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FRA 8th Grade American History Final--terms

FRA 8th Grade American History Final Exam terms


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cash payments made by a defeated nation to a victorious nation to pay for losses suffered during a war
dollar diplomacy
president Taft's policy of building strong economic ties to Latin America
Social Security Act
a 1935 law that set up a system of pensions for older people and set up the nation's first system of unemployment insurance
yellow journalism
news reporting, often biased or untrue, that relies on sensational stories and headlines
policy of powerful countries seeking to control the economic and political affairs of weaker countries or regions
a warlike act by one country without just cause
Works Progress Administration
came into existence in 1935 to put the jobless to work making clothes and building hospitals, schools, parks, playgrounds, and airports
excessive pride in one's nation
Tennessee Valley Authority
New Deal program that built dams to control flooding and produce cheap electric power
poll tax
tax required before a person can vote
civil rights
the rights due to all citizens
journalist who exposed corruption and other problems of gthe late 1800s and early 1900s
mass production
process of making large quantities of a product quickly and cheaply
push factor
condition that drives people from their homeland
New Deal
program of President Franklin D. Roosevelt to end the Great Depression
an agreement to stop the fighting
right of national groups to have their own territory and forms of government
practice of giving in to aggression in order to avoid war
person who supports community ownership of property and the sharing of all profits
the swift attacks launched by Germany in Word War II
a company or group having control of all or nearly all of the business of an industry
vertical integration
practice inwhich a single manufacturer controls all of the steps used to change raw materials into finished products
person who worked for women's right to vote
Black Tuesday
the day the stock market crashed signaling the Great Depression
government in which one person or a small group holds complete authority
collective farms
the govt. owns the land, but the people work on it
laissez faire
idea that govt. should play as small a role as possible in economic affairs
the policy of building up strong armed forces to prepare for war
after WWi, American who wanted the US to stay out of world affairs
civil service
all federal jobs except elected offices and those in the military
rebuilding of the South after the Civil War

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