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Theology Sem. 1 Exam


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The event and process in which the Son of God took on flesh and entered human history
"Defenders of the faith"
The correct, right teaching of the Church
Statements considered to be a summary of the apostle's faith
Apostle's Creed
A gathering of all the Catholic bishops of the world
Ecumenical council
A false belief that claimed that although Jesus had a human body, he had no human soul
The central Christian mystery that one God is in three persons
An official teaching of the Church
A Greek translation of the Old Testament
Denying or abandoning the faith
The most sever penalty within the Church
the belief that there is only one God
A heresy which viewed Jesus as the grestest of all humans, but not a divine person
A conscious, deliberate, ad persistent or public denial by a member of the Church or one or more of the dogmatic truths of faith
A name for those books which have been accepted by the Church
Those truths which the Church teaches have been revealed by God
The heresy which said that Jesus only appeared to be human and that his true nature was only divine
A title for Jesus that refers to his relationship with the other Persons of the Trinity
Son of God
A term commonly used to refer to the special attribute possessed by the pop and by the college of bishops in communion with the pope which ensures that when they speak on matters of faith and morals they are free or error
this great profession of faith of the Church originated from two early ecumenical councils (Nicea and Constantinople)of the fourth century
Nicene Creed
The faith, which the Church has received from Christ through the apostles and all of the ways the faith has been passed on: in creeds, doctrines, decisions of the magisterium, liturgies, and patterns of prayer ans ervice
Traditions of the church
The Blessed Mother is full of grace because seh
In her, the divine and human were united in the person of Jesus
Cheap grace refers to
a relationship with God that we take for granted. God loves me no matter what, I can do whatever.
Costly grace refers to
a relationship with God that involves a response on our part. It is a two-way relationship.
The German Lutheran pastor who died in resistance to Nazism was
Dietrich Bonhoeffer
The original meaning of the word talent was
a unit of money
To refer to moral decision making as a science
required thoughtfully determining what is right and wrong
The beginning question in Catholic decision making is
Who are we?
To refer to moral decision making as an art means
requires practice and use of creativity and imagination
A term for our sharing in the life of God is called
Using systematic thinking and analysis in our lives is called
critical thinking
The way we live our lives in response to Jesus is
Christian morality
When a person has no sense or right or wrong and is insensitive to the moral effects of acts, he or she is
Ehticists determine right from wrong using
reason, human knowledge, and philosophy
Protestants determine morality using
reason and Scripture
Natural Moral Law
God's law placed in the human heart
The Latin root of the word virtue means
strength or power
The Latin root for cardinal means
THe theological virtues are
faith, hope and charity/love
The cardinal virtues are
prudence, justice, fortitude, and temperance
We call the theological virtues theological because
they are rooted in God and reflect God's presence in our lives
Does license mean the same thing as freedom?
No, license means permission
What is the cornerstone of all virtues?
Where do virtues come from?
Acquired through education and acts
Is hope an active or passive virtue?
What is our overall inclination toward good or evil called?
What was St. Thomas Aquinas's definition of love?
To will the good of another
Not hiding behind a role or image is
Seeking to know and do God's will is
When one assumes responsibility, one is
ready and able to respond to another
What is integrity?
honesty, genuineness, and consistency in behavior patterns
What is the difference between stated values and lived values?
Stated - those we claim are important
Lived - values we demonstrate in our actions
What is character?
The inclinations toward goodness or evil that are part of the fabric of a person's being
Feeling guilty is an inadequate definition of conscience because
we can feel guilty, yet not be guilty of sin. Sometimes we don't feel guilty but we still are.
Having an erroneous conscience means
a person follows a process of conscientious decision making but unwittingly makes a wrong decision
Being conscientious means
awareness of oneself and ones surroundings
Three main dimensions of conscience are
awareness, development, and judgment
When people act contrary to their conscience and purposely choose to do wrong, the capacity to do wrong
Informed conscience
a conscience that is educated and developed through constant use and examination
Lax conscience
when a person does not employ a process of conscientious decision making, therefore, a "lazy" conscience
a person lacking any sense or right and wrong
Legalistic conscience
Person caught up in obeying rules/laws they can't see the real needs of the situation. They made the rule/law more important than people.
What question does the principle of universalism ask?
What would happen if everyone in the world acted this way?
What question does the principle of reversibility ask?
Do I want tob e treated this way?
List 6 principles of morality
Do good, avoid evil
Treat people fairly
Do unto others what you would have them do to you
Take care of your offspring
Act out of love and intelligence
Have a reverence for all life
List 6 Catholic Christian values
life, faith, hope, charity, family, and justice
Explain with an example the principle of the end does not justify the means
Even if the end is good, it is not ok if the means are bad.
Ex. Having high grades is bad if you cheat
What is the difference between something being objectively wrong and subjective guilt/sin.
Objective morality is what actually is, either right or wrong. Some things are always objectively wrong, whether we believe it or not.
Subjective guilt/sin is a judgment concerning the perceived goodness or badness of an action or attitude, which may or may not correspond with its actual moral quality. (Personal moral judgment)
What does the Church mean when it says "we must follow our conscience?"
General principle – we must follow our well informed, mature Catholic conscience
How do we do that? Look to Jesus as role model (WWJD)
Look for objective truth
Guidance of the Church
Name and describe with an example Kohlberg's three levels of moral maturity
Pre-conventional level - when a person's motive for behavior is fear of punishment or promise of reward
Conventional Level - When a person's motive for behavior is fitting in and adhering to conventions of society
Post-Conventional Level - Self-chosen ethical principles. When a person's motive for behavior places universal good over self-good or the good of the group.
Example of three levels of moral maturity
Someone else gets in trouble during a test because you were asking them for an answer

