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AALC Exam Review

It's all in the name


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The Wonders of the Invisible World
Cotton Mather - Colonial / Puritansim - Martha Currier, explains cases of whichcraft she put on others (grindstone) and the trials (these whiches were 'tainted' and they wanted to get rid of them to purify the community)
John Whittier - Fireside Poetry - ???
Withdrawal from society, become closer to nature as an individual, idea that all living things share a universal (over) soul that allows them to make moral choices, separate ourselves from materialistic items and corrupt society to connect with our inner selves
On Being Asked Whence is the Flower
Ralph Waldo Emerson - Transcendental - Rhodora, puple petals, charm is wasted on earth, the self-same power that brought me there brought you, May winds pierced solitudes (reverence for the beauty of nature)
The General History of Virginia
John Smith - Colonial / Puritanism - Tells tale of sailors reaching land, meeting Indians who capture Captain Smith (it is a narrative written around the formation of Jamestown and the colonies)
Enlightenment / The Great Awakening
Everything is rational and orderly, laws governed all aspects of life
I Heard a Fly Buzz - When I Died
Emily Dickinson - Gothic Literature - windows failed and then i could not see to see
To My Dear and Loving Husband
Anne Bradstreet - Colonial / Puritanism - love, written in colonial period (1600's)
On Being Brought from Africa to America
Phillis Wheatley - Colonial / Puritanism - Pagan Land / benighted soul (lacking knowledge of faith and God), refin'd and join th' angelic train (purify them and how God is the savior who was missing in their lives)
Leaves of Grass (Song of Myself)
Walt Whitman - Transcendental - I celebrate myself, And what I assume you shall assume, For every atom belonging to me as good belongs to you
Wild Nights
Emily Dickinson - Gothic Literature - Futile winds, to heart in port, done with compass / chart, row in eden, might i but moor tonight in thee (narrator's love is destructive because she cannot be with him/wild nights))
Slave's Dream
Henry Longfellow - Fireside Poetry - His dream is an escape from the daily torture he receives, it is rather uplifting and stresses individualism because he is a king and not a slave
William Cullen Bryant - Romanticism / Transcendentalism - love of nature holds, visible forms, individual being shalt mix with elements to be brother to insensible rock, lie down with patriiarchs of infant world, wise good fair forms in one mighty sepulcher, after death all will be equal in one tomb, golden sun planets infinite hosts of heaven, take wings of morning pierce Barcan wilderness, innumerable caravan (death)
Rip Van Winkle
Washington Irving - Romanticism
Colonial Period / Puritanism
Written expression of religious ideas, wanted to purify the Church of England, focused on predestination, formed theocracy with no separation of church and state
Upon a Spider Catching a Fly
Edward Taylor - Colonial / Puritanism - Froppish waspish, whorl pins, gracious Lord break the cord, Adam's race, nightingale sing perched in glory (the problem with human's is our damned sins which spoils us but the Lord can 'break the chord' and bring us to glory and joy)
Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God
Jonathan Edwards - Colonial / Puritansim - wrath of God, waters are rising and guilt is increasing, floods rush forth any moment (warning citizens that if they do not be good God will unleash his vengeance on all)
Ralph Waldo Emerson - Transcendental - broader than thoreau
Edward Taylor - Colonial / Puritanism - Make me, O Lord, Thy spinning wheel complete (spinning is similar to the way she lives her life) Then dye the same in heavenly colors choice (telling God to make his life complete the way he wants it to be and in the end we will receive glory)
Of Plymouth Plantation
William Bradford - Colonial / Puritanism - Story of voyage overseas and the fierce seas and how they reach Caper Harbor, the harsh first winter they endured, many died of sickness, relationship with Indians and Squanto (it is a narrative written around the formation of Jamestown and the colonies)
Letters From an American Farmer
Michel-Guillaume Jean de Crévecoeur - Colonial / Puritansim - About his homecountry (England) which could not provide for him, comes to America which offers him so much (journal written around the formation of Jamestown and the colonies, he was English writer but a colonist of America)
The Minister's Black Veil
Nathaniel Hawthorne - Dark Romanticism - Parson Hooper
Ralph Waldo Emerson - Transcendental - avoid conformity and follow own instinct and ideas, to be great is to be understood, For nonconformity the world whips you with its displeasure
To a Waterfowl
William Cullen Bryant - Romanticism / Transcendentalism - Midst falling dew glow heavens rosy depths dost thou pursue solitary way, fowler's eye against crimson sky, lake or river wide and ocean-side, Power who teaches, wings have fanned atmosphere, toil shall end, abyss off heaven swallow up form, he who from zone to zone guides through boundless sky
The Crisis, Number 1
Thomas Pain - Enlightenment / Great Awakening - patriotic speech in an attempt to get soldiers for the war and to go against Britain's unfair rule (challenged old ways of the Puritans)
The Raven
Edgar Allen Poe - Gothic Literature - lore, tapping, quoth the raven nevermore
The Snowstorm
Ralph Waldo Emerson - Transcendental - Friends shut out, wild work so fanciful, wind's nightwork (beauty and power of nature that shapes the land)
The Scarlet Letter
Nathaniel Hawthorne - Dark Romanticism
Fictitious scenes that are pleasing but deliberately far from accurate depiction of truth 1) Imagination over reason and logic 2) Individual champion over society 3) Reverence for beauty and power of nature
Ben Franklin - Enlightenment / Great Awakening - Lost Time is never found again
Dark Romanticism
Evil is lurking in everyone, brought on by a change in society, sin in all humans, individual will be crushed by society, man is selfish
Annabel Lee
Edgar Allen Poe - Gothic Literature - kingdom by the sea
The Fall of the House of Usher
Edgar Allen Poe - Gothic Literature
Gothic Literature
Emphasizes individuality and imagination with mood of decay, dramatic action that is generally violent, love that is destructive, gloomy settings, supernatural, despairing man alone in dark world, setting and atmosphere are more important that characters
Henry David Thoreau - Transcendental - specific events in his life
Fireside Poetry
Uplifting and romantic, stressed individualism and beauty and appreciation for nature
Psalm of Life
Henry Longfellow - Fireside Poetry - Welcome friend, mournful numbers empty dream soul is dead that slumbers, life is real and earnest and grave is not goal dust returnest was not spoken of the soul, art is long and time is fleeting muffled drums beating funeral marches to the grave (uplifting and romantic, stressed individualism and how life does not end but extends onto another)
City in the Sea
Edgar Allen Poe - Gothic Literature
The Prairie
James Fenimore Cooper - Romantic - dog is killed by fur trappers (reverence for the dog and nature)

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