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Current rider of traveler
Hector Aguilar
Last rider of traveler
Chuck O'Donnell
What kind of horse?
White Andalusian
Five qualities of a Trojan
Faithful, Scholarly, Skillful, Courageous, Ambitious
Who posed?
Russ Saunders (FB) and Erny Pinckert (HB)
Who carved Tommy
Roger Noble Burnham
When was Tommy carved
When was Tommy dedicated?
June 6, 1930
Mike Garrett
#20, Tailback, 63-65, 65
OJ Simpson
#32, Tailback, 67-68, 68
Charles White
#12, Tailback, 76-79, 79
Marcus Allen
#33, Tailback, 78-81, 81
Carson Palmer
#3, QB, 98-02, 02
Matt Leinart
#11, QB, 03-05, 04
Reggie Bush
#5, Tailback, 03-05, 05
Which Trojan Knight alum works at Heritage Hall?
Ron Orr, Associate Athletic Director of Development
Full name of Mudd Hall
Seely Wintersmith Mudd Memorial Hall
How high is the bell tower
146 feet
How many dogs?
George Tirebiter's GPA?
Alumni House full name
Widney Alumni House
Where was alumni house first built?
Western part of Founders Park
How many times moved?
3, last time was to make room for Gate 2
VKC Tower full name
VonKleinSmid Center Tower
Height of VKC tower
167 feet
4 Pillars of Democracy
Home, school, community, church
4 Names of the Fountain
neptune fountain, prentiss memorial fountain, youth triumphant fountain, 4 cornerstones of american democracy fountain
Meaning of school motto
Let he who earns the palm bear it
Latin motto
Palmam Qui Meruit Ferat
When was the Trojan column donated?
October 29, 1952
What were the names of the Amazons underclassmen?
Chimes and Spurs
Who established the Trojan Amazons? In what year?
Arabella de Oliviera, in 1921
In what year was the Amazons' name changed?
Whose Heisman is not currently in Heritage Hall?
Mike Garrett's, it is on loan to the football hall of fame
Where is the Bruin on campus?
The North wall of Bridge Hall, he is guarding a football
Last 3 former Trojans to play in a Superbowl
Troy Polamalu
Lofa Tatupu
Willie McGinest
Last Trojan to be named Superbowl MVP
Lynn Swann in 1976
How much does Tommy Trojan weigh?
2000 pounds
What is the university phone number?
Who was the first valedictorian?
Minnie C. Miltimore
What is on the seal?
Three torches, the setting sun, california poppies, the USC motto
What do the three torches on the seal represent?
Learning/wisdom, specifically: arts, science, and philosophy
What does the setting sun on the seal represent?
Power and life, as well as the west
What do the California poppies on the seal represent?
Growth, as well as being the official flower of California and USC
What is on the bust at the bottom of the VKC?
Its a bust of Von KleinSmid, with a plaque and a dedication by Dr. Norman Hawes Topping
Who was the first USC football game against, what year was it, and what was the score?
Alliance AC, 1888, 16-0 (USC)
Ron Orr's position
Associate Athletic Director of Development
Marion McKinley Bovard (alma mater)
DePauw, 1873
Dr. Joseph Pomeroy Widney (alma mater)
Pacific, 1868
Rev. Goerge Washington White (alma mater)
Cornell College in Iowa, 1883
George Finley Bovard (alma mater)
USC, 1884
Rufus Bernhard von KleinSmid (alma mater)
Oberlin Academy, 1897
Dr. Fredrick Dow Fagg Jr. (alma mater)
University of Redlands, 1920
Dr. Norman Hawes Topping (alma mater)
USC, 1933
John Randolph Hubbard (alma mater)
UT Austin, 1938
James Herbert Zumberge (alma mater)
University of Minnesota, 1946
Dr. Steven Browning Sample (alma mater)
University of Illinois-Champaign Urbana, 1962
When was the first USC-UCLA game, and what was the final score?
1929, 76-0 (USC)
How many years did Richard Saukko ride Traveler?
When did Richard Saukko retire?
The end of the 1988 season
Who donated the victory bell to UCLA?
The UCLA Alumni Association
How much does the victory bell weigh?
295 pounds
Where did the victory bell originally come from?
A Southern Pacific freight locomotive
What places was the bell originally hidden?
The basement of the SPE frat, Hollywood Hills, Santa Ana, under a haystack
When was the agreement about the bell signed between the two schools?
November 12, 1942
In which USC magazine was a picture of the bell printed?
The Wampus
What was the first year that the bell went to the winner of the annual football game, and what was the score?
1942, 14-7 (UCLA)
What is the Shillelagh made of?
Oak and blackthorn saplings from Ireland (the only woods tougher than an Irishmans skull)
How long is the shillelagh?
1 foot
What represents the victories on the shillelagh?
Ruby-adorned Trojan heads/emerald studded shamrocks
What is engraved at the end of the shillelagh?
"From the Emerald Isle"
Who originally presented the shillelagh, and in what year?
The Notre Dame Alumni Club of Los Angeles, in 1952
How far back do the medallions on the shillelagh go?
When did the shillelagh run out of space, and what was done with it?
After the 1989 game, it was retired and is permanently displayed at Notre Dame
Who commissioned the new shillelagh?
Jim Gillis, who played baseball for both schools, and was president of the Notre Dame Alumni Club of Los Angeles
When was the new shillelagh made?
1997, but it contains medallions starting with the 1990 game.
What was the name of the first ever USC yearbook
The Sybil (1889)
What was the name of the first ever USC publication?
The College Review, Feb 1884
Where is there a picture of Brice Taylor in the UV?
Inside the east entrance of BoA
Where is the picture of George Tirebiter?
4th floor of the bookstore
Where is the signed picture of John Wayne?
In the video library of Doheney Library
Which Trojan Knight said El Dorado?
Whitney Redfield
Who got the first PHD?
David Welty Lefever, in education
Why is Dadeaux Field special to the knights?
Rob Dadeaux was a TK
Who were the first three former Trojans to play in the Superbowl?
Michael Garrett (KC)
Pete Beathard (KC)
Willie Wood (Greenbay)
Superbowl I in 1967
Where is Steve Foral's office?
Office of Summer and Special Programs, UV Building D
Where is Ron Orr's office?
Heritage Hall 203A
What is the new Master Plan motto?
Building strategic capabilities for the university of the 21st century

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