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Council of Nicea
this council added Jerome's Vulgate
Pope Pius XII letter
said that god didn't create a human family made up of segregated, dissociated, mutually independant members
this heresy said god is eternal and he created Jesus
St. Adalbert of Prague
partyred by Pagan priests while ministering near the baltic sea
St. Madeleine Sophie Barat
dedicated to educateion, founded schools
St. Isidore
patron saint of farmers, wife became a saint as well
Earl Boyea
who is the bishop of lansing
St. Frances de Sales
known for gentle character, techings became the primise for oblates of the Selisians, joined with Jane de Chantal
St. Blaise
Patron Siant of Throat Ailments for commanding a fish bone to come out of a young boy's throat
Pope Leo IX
who was pope during the great schism
ecumenical council
a general meeting of bishops and priests
celebrated the nobility rooted in both nature and the human spirit
St. Catherine of Genoa
Used her wealth to try to fight away her pain when husband was unfaithful. Dedicated life to serving sick and died in hospital in Genoa
St. John Bosco
rejected corporal punishment in education, founded salatians, combined devotion and reading
Hypostatic union
this says that jesus is both fully human and fully divine and the two can not be serparated
St. Margaret of Cartoona
had a son out of wedlock but eventually became a fransiscan sister
St. Stansislaus
patron saint of poland who enraged and was killed at the hands of the king
first there were 195,000 then there were 18 million
what was the effect of immigrants on the American Catholics
St. Polycarp
was forced to become bishop but eventually worked tirelessly with the poor and converted many pagans
under 80
what is the voting age for cardinals
this heresy taught that jesus had two distinct personalities
belief that pope is chosen by holy spirit and his decisions are of god
Leo IX
pope who created the college of cardinals
St. Patrick
captured by Irish raiders at the age of 16 but later escaped to France
1 Peter 2: 16-17
said live as free men, yet without using your freedom as a pretext for evil
St. Athanasius
this saint was exiled 5 times while bishop of Alexandria, for his defense against the heresy of Arianism
Second Council of Lyon
this council Met after 1054 to attempt to unify the Eastern and Western churches
discrimination and christian conscience
said if our attitude is governed by the great christian law of love of neighbors and respect for his rights, then we can work harmoniously
St. Julie Billiart
paralyzed for some time after thwarting off a would be assassin of her father, taught catechism from her bed
prejudice against immigrants stemming from those who were born in the US
means "and the son"
St. Josephine Bakhita
Despite being bought and sold as a slave five times, this saint joined a religious order and became a great missionary
this means bearer of god
St. Nicholas Owen
Saint who was known as Little John
St. Anslem
considered "Father of Scholasticism" and was appointed to be archbishop of canterbury
St. Thomas Acquinas
studied aristotles philosophy, his greatest contributions were his writings on faith, reason and human knowledge
geography, political, doctinal, papal authority, religious
what were 5 reasons for the great schism
St. Magdalen of Canossa
wanted to become a carmelite nun but realized that God wanted her to work with the poor, sick and abandoned girls
means chief or principle
St. Peter Chanel
A Marist priest who ministered to people of Oceania and was martyred. Within two years of his death the whole island was converted to catholicism
St. Damian of Molakai
Worked with lepar colony in the Hawaiian islands
St. George
killed a dragon but was martyred by emperor diocletian for being a christian in the roman army
St. Pius V
instituted and implemented changes brought about by the church by the council of trent
Bl. Sebastian of Aparico
Road and bridge builder who was sent by Spain to build roads in Mexico. He destributed out all possesions to the poor and entered Franciscans, nicknamed "Angel of Mexico"
this heresy denied the full personality and divinity of the holy spirit
St. Dominic Savio
patron of choirboys, started society called "Company of immaculate conception
heresy that said god is only one person and one will
St. Rita of Cascia
wife, window, member of religious community. Her husband and son died so she entered religious order and recieved wounds of Christ on her forehead
meeting of cardinals to elect a new pope
helped Jews escape the Nazis, called second vatican council, made college of cardinals international
Council of Nicea
this council was called by emperor Constantine to condem heresey Arianism
St. Conrad of Piacenza
Ordered his attendants to set fire to a field to scare out birds. The fire burned farmland and was blamed on a peasant but he came forward and accepted his own punishment
Bl Peter Damian
Benedictine monk who wore a hair shirt under his clothes and lived a strict but devout spiritual life
4th council of constantinople
this council disscused the excommunication of the hierach of constantinople
this heresy taught that sacred images, statues and paintings were idols that should not hold any spiritual significance
St. Mark
traveled with St. Paul on one of his journeys. Good friend to peter the apostle as well
this council declared the Divine Maternity Dogma of the Blessed Virgin Mary as the Mother of God
St. Paul Miki
Executed near Nagasaki for being a Christian. His bravery and example for Christianity flourished in Nagasaki despite persecution
this council reaffirmed the teachings of the Nicea and added the holy spirit clause to the nicene creed
time period after a pope dies until a new one is appointed

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