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Bot Quiz 1.1


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Model Organism include (4):
mice, honey bees, cockroaches and arabidopsis.
Reasons for using model organisms (6):
less variation in results because they are genetically identical, ethical reasons, small, readibly avaliable, shorter life spans, genomes are sequenced (for some).
Model organisms are ___.
an organism chosen for study.
__% of all disease and genetic research is performed on ___.
61;fruit flies.
Evergreen gymnosperm:
Austrian Pine/White Pine
Deciduous gymnosperm:
Bald cypress
Evergreen Angiosperm:
Southern Magnolia/ American Holly
Deciduous Angiosperm:
Tulip tree/Sycamore
What do the "knees" of the bald cypress do?
Give oxygen to the roots that are underwater.
How does energy enter a ecosystem?
Sun--> photosynthesis
How does energy leave a ecosystem?
How nutrients move from water to land:
water ---> land animals (ducks and frogs)
How nutrients move from land to water:
Runoff from rain or floods.
Examples of ecosystems:
pond, soil, terrestrial environment, and tree crown.
Plants pollinated by bees are usually...
Blue/purple, sweet smell, and "landing platform".
Plants pollinated by bird are usually...
red and have no smell.
Plants pollinated by moths are usually...
white or pale colored.
Animals are attracted by flower ___ not pollen.
A full scientific name will include:
Genus, specific epithet, who discovered it, where and when.
The ___ is capitalized and the epithet is not.
As a __ key to identify plants by their looks.

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