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Reigion Vocab Ch. 2


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Old Testament prophet who described God as the Spirit that creates in us a heart of flesh
the commandment teaches us to worship and praise God on Sunday
the official public prayer of the Church through which Christ continues the work of redemption through the Church's celebration of the Paschal mystery
the sacrament of new life in God and of incorporation into the Church performed with water and words; the first sacrament of Initiation
Ten Commandments
the ten fundamental moral laws given by God to his people and recorded in the Old Testament
the theory that the Genesis story in the Bible is literally true, that God created the universe and everything in it in six days and out of nothing
created beings who are pure in spirit with intelligence and free will, but without bodies, who act as God's messengers
God's action accomplished through Jesus of freeing people from sin and restoring them to friendship with God
the responsibility God gave humans to take care of the earth and everything in it
the commandment teaches us to use with respect the names of God, Jesus, and the saints
a Sacrament at the Service of Communion, the sacrament that celebrates the sacred covenant between a baptized man and woman who promise to be faithful to one another until death
Son of God
title of Jesus that expresses belief that he is divine, the second person of the Trinity who became man
Cesar Chavez
a 20th century Mexican-American who devoted his life to improving conditions for migrant workers
the belief that there is no God
the mystery of three Persons in one God
worship of a false god
worship and honor given to God as Creator ad Sustainer of all that is
original sin
the first decision by humans to disobey God. all people are born with this
the belief in one God only
a process of continuous change from a simple form to a more complex form. as a theory of the development of life forms, this theory includes the idea, for example, that apes and humans have a common ancestor
an effective sign, established by Jesus and given to his Church, by which God shares his life through the work of the Holy Spirit
the belief in many gods
Old Testament prophet who described God as a loving parent who carries his child and teaches him to walk

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