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where did indians come from
ben franklin went to live with the ____________-in NY
3 G\'s
gold, glory, god
What did Columbus find?
water route; west
when english path to the new world was clear...
spanish armada
Henry 8th would kill _______________
Who came to escape....they are all the same
Separatists, calvinists, puritans, and pilgrams
Where pilgrims settled
Connecticut wrote 1st ____________________ in 13th colonies
1st constitution; fundamental orders
1st settlement in VA
1st house of burgesses elected
goverment body
What did we provide england with, but sent it back to us
raw materials
Colony of MD was 1st to grant ________________
religious freedom; act of toleration
Colony owned by SP
st. augustine in FL
Colony owned by FR
Montrieller + quebec
Who gave NJ as a gift to James Duke of York
berkley and cartert
Where FR & IND. WAR took place
ohio valley
FR & IND WAR- who won
To pay back for the way, what was being created
taxes and acts
What was created b/c of the Boston Tea Party
coersive/intolerable act
Who wrote common sence
Thomas Paine
who wrote dec. of independance
Thomas Jefferson
In dec of indep, who was being blamed
King george III
stated all men created =
natural rights
What does social contract represent
the ppl
What did the American Rev influence
FR revolution
What ended the Am revolution
treaty of paris
Quebec belonged to
Turning point of american revolution
Last battle of VA, cornwallis surrendered
battle of yorktown
gave too much power to states
articles of confederation
Makes laws
enforces laws
revised and sooner or later built something?!
const. convention
Pres kept us out of war with FR
john adams
marburry vs. madison\'s outcome
judgial review
who passed embargo act
Thomas jefferson
Embargo act
any ship that wanted to trade had to go to the us... it hurt economy
british took ppl, searched our ships
Treaty that ended......?
Who was told to say the Missouri comp
john quincy adams
monroe doctrine
stay out of w hemispher
andrew jackson belivied
ppl should vote; all white male 21+
Andrew jackson didnt like
indians, led to trail of tears
Destroy\'s BUS
Andrew jackson
spoils system
rewarding someone whol helped you...
tariff of 1828
tariff of abominations
ended mex war
guadalupe hidalgo
worked for CA statehood
James polk
Why morman\'s left ohio to utah
religious persecution
started slavery in south
cotton gin
help escape
underground railroad
comp of 1850, stephan douglas- ppli in new territory (KS & NB)
pop sov
dred scott case
for freedom, had no right, Miss comp unconstit, blacks - not citizens
who secedes when linc elected
you would secede b/c
felt your life being threatened
burned his path
shermans march
start of CW
ft sumter
first battle of CW
bull run
city surrendered by N
Turning pt of CW
Who\'s plan for reconstruction was best
who wanted to impeach abe
rad reps
plessy vs. bergeson
separate but = facilites
ended grant\'s presidency and reconstruction
comp of 1877
immigrants mostly come from
yellow journalism
way of writing for muck rackers
lands we took from SP
guam, philippines, puerto rico

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