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richmond flash cards


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Who discovered Richmond and when?
"Captain Christopher Newport" in 1607
"Father of Richmond"
William Byrd 2nd
largest ethnic group
african american(60%)
Why is it called the "fan"
because the further west you travel the more streets are added-creating a fan shape
Douglas Wilder
Metropolitan Richmond area includes:
Richmond, Henrico, Chesterfield, and Hanover
Three known Universities:
VCU, VUU, and UR
Which way does James river flow through Richmond?
how many city vouncil members?
boundaries of "fan":
starts at Monroe Park and ends at the Boulevard
the original inhabitants of Richmond
Powhatan Indians
what end is St.Catherine's on?
west end
Pres. of city council
William Pantele
Why is Church Hill called birth place of Richmond?
First Historic district and original 32 blocks of richmond were built there
where are we located?
Grave Av.(north), Cary Street(south), Three Chopt Road(west), and Maple Av.(east)
Who drew the first map of Richmond?
"William Mayo"
latitude/longitude location
37 degrees N, 77 degrees W
when was richmond founded, and when did it become capital
founded-1737, capital-1779
2 historic attractions in Windsor Farms:
Virginia House and Agecroft Hall
city flower
Square miles
62.5 square miles
How was Winsor Farms designed?
English Village- patterns on houses, no "block feeling", and names of the streets
Primary shopping area
The"Avenue" corner of Libbie and Grove
how many houses of worship?
over 1,000
what are the two major interstate highways?
I-64(EtoW) I-95(NtoS)
about 200,000
What important role did Richmond play during the Civil War?
Capital of the Confederacy

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