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Geography Chap. 20-21


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Define guerrilla. In which country do guerillas play a major role
one who fights as part of an armed band and takes part in sporadic warfare
Found in Colombia
Define slash and burn farming
forests are cut and burned to clear land for planting
What product has given Colombia international recognition
How many independent countries are in the Caribbean South American region
French Guyana
In what Caribbean country do females live the longest?
Name the only South America country whith coastlines on both the Caribbean and the Pacific Ocean
Name the world's tallest waterfall in this region
Angel Falls
90% of what mineral comes from Colombia
Of the five elevation zones in the Andes, in which one is there little difference between summer and winter temperatures
Tierra helada (it is permanently snow covered)
Of what ethnic descent are more than half of Guyana's population?
South Asian descent
Venezuela's national pride is expressed in a statue. Describe the statue
A European man, an African man, and a Native American woman
What are Colombia's two major land forms?
Andes Mountains and the Amazon Basin
What are Guyana's main crops?
rice and sugar cane
What are the main crops found on the small family farm in Venezuela
sugar cane and coffee
What capital city is approximately 8, 563 feet above sea level
Bogota, Colombia
What is much of Colombia's violence connected to?
illegal drug trade
What is one of COlombia's newest and most profitable industry?
flower farming
What provides Venezuela's chief source of wealth?
What South America country is a former Dutch colony with Africans, mulattos, Chinese, Indoesians, and South Asians?
What South American count;ry sends three representatives to the national assembly in Paris, France?
French Guiana
Where are most of the region's agricultural areas found?
in Venezuela near the Caribbean shore
Argentina has one of the world's major agricultural regions. What is it called?
Brazil held the distinction of being the America's first large
sugar colony
Guarani is spoken by 95% of the people of this country
In the 1970s, a war broke out between Argentina and Great Britain. Over what did the two nations fight?
possession of the Falkland Islands
Name a landlocked country in the region. HOw might a landlocked country be at a disadvantage compared to other countries? has no water entrance to import or export goods and must rely on neighboring countries to allow them to cross their land
Argentina's four environmental regions
Andes Mountains, Chaco, Pampas, and Patogoma
Name the Amazon region's largest city
Nearly 80% of all Brazilians live in which of the four regions of the country?
Of the countries in the region, which one comes closest to matching the literacy rate of the United States?
Some are predicting that the rain forest will disappear within the next __ years?
What are Argentine cowboys called?
What are the two buffer states in South America and why are they called that name?
Uruguay and Paraguay because they are small countries separating two larger competing countries
What county has a border with every South American country except CHile and Ecuador?
What county in the region has a large number of Italianm, German, and Japanese immigrants
What is the nation of Brazil named after and what does it provide?
a tree called the "paubasil" and it provides a purple red dye
What two countries in the region are the most properous of the world's developing ocuntries.
San Paulo and Rio De Janeiro
Which of Brazil's four regions is Brazil's poorest?

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