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Sister Thea and Mother Teresa Religion Test


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How did Thea influence the lives of other people?
-She influenced several African American men who became pastors of the Catholic Church; helped 1) her students be accepting of all cultures and really want to learn; 2) Fr. Maurice Nutt, the pastor at the Rock Church in St. Louis, he didn’t feel ordained until she placed her hands of him, she taught him something about needing to find his own answers, she comforted him when his mother died; 3) Buddhist woman, Sr. Thea accepted her, treated her with respect and kindness even though she was Buddhist but not Catholic
What did you enjoy most about Thea Bowman?
-I loved how she was so joyous about life. Even though she was suffering from cancer as a very early age, she never lacked in energy or vitality. She treated everyone equal, and she taught everyone who knew her how to respond to life. She reminded of Sarah from The Great Divorce, who made other people love others more because of her own overflowing love.
What did you learn from listening to Thea Bowman?
-From listening to her, I’ve learned that I must be true to who I am; I should frequently tell others that I love them; we must face death
Are there any ways that you would like to be like Sr. Thea Bowman?
-I would like to be as unafraid of death as Sr. Thea appeared to be. I would especially like to be less self-conscious and able to give all of my abilities to other people. I would also like to be able to make a difference in the world, not necessarily a difference that would be noticed, but even a small difference in the life of another.
What order did she belong to? What was her main occupation?
-Belonged to the Franciscan Sisters of Perpetual Adoration
-Her main occupation was as a teacher—she was very concerned about her students
What did you learn about Mother Teresa as a person from the film?
-“we are fighting abortion by adoption”-wore a plain Indian sari, working in the swamps of Calcutta, taking care of the poorest of the poor
-the greatest poverty of the rich countries—those who are lonely, abandoned by society, in need of love
-also took the mission to New York, London, Rome, etc.-Mother Teresa received the Nobel Peace Prize-Born in 1910, Albanian, (now Macedonia) a sister and a brother, she was the youngest; they were wealthy, had everything they needed-Grew up in a city where east and west meet; orthodox churches, mosques, and also some Catholic churches; she saw a variety of cultures, religions, and peoples-her mother was very religious, her father was very well-educated, he owned a construction business (died at age 42); had a very hard period after that, they were very poor-They were not free to travel out of Albania, she and her brother could not travel in, both her mother and her sister died alone in Albania-She was 38—she entered a world that was in turmoil—assassination of Mahatma Gandhi; Hindis and Muslims fighting each other, division of India into India and Pakistan-100,000s of refugees into Calcutta—extremely difficult for her, not sure how she was going to live one day to the next
-1st Home—small house given to her; she wanted to adapt herself completely to Indian life—wore a sari; first girls who joined her were her ex-pupils
What order of sisters was Teresa the foundress for? What is the main mission of this order fo sisters?
-when she was 38, she founded the Missionaries of Charity—Homes for the dying, Homes for Children, Motherhouse—“a carrier of God’s love”
–to give service to the poorest of the poor; work with lepers, the dying, the unwanted children—some were even in America
What is the descriptive name most often used to describe the type of people that Mother Teresa and her sisters minister to?
the poorest of the poor
What did you learn from Mother Teresa in this video?
-I learned that every person was made in the image of God: a person has been created to be loved or be loved, doesn’t matter race or region; God’s love is intimate, full of tenderness and compassion—“It is his loving actions through us”—a child is the greatest gift to a family; all you have to do is give a smile; in loving others, you are loving God himself; God will not force us to do good—we must choose to do good. “Small things with great love. It is not how much we do but how much love we put in the doing. It is not how much we give but how much love we put in the giving. God does nothing small. The moment we have given it to God, it becomes something infinite.” “Jesus came to teach us how to love.”
What prayer did Mother Teresa teach all of her sisters to say?
Jesus prayers—short prayers, one or two lines long: a particular Jesus prayer that she taught all of her sisters to say—”Jesus in my heart. I believe in your tender love for me. And I love you.”
How long does it take for someone to become a Missionary of Charity? What are three ceremonial things that happen when a woman is ready to take her final vows?
It takes 9 ½ years to become a full-fledged member 1) Spirit of joy and cheerfulness in the work 2) Spirit of work, “we must labor for the poor” 3) They want to serve the poor, they want Jesus, they want prayer“The vocation is to belong to Jesus”—They begin the day with Mass
-1) Whoever is head of the order, does the ritual cutting—ceremonial haircut; it was a sacrifice they made for God 2) Receiving a sari/habit—with a blue stripe, she has taken her final vows 3)Taking of the Vows (Eighth of December)
What are the vows that a Missionary of Charity takes?
1-chastity, 2-poverty, 3-obedience, 4-whole-hearted and free service to the poorest of the poor according to the consitution of the missionary of charity
What did Mother Teresa teach about acceptance and Divine Providence?
Divine providence is always giving them in ways most unexpected; they don’t really have to worry, God provides fantastically; To accept where God wants you to be, the difference of total surrender, to accept whatever he gives, to accept to be cut to pieces, w/every piece belonging to him surrender—part of the surrender is to accept wherever God puts you (i.e. work today but not work tomorrow—but if you can trust in God, everything will be okay)
What order of Sisters did Mother Teresa join when she was 18? Why did she leave this order?
Loretto (not the same as our order) sisters ; she arrived in Bengal; taught at a school for girls in Calcutta—“she was just the same as all the sisters there”—she taught geography, she was gifted, and her students loved her
-When she was on her annual retreat, on a train, she was inspired; Sept 10, 1946—she realized that she had a call from Godto take care of the sick, dying, hungry, naked, homeless=”the poorest of the poor”-to put God’s love in action—she asked permission to establish a new order of sisters
When did Mother Teresa die?
1981, she had a bad heart condition—she must rest and take care, but she went right on doing whatever she needed to do; “she wanted to die on her feet”—giving herself to the last drop; she died on September 5, 1997 –Hindus believe that even if you see a holy person, you can get a blessing from it—Mother Teresa was place in a glace coffin, given a state funeral in India (India’s highest honor)…very ecumenical funeral
+she died of heart trouble

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