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Religion Final Exam

Easy Way To Study~Take Two


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Who are the Synoptic Gospels?
They are Matthew, Mark and Luke
What is the Virginal Conception?
It is the doctrine, based in Scripture, that states that Jesus had no human father.
What is the feast of the Immaculate Conception?
It is December 8th
What do we see unfold during the Liturgical Season? What is it?
We watch the aspects of the Paschal Mystery unfold. It is the cycle of feasts and seasons celebrating the events of the life of Jesus and his presence in the church.
Who is St. John Neumann?
He was 4th Bishop of Philadelphia who established many Catholic Schools.
Where did Jesus grow up?
He grew up in Nazareth
The New Testament contains
27 books
Where was Jesus born?
He was born in Bethlehem.
What was the first miracle? Why did it take place?
It was the Wedding of Cana and it was response for Mary's request (changed water into wine)
What is Chastity?
It is the virtue by which we continuously show respect for life.
What is Lent?
It is the preparation for Easter.
What form did Jesus teach?
He taught in the form of Parables
When is the Ascension?
It is 40 days after Easter.
What can a Deacon do?
He may preach, baptize, officiate at marriage ceremony, officiate at a funeral, and administer the Eucharist.
Who is St. Therese?
She is known for "her little ways" and is the Doctor of the Church
What are the Gospels?
They are four inspired books that give an account of the life and teachings of Jesus
The Infancy Narratives are found where?
It is found in Matthew and Luke
What was the Visitation?
It was when Mary visited Elizabeth, her cousin, and proclaimed her Magnificat.
Who is Blessed Kateri Tekakwitha?
She was a young Indian girl who dedicated her life to spreading the Good News among her tribe.
What is the mystery of the Incarnation?
It is the mystery when Jesus is the Son of God becoming Man.
Who is the visible head of the Church today?
Pope Bendict XVI
St. Luke is the author of what?
The Acts of The Apostles
Why do we pray the Rosary?
We pray it to reflect on the events in the lives of Jesus and Mary.
What is Pentecost? When is it?
It is the birthday of the Church and is 50 days after Easter.
Who is responsible for the injustices in society? What is it called?
Everyone is responsible for it and it is called social sin.
What can the Deacon NOT do?
He may not say mass or consecrate the Host.
Who is St. Elizabeth Ann Seton?
She was the first native born American to be canonized and is the patron of widows.

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