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Aimee Semple Mcpherson
American fundamentalist preacher who was well-known for her glamorous presentation
a belief in the literal interpretation of a particular region's doctrine or holy books.
Clarence Darrow
Famous American criminal lawyer; he defended John Scope's right to teach evolution in the Scopes Trial
theory which holds that inherited characteristics of a population change over generations and that as a result of these changes, new species sometimes arise.
illegal bars where alcohol was served during Prohibition.
the key ideas and beliefs a person holds
a young woman in the 1920's who wore her hair bobbed, wore makeup, dressed in flasy, skimpy clothes, and lived a life of independence and freedom.
Billy Sunday
American fundamentalist minister; he used colorful language and powerful sermons to drive home the message of salvation through Jesus and to oppose radical and progressive groups.
William Jennings Bryan
American lawyer and Populist politician, he favored the free coinage of silver, an economic policy expected to help farmers. He was a Democratic candidate for president in 1896 and was defeated by William McKinley. He later led the prosecition of the Scopes Trial.
people who smuggled liqour during Prohibition.

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