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Magazine Editing Exam 2


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Future progressive
shall be + present participle in 1st person. will be + present participle in 2nd and 3rd persons
1st/ singular present tense
Farm Publications
1. At least 600 different farm magazines 2. Job placement is immediate due to specialization Ex: Successful Farming (Meredith Corp.) or Today's Farmer
Future perfect
shall have + past participle in 1st person. will have + past participle in 2nd and 3rd person
Magazine similar to a meal
TOC= Menu. Finger food, or quick reads at FOB. Then, progress into features, or the meat and potatoes. Dessert is at the BOB, and ensures the magazine ends on a light note
National Directory of Magazines
Says that in 2008, there were 20,500 magazines in the U.S. & Canada.
Internal blurb
Appear with the body copy. They include subheads and pull quotes
Perfect tenses
Used to describe completed action in the present, past, future
Past perfect progressive
had+ been+ present participle
Look like verbs but function as another part of speech
Magazine going to bi-weekly
U.S. News and World Report. (No longer a weekly news magazine)
Has to do with sex (****)
Magazine for magazines
Consumer Magazines (ex: Cosmopolitan)
1. Retail outlets or via subscription 2. Vehicle for products 3. Many niches
Freelancers and titles
Freelancers should provide 3-5 titles with a story
Popular Disney Publications
1. Disney Magazine 2. ESPN Magazine 3. US Weekly (run by Wenner) 4. Biography
External Blurb
Outside of a story. They summarize content and go below title
Seven Sisters heyday
In the 1950s. All together, readership was tens of millions. Point of great historical significance
Effect of a bad title
Readership can drop can as much 40%
Good Housekeeping offices
Have test kitchens. The magazine doesn't accept any ads before testing the product. The GH Seal of Approval was a huge money maker.
Closed on Oct. 10. Last issue in December. Subscriber base will be transferred over to Seventeen Magazine
Spike in shelter magazines
Grown from 83 to 241
Six Conde Nast Publications
1. Glamour 2. The New Yorker 3. Vanity Fair 4. Vogue 5. Gourmet 6. Conde Nast Traveler
Things usually on women's magazine covers
Sex, diet/body, hair
Helping verbs
Are part of verb phrases. Include forms of "to be," "to have," and "to do"
2 Disadvantages of read-in blurbs
1. Because read-in is usually in smaller type, the eye goes to title first. Reader has to back up 2. Often leads to a dull, boring title
Cover of Cosmopolitan magazine
Usually a 3/4 body shot. Optimal focus 2/5 down and 1/2 way across = ***** of model
Southern Progress Corporation
Owned by Time Inc. Includes magazines like Southern Living. HQ in Birmingham, Alabama
Display type
Anything outside of the story or body copy, including pull quotes, captions, byline, titles, blurbs, subheads
Also in mag...
1. Could see hist. ref. (ex: since _____) 2. Date of publication 3. info. includes address of publication, phone # etc. 4. Staff listing
Web sites about industry,,,,,,
Magazine coming in at Hearst
Food Network Magazine in 2009
PR Magazines
Produced by company to be PR tool (ex: Unlimited, put out by Philip Morris)
Always after the first sentence of a quote. Only need one attribution per paragraph/ per person.
Past perfect
had + past participle
Two standard beginning jobs
1. Editorial Assistant 2. Fact checker
Also appear above title. More of a graphic device
Past progressive
was/were + present participle
Future perfect progressive
shall have + been+ pres. participle in 1st person. will have + been + pres. participle in 2nd/3rd person
Two purposes of internal blurbs
1. Break up copy and seas of gray 2. Coax/tease reader into copy
Internal blurb style
Be consistent (If one is a fragment, all should be. If a subhead is a sentence pull quote, use a period. Use quote marks only if info. was in direct quotes within article)
Subjunctive mood
WEIRD (wishing, emotion, imploring, requesting, demanding)
Has to do with excrement (****, piss)
Perfect tense formula
"to have" + past participle ("ed" ending)
Shelter books
Term for home and garden magazines
Another group of magazine?
Could be online-exclusive (ex: Slate)
Progressive formula
"to be" + present participle ("ing" ending)
Progressive form
Used to describe continuing actions in the present, past, future
Fact Checker responsibilities
Basically, going back and re-reporting the story. May color code stories. Have to be conscious of taking someone at his/her word but have to try and confirm with primary sources. A fact checker at Conde Nast gets paid 45K
Seven Sisters
1. Ladies Home Journal 2. Good Housekeeping 3. Better Homes & Gardens 4. Redbook 5. Woman's Day 6. Family Circle 7. McCall's (Rosie)
Present perfect progressive
have/has + been + present participle
Publications about industry
Folio, Min, Editor & Publisher (not specifically about magazine industry), Columbia Journalism Review, American Journalism Review, Writer's Digest
Indicative Mood
stating facts
One-shot magazines
Come out to capitalize on a single topic. Have to be outside a typical magazine schedule. (ex: Time Best Photos of Year or People Special Collector's Edition). Have a longer shelf life
3 T.O.C. User types
1. Those who want to get to something specific 2. Person who still needs to be sold on the issue 3. Person who just wants to get a gist of the articles included (cocktail party approach)
Attribution at beginning of sentence
Use comma, unless it is really long. In that case, use colons.
