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Buffalo Bayou
a few miles southeast of present day Houston.

the Alamo fell in the early morning hours of ???/
March 6, 1836
Santa Anna and Texas' provisional president ___sign two -- one __, the other ___ -- ending the ___
David Burnet
Treaties of Velasco
Texas Revolution

How many days were the Texans at the Alamo?
13 days
General Jose Urrea
1. spots urrea massacered
1.san patricio
2.Refugio(fannon sent aid)
____A____shouted "Remember the Alamo!" as it routed _____B____ at the battle of___C_____ on _____D___.
A.TX Army under Sam Houston
B.Santa Anna
C.the battle of San Jacinto
D.April 21, 1836
provisions of treaty of velasco

*2 treaties waht kind
1st. That the armies of Mexico evacuate the territory of Texas,beyond the Rio Grande.

That all prisoners taken by the forces of Mexico be forthwith released

General Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna agrees that he will not take up arms, nor will he exercise his influence to cause them to be taken up, against the people of Texas during the present war of Independence.

Santa Anna agrees that he will not take up arms, nor will he exercise his influence against the people of Texas during the present war of Independence.

General Antonio Lopez of Santa Anna will be sent to Vera Cruz as soon as it shall be deemed proper.
Battle of Velasco
(26 June 1832
first bloodshed in the then deteriorating relations between Texas and Mexico.

July 3, 1836
Ad interim Texas President __calls elections for September 1, 1836

September 1, 1836
Texas voters elect ___ as President and approve statehood (y-n)

David G. Burnet
Sam Houston

treaties of velasco(date)
may 14, 1836
1836 April 21
battle san jacinto
Childress is therefore generally accepted as the author of what??
declaration of independence
resulted in the first casualties in Texas' __relations with Mexico. After several days of fighting, the Mexicans under Domingo de __were forced to surrender for lack of ammunition.
*The battle of velasco *Ugartechea

provisions of law of april 6 anglo amer. immigration
2.mexican garrisons(more)
3.increased mex population in TX
4.collected customs dutites
5.didnt allow slavery
6.settlements of convicts in Texas;
7.strictly enforce the colonization laws, and prevent the further introduction of slaves
near San Antonio was won by the Texans under Jim Bowie and Ed Burleson. Instead of silver, however, the Texans gained a worthless bounty of grass.
the grass fight, 8 November 1835
Battle of Velasco
B.leaders of both sides
c. cause
D. effects
A.june 1832
John Austin and Henry Smith
C.ugartechea attempted to block attempts by the Texans to transport a cannon for possible use against Mexican forces at nearby Anahuac.
D.Under the provisions of the truce, Ugartechea and his men were allowed to return to Mexico. Tensions later eased somewhat when Mexican officials dismissed the Mexican commander at Anahuac, who had been the primary cause for the Texan's frustration with Mexican authorities in the area.

Turtle Bayou Resolutions 1832
texans swore loyalty to mexico constitution 1824
james fannin
*2 jobs that didnt do while in goliad
1. retreat to victoria like houston commanded

2.aid william travis at alamo
costum duties
they r taxes that texas payed on things comming from the us
james bohnam
messenger of alammo
triggered by growing dissatisfaction among the settlements with the policies of the government in Mexico City.
convention of 1832 and 1833
convention of 1832
*The convention adopted resolutions requesting a range of reforms including ...

-tariff reduction
-immigration from US
-funding of primary schools
-formation of a separate state of Texas within the Mexican republic. (own legislature)

sacrafice death
Dec. Nov.7

2 parties leaders
issued consultation 1835 down indep. from mex(try to renew const.1824)
2.appointed Sam Houston general
3.Tx split into 2 parties
convention of 1832

convention 1833
nothin done met in san felipe

austin sent to deliver it.
Manuel de Mier y Teran's reccomendations led to what?
Law of April 6,1830
example of martyr (attack with cos)
ben milam
May 1832
June 1832
July 1832
April 1833
- Decree of April 6, 1830
- Anahuac
- Turtle Bayou Resolutions
- Velasco
- Bustamente's Resignation
- Convention
- Convention
- Stephen F. Austin's arrest
- Anahuac
- Consultation
Dec. Nov.7
issued consultation 1835 down indep. from mex(try to renew const.1824)
provisional government(v)

*TYPE...national,state,republic, free, ect.
temporary government untill something new

*state government bc still untder mex constitution
William travis lead___army
_____ lead the ___army
2.Jim Bowie for volunteers
opening battle of the Texas Revolution
1835 Oct. 2 -
Mexican troops attempt to retrieve a cannon that had been given to Gonzales colonists for protection from Indian attack. Gonzales residents dare the Mexicans to make a flag saying "come and take it"
alamo weaknesses
1.too big to defend with few poeple
2.mission--not a fort
3.broken spots
4.nt enough ammunition
Brazoria to Anahuac
a cannon is transported in 1832 causing 1st battle of anahuac
march 6 1836
henry smith
govenor of provisional government
ben milam was killed during what siege
siege of bexar where san antonio bec. texas and kiked out mexicans
Battle of Lexington...
Battle of Gonzales
1835 Nov. 1 - A "consultation" convenes at _____;
on Nov. 7 -delegates agree to establish a ____
san felipe
provisional government
only mexican genereal never defeated in tx rev.
reasons for anahuac(1832)
*who(3 people)
*bradburn, patrick jack, travis
Travis /Patrick Jack,had already antagonized Bradburn by starting a civil militia, contrary to Mexican law

*Travis capt. slaves with jack.Travis decided to trick Bradburn into releasing the runaway slaves-put into jail.
Runaway Scrape.
flee of settlers to US bc knew only sam houston and army to protect them
**Flee of lives eastward/North

*march 10, 1836

Sam Houston abandons Gonzales and retreats eastward to avoid the advancing Mexican army
1836 March 27 About 350 Texan prisoners, including their commander James Fannin, are executed at ___by order of ___. An estimated 30 Texans escape
Santa Anna
anahuac(2 years)
Twin Sisters
used in battle san jacinto
what is the texan revolution compared to and give 5 reasons why.

?????? ID ONT KNOW?????
American revolution
1.simular strategies
(how related to history)
place you station soliders
*mexico placed more in tx after law april 6
david burnett
1st president
capital coahuila
What was the reason Manual de Mier Teran make his reccomendations of _____.??
law of april 6, 1830
*thought tx=too anglo american
Relations between the Texans and Mexico reached a new low when Mexico forbid further emigration into Texas by settlers from the United States
law of april 6,1830
After failure of Mexican forces under Col. Bradburn at Anahuac to comply with the agreement made,a committee of Texans was appointed to describe causes which force them to take up arms against Bradburn and their loyalty to the Constitution of ___includin
Santa Anna

communities keeping in touch incase of attack
erastus"deaf" smith
man deaf in 1 ear--texas spy
Andrew Briscoe
tricked Tenorio bc mad with taxes and put bricks into a boat--arrested bc "thought smuggleing"

*travis/volunteers freed him and sent tenorio to harrisburg
1. Piedras -
2. Bradburn -
3. Ugartechea -
1. Nacogdoches
2. Anahuac
provisional gov
od interm gov
gov on horse back
all the same
anahuac 1835
* mex. collect costome duties bc depend on it for $

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