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Presidents Trivia


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Q. Who assasinated Abraham Lincoln?
A. James Wilkes Booth
Q. What 2 things did Washington's Farewell Address warn?
A. Foreign Alliances and Political Parties
Q. Who became President after Zachary Talor died in office?
A. Millard Fillmore
Q. In 1890 which President signed the Sherman Antitrust Act?
A. Benjamin Harrison
Q. What was James Madison's nickname?
A. Father of the Constitution
Q. Who became President after William Henry Harrison died?
A. John Tyler
Q. How many terms of office did Ulysses S. Grant serve?
A. 2
Q. How many children did Rutherford B. Hayes have?
A. 5
Q. Who spend 18 years serving in the House of Representatives before recieving his unexpected nomination for President?
A. James A. Garfeild
Q. True or False: Warren G. Harding was the frist President to visit Alaska.
A. True
Q. William Rufus De Vane King was ___________'s VP?
A. Franklin Pierce
Q. Which President approved the beginnings of the modern American Navy?
A. Chester A. Arthur
Q. Which President walked to his Inaugaration? (A) Thomas Jefferson (B) James Madison (C) John Quincy Adams
A. Thomas Jefferson
Q. What was John Quincy Adams nickname? (A) Old Man Eloquent (B) Adams Jr. (C) Quincy
A. (A) Old Man Eloquent
Q. True or False: William McKinley attended University of Pennsylvania Law School.
A. False
Q. What war did Abraham Lincoln change the point of?
A. The Cival War
Q. What political party was Martin Van Vuren in?
A. Democrat
Q. Who was the first President to attend the Major League Baseball Fall Classic?
A. Woodrow Wilson
Q. This man was President during the Era of Good Feelings. (A) James K. Polk (B) Zachary Taylor (C) James Monroe
A. (C) James Monroe
Q. This Presidents son died in a train accident before his Inauguration. Who was this President?
A. Frankiln Pierce
Q. True or Flase, the Alien Sedition Acts were passed durning John Adams Presidency?
A. True
Q. William Howard Taft was the ______ President. (A) 21st (B) 25th (C) 27th
A. (C) 27th
Q. Whose Cabinet was known for the Kitchen Cabinet?
A. Andrew Jackson
Q. Who was John Adams VP in 1797 to 1801?
A. Thomas Jefferson
Q. Which President was shot by an assassin early in his term and dies 79 days later?
A. James A. Garfelid
Q. Who was the first Democratic President to be elected?
A. Grover Cleveland
Q. True or False, John Tyler was a slave holder?
A. True
Q. Who became President after the country's most fiercely debated election?
A. Rutherford B. Hayes
Q. Who was Abraham Lincoln's Vice President?
A. Andrew Johnson
Q. Who is the only President to be buried in Washington D.C?
A. Woodrow Wilson
Q. Which President said "If men were angles, no government would be nessesary"?
A. James Madison
Q. True or False, James Buchanan was the President to never marry.
A. True
Q. Which President died after one month of serving?
A. William Henry Harrison
Q. What Amendment was passed when Ulysses S. Grant was in office?
A. The 15th Amendment
Q. Who was President during the Missouri Comprimise?
A. James Monroe
Q. What was Chester A. Arthur's nickname? (A) Elegance (B) Arthur the Elegant (C) Elegant Arthur
A. (C) Elegant Arthur
Q. Who was President during the Teapot Dome Scandal?
A. Warren G. Harding
Q. In the election of 1800 Thomas Jefferson tied with his running mate _________.
A. Erin Burke
Q. True or False, did George Washing to be President?
A. False
Q. This Presidents nickname was "Little Magician." Who was this President?
A. Martin Van Vuren
Q. Which President increased the nation by 2/3's?
A. James K. Polk
Q. Which Presidents legs were so short, that he needed help mounting a horse?
A. Zachary Taylor
Q. Who was President durning the Dred Scott Decision?
A. James Buchanan
Q. What was James K. Polk's middle name? (A) Kevin (B) Knox (C) Kyle
A. (B) Knox
Q. At age 68 who was the second oldest President?
A. William Henry Harrison
Q. William Howard Taft graduated from (A) Yale (B) Harvard (C) Albany Law School
A. (A) Yale
Q. Who was President during the Spanish-American War?
A. William McKinley
Q. How many children did Millard Fillmore have?
A. 2
Q. What was Andrew Johnson's nickname?
A. The Veto President
Q. Who did Andrew Jackson defeat in the Election of 1828?
A. John Quincy Adams
Q. This Presidents nickname was "Old Rough and Ready." Who was this President?
A. Zachary Taylor
Q. This Presdient led the volunteer cavalry The Rough Riders.
A. Theodore Roosevelt
Q. Benjamin Harrison had previously served as a senator from which state? (A) Virginia (B) Indiana (C) Ohio
A. (B) Indiana
Q. Who was the 6th President? (A)James Monroe (B) John Quincy Adams (C) Andrew Jackson
A. (B) John Quincy Adams
Q. Which of these Presidents never went to college? (A) John Adams (B) Grover Cleveland (C) Thomas Jefferson
A. (B) Grover Cleveland
Q. True or False: Theodore Roosevelt was the first U.S President to call for the universal health care and national health insurance.
A. True

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