vegas show, "A New Day"?
Celine Dion
A standard yoga position that requires you to sit cross legged is named after what flower?
According to a classic children’s song who is the friend of Little Jackie Paper?
Puff the Magic Dragon
Theo, Denise, Sondra, Vanessa, and Rudy were the children on what popular TV sitcom?
The Cosby Show
The phrase "hakuna matata" means 'no problem' in what language?
Which of the following types of cheese did not originate in Italy?
15th century inventor Johann Gutenberg is famous for his contributions to what important invention?
Printing press
A protractor is a device specifically designed to measure which of the following?
Size of an angle
What bone in the human body is commonly called the "tailbone"?
What popular singer has a young daughter named Lourdes Maria Ciccone Leon?
Soon after taking office, what world leader said "I have nothing to offer but blood, toil, tears, and sweat"?
Winston Churchill
The Astrodome the worlds first indoor stadium opened its doors in 1965 in what U.S. City?
The fibula is a bone located where in the human body?
Lower Leg
Known for its velvety texture, Nubuck is a type of what material?
The title of a classic Edward Albee play asks, "Who's afraid of" what female author?
Virginia Woolf
A classic 1942 children's book tells the story of "The Poky Little" what?
Which of these Latin phrases means 'after the fact'?
Ex post-facto
In a 2002 hit single, J. Lo claims that she’s “still Jenny from the” what?
Wasabi is a condiment that is usually served with which of the following?
In 1830, religious leader Joseph Smith published a famous book titled “Book of” what?
The Earth is usually said to have how many continents?
In what games do players hope to get a perfect score of 300?
What actress portrays lifestyle guru Martha Stewart in the 2003 TV movie "Martha, Inc."?
Cybill Shepherd

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