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more history vocabulary


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American colonists who were loyal to the Britain
Bill of Rights
list of freedoms the govt. promised to protect
Declaration of Independence
written by Thomas Jefferson and it said that all people are created equally and the 13 colonies are free
hit and run tactics
Valley Forge
were the colonists stayed for a number of day s in freezing weather and lots of people died because of the winter weather and low limit on food and clothes
troops for hire
people who work together to achieve common goals
Battle of Yorktown
American victory in Virginia that forced the British to surrender
the shutting of a port to keep all people or supplies form moving in or out
King George III
king Britain who set up the intolerable acts
Francis Marion
known as the swamp fox he set up guerrilla
a period when business activity slows, prices and wages fall and unemployment rises
George Washington
leader of the patriots; became the first president of the untied states. Led the colonists in many wars against Britain.
colonists who favored war against Britain
Great Compromise
plan at the Constitutional Convention that settled the differences between large and small states
James Madison
the best delegate. He was very smart and 36 years old. He is often called the father of Constitution.
Northwest Ordinance
law that set up a govt. for the northwest territory
Three fifths Compromise
agreement at the constitutional Convention that 3/5 of the slaves in any state be counted in its population
a person who betrays there country
to approve
Benedict Arnold
was one of Americas best generals who then became a traitor and went on Britain side
when an army surrounds and blockades and enemy position in an attempt to capture it
Legislative Branch
branch of govt. that passes the laws
Virginia Plan
called for a strong national govt. with three branches.
Olive Branch Petition
delegates declared there loyalty to the king and asked him to repeal the intolerable acts.
Treaty of Paris
peace treaty between the united states and Britain
Articles of Confederation
created a very loose alliance of 13 independent states
New Jersey Plan
called for three branches of govt. However it provided for a legislature that had only one house.
Constitutional Convection
gathering of state representatives on May 25, 1787, to revise the Articles of Confederation
Common Sense
written by Thomas Paine that urging people to declare independence
Executive Branch
branch of govt. that makes the laws
Battle of Saratoga
a major turning point in the war that ended British threat to New England
Judicial Branch
branch of govt. that decided if the laws are carried out fairly
document that sets out laws, principles, organization, and process of a govt.
Thomas Jefferson
wrote the Declaration Of Independence

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