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Black History


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First US Poet Laureate
Maya Angelou
First to win the Pulitzer fro Poetry
Gwendolyn Brooks
First to win the Pulitzer for Literature
Alice Walker
First to win the Nobel for Literature
Toni Morrison
First to win the Nobel Peace Prize
Ralph Bunche
First Singer at the Metropolitan Opera
Marian Anderson
First Miss America
Vanessa Williams
First Grammy Winner
Harry Belafonte
First Female Grammy winner
Ella Fitzgerald
First US Ambassador to the UN
Andrew Young
First Supreme Court Justice
Thurgood Marshall
First Surgeon General
Jocelyn Elders
First Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff
Colin Powell
First Congresswoman
Shirley Chisholm
First Woman Senator
Carol Mosley-Braun
First to reach the North Pole
Matthew Henson
First in Space
Leon Bluford, Jr.
First female in space
Mae Jemeson
First starring role on TV
Diahann Carroll (for Julia)
First coach in any professional sport
Bill Russell
First MLB coach
Frank Robinson
First All-American athlete
Paul Robeson
First Heavyweight boxing champ
Jack Johnson
First Masters golf champion
Tiger Woods
First Wimbleton winner
Althea Gibson
First MLB player (19th century)
Moses Fleetwood Walker
First MLB player (20th century)
Jackie Robinson
First AL baseball player
Nate "Sweetwater" Clifton
First NBA player
Nate "Sweetwater" Clifton
First patent holder (for corn harvester)
Henry Blair
First Mayor of Cleveland
Carl Stokes
First Mayor of Chicago
Harold Washington
First Mayor of NYC
David Dinkins
First Mayor of LA
Tom Bradley
First Mayor of Detroit (5 times)
Coleman Young
First female mayor of Washington, DC
Sharon Pratt Kelly
First Mayor of Atlanta
Maynard Jackson
First to enroll at the University of Mississippi
James Meredith
First Flying Squadron
Tuskegee Airmen
Man killed at Boston Massacre
Crispus Attucks
Female preacher, abolitionist, and writer
Sojourner Truth
Orator and former slave
Frederick Douglas
Preacher who led 1831 insurrection against slavery
Nat Turner
Underground railroad "conductor"
Harriet Tubman
Male Tennis Champion
Peter Bailey
Playwright born in Harlem 1924
James Baldwin
"One O'clock Jump" band leader
Count Basie
President of SCLC after MLK
Ralph Abernathy
Founder of Ebony and Jet
John Johnson
Former Urban League head and Clinton advisor
Vernon Jordan
Founder of Tuskegee Institute
Booker T Washington
Peanut cultivator
George Washington Carver
Aid in developing blood banks
Charles Drew
Voice of Darth Vader
James Earl Jones
Rat Pack member
Sammy Davis, Jr.
Chairwoman of Congressional Black Caucus
Maxine Waters
Texas Congresswoman 1972-78
Barbara Jordan
Female figure skater
Debi Thomas
Miss America, 1990
Debbye Turner
Rainbow Coalition leader
Jesse Jackson
OJ defense attorney
Johnie Cochran
Prosecutor at OJ trial
Christopher Darden
CNN Washinton anchor
Bernard Shaw
Founder of American Dance Theatre
Alvin Ailey
Soprano at Metropolitan Opera 1976-85
Leontyne Price
NAACP founder 1909
WEB DuBois
NAACP representative murdered in Mississippi 1965
Medgar Evers
Medal awarded by NAACP
Spingarn Medal
Fund founded at the Tuskegee Institute 1944
United Negro College Fund
Nationalist leader assassinated in 1965
Malcolm X
Nation of Islam leader
Louis Farrakhan
Huey Newton and Bobby Seal's party, founded 1966
Black Panthers
Black Panthers leader and newspaper editor
Eldridge Cleaver
He coined the term "black power"
Adam Clayton Powell
City of 1955 bus boycott
Woman who initiated the boycott
Rosa Parks
GW Bush's National Security Advisor
Condoleezza Rice
City high school integrated 1956
Little Rock Central High
University integrated in 1962
University of Alabama

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