Ann Moore's announcement
Time Inc. CEO putting together a 2-year strategy to guide mega-publishers through the economic downturn. Says doesn't know if there will be layoffs.
Fate of teen magazines
Elle Girl closed in May 2006 and Teen People closed in July 2006
Always Inside Question Marks
Periods and Commas
Past Participle
Drop in news magazines
In the past five years, dropped from 75 to 45
Present perfect
have/has + past participle
Has to do with God or a deity (*******, Jesus)
1. Ends in -ING. 2. No properties of a verb. 3. Acting as a noun. (Ex: Swimming is fun. The true predicate= is)
Elements of cover
1. Format (Arrangement of page remains consistent) 2. Masthead (Price, logo, vol. #) 3. Art (Broad sense ex: National Geo= photograph/ Cosmo= model w/ cleavage) 4. Cover lines/ sell lines/ billings (ex: Time Magazine's are usually about one story)
Associations in magazine industry
SPJ, IRE, JAWS, ASME, (for media organizations), Magazine Publishers of America
Popular Hachette Filipacchi Publications
1. Elle 2. Elle Decor 3. Premiere 4. Woman's Day
Business Magazines
Also called trade magazines. Specific to particular location (ex: salon, or magazine for lawyers/ journalists)
Imperative Mood
command/ asking someone to do something
1. Ends in -ING/-ED 2. Has tense property of verb. 3. Acting as an adjective (Ex: The tired student fell asleep)
Editorial Assistant responsibilities
1. Deals with any # of things for editor (basic scheduling, etc.) There are many benefits, including access to many high powered contacts. It is considered higher up than a fact checker. Median salary is 30K-44K
Read-in blurb
Type of external blurb
Times when it is necessary to use passive voice
1. When don't know who did something 2. When person being acted upon is more important than the person doing action 3. Variety
Mission Statement
A statement of purpose that identifies the specific editorial focus of the magazine, who the intended readers are and a definition of its personality. Can be 1 sentence or 1 paragraph. Usually kept shorter than a page
Popular Meredith Corporations
1. Better Homes & Gardens 2. Ladies' Home Journal 3. Family Circle 4. Successful Farming (flagship publication) 5. Parents
Properties of a Verb
Person, Number, Tense, Voice, Mood
Present progressive
am/are/is + present participle
Association Magazines
Difficult to pinpoint numbers- might be one of the largest. (ex: 4H, Girl Scouts). There might be regional versions of these magazines. Possibly pay more than others in industry.
Popular Rodale Publications
1. Prevention 2. Men's Health 3. Organic Gardening
4 Rules of brainstorming
1. Don't allow put downs 2. Encourage wildness 3. Get as many ideas as you can 4. Seek improvement
Exceptions to exceptions of basic rules of direct quotes
1. Occasional profile would be lifeless if quotes not kept intact (ex: gonna instead of going to) 2. When quoting celebrities or PR people, let quotes stand 3. Quote public officials and those in elected office verbatim
Exceptions to basic rules of direct quotes
1. Correct obvious grammatical errors (handle all sources equally) 2. Typically correct for standard usage/grammar 3. Most publications will have you remove obscenities, profanities and vulgarities 4. Correct/ remove obvious redundancies (like/um)
Add "shall" in the 1st person to root of verb. Add "will" in the 2nd/3rd persons to the root of the verb
Placement of internal blurbs
1. Should appear on same page/spread as words/ideas listed 2. Should appear in proper story order
Conditional tense/ subjunctive mood
Would, could, should, may, might and must are the helping verbs used
Magazine Conglomerates
1. Advance (Conde Nast, Fairchild, Parade) 2. Disney 3. Hachette Filipacchi 4. Hearst 5. Meredith 6. Rodale 7. Time, Inc.
Basic rules of direct quotes
1. Do not change direct quotes 2. Never put quotation marks around indirect quotes. Instead, query where the quote starts and ends 3. Can't assume direct quote if it says 'says'
Present tense
Root of the verb + '"s" in 3rd person/ singular
Past tense
Root of the verb + "ed"
Read 5x as much as the story/ body copy
1st/ singular past tense
Present Participle
Popular Fairchild Publications
1. W 2. Women's Wear Daily 3. Details
Ought to reflect mission statement.
Popular Hearst Publications
1. Cosmopolitan 2. Esquire 3. Good Housekeeping 4. Harper's Bazaar 5. Marie Claire 6. Seventeen 7. O
4 C's of Effective titles
1. Correct 2. Clear-if alone. Cryptic-if with blurb 3. Clever 4. Compatible
Airplane magazines
Started out as PR magazines but now have brought in other ads
Time Warner
MANY media holdings (AOL, HBO, CNN, WB Television Network) Magazines include: People, Time, SI, InStyle, Fortune, Life
1. to + root of verb. (ex: He wanted to go to the library). 2. Tense and voice properties of a verb 3. The basic infinitive will be present/ active
Top three types of magazines
1. Regional 2. Medicine 3. Ethnic
First magazine to get an issue out after 9/11
People Magazine

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