Pre - don't say anything because you will be punished
Con - Don't say anything because others will laugh at you
Post - say something so they don't get in trouble
First African American to play major league baseball in modern times
Jackie Robinson
Owner who hired first African American major league baseball player
branch rickey
began the united farm workers union
cesar chavex
catholic who died rather than participate in war
franz jagerstater
englishman beheaded for following his conscience
thomas more
v - concern for people lacking basic needs
v - moderation
v - acting with conviction
v - sharing what you have with someone in greater need
v - changing a course of action when a better way comes along
v - making a commitment to avoid excessive watching of TV
v - avoiding going along just because it's easier
v - giving people what they are due
v - practical wisdom
v - standing up for what is right
v - knowing when to say no
v - self-control
v - working for fairness and equality
v - common sense
sadness at the sight of another's goods and the immoderate desire to acquire them for ourselves, even unjustly
extreme laziness
inability to be satisfied with what we have; desire to amass earthly goods without limit
desire to hurt another; desire for revenge
an anti-God state of mind placing ourselves higher than God
unbridled sexual desire
excess in eating or drinking
When is the Immaculate Conception celebrated?
December 8
When did the Incarnation occur?
Christmas, Dec. 25
Jesus rising from the dead
When is the resurrection?
The first Sunday following the first full moon that occurs on our after the vernal equinox
Our hope and belief in the life after death and union with God is based on
the death of Jesus Christ and his Resurrection from the dead
Why is the Church holy?
1. It is the Body of Christ on earth
2. The Holy Spirit dwells in it
3. The Church possesses the fullness of Jesus Christ's presence and the best means of salvation
What describes the Catholic understanding of the relationship between the Church and the world?
God acts in the world, and in and through the Church
What was the time in history when protestant churches began?
The reformation
What are the two sources of God's revelation?
Sacred Scripture and tradition
A person who does not consider lying wrong at any time has a __ conscience?
A person who is not sure what course of action is morally right has a _ conscience.
In the parking lot Derek noticed the clerk had given him 10 too much in change. He returns it. Derek's conscience is
certain and correct
Bill smokes pot. He says he watched his mom relax with alcohol. He decided to use pot to relax because it was easier to get hold of. His conscience is
certain and wrong
While sitting in the bleachers, Kim deliberately trips an opposing team's fan while the youngster walks past. Kim's conscience is
certain and wrong
Sydney always throws most of her lunch away. She figures she paid for it and can do anything she wants with it. Her conscience is
certain and wrong
When was the Annunciation?
March 25
Correct conscience
one that basses its actions of following principles and objective morality
wrong conscience
one that contradicts principles and is against objective morality
certain conscience
one is sure. There is no doubt in one's mind.
Examples of objectively wrong behaviors

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