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History Study Guide for 12/7/07


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Great Migration
movement of Southern Blacks to the Northern cities.
young women of the 1920s.
homeruns Babe Ruth hit in his career.
Marcus Garvey
started the "Back to Africa" movement.
combination of Dixieland and Ragtime music.
The Jazz Singer
first movie with sound.
illegaly making and transporting liquor.
21st Amendment
repealed the 18th Amendment.
Sacco and Vanzetti
Italian anarchists executed for robbery and murder.
18th Amendment
Steamboat Willie
first ever cartoon movie; main character was Mickey Mouse.
Mass Media
radio, movies, and magazines.
Major goal of the NAACP in the '20s
a federal law against lynching.
located in Pittsburg.
Greenwich Village
an area of Manhattan where artists and writers settled.
Red Sox
sold Babe Ruth to the Yankees.
Charles Lindbergh
flew from New York City to Paris in 1927.
Emergency Quota Act
based immigration on national origin.
Duke Ellington
famous bandleader and composer of 1920s.
first ever commercial radio station.
Scopes Trial
John Scopes was put on trial for teaching evolution.
Universal Negro Improvement Association started by Marcus Garvey.
Billy Sunday
major league baseball player turned preacher.
Police Powers
the government's power to control its citizens for the sake of public safety.
Langston Hughes
famous African American poet of the 1920s.
Harlem Renaissance
rebirth of African American culture in the 1920s.
New Morality
personal freedom.
Oscar DePriest
first African American congressman from Northern state.
Golden Age of Hollywood
when movies had sound.
National Origins Act
immigration law based on a quota system.
NAACP accomplishments
getting lynching law through the House and stopping the seating of a racist justice.
unconventional (different) lifestyle.
belief that the world was created as God said in the bible.
Bessie Smith
famous Blues singer of the 1920s.
homeruns Babe Ruth hit in a season.
Volstead Act
to enforce prohibition.
hate groups of the 1920s.
science of selective breeding in humans.
illegal bars of the 1920s.
Cotton Club
famous Harlem nightspot.
William Jennings Bryan
part of the prosecution in the Scopes Trial.
belief that humans evolved from lower life forms.
Margaret Mead
first female anthropologist.
Butler Act
law against teaching evolution in Tennessee.
Al Capone
famous Chicago gangster.

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