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IAH 211C People


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Abu Laban
canadian anthropologist who uses cohort method of determining cutlureactivity
Aijaz Ahmad
class structure, marxist
Alan Sokal
wrote an article fighting against culture's influence over the sciences
Antonio Gramsci

hedgemony- elites manipulate poor

subaltern- being manipulated and not knowing it 

Ashis Nandy
created the definition of orientalism- tradition that has been carried over from eastern culture to western culture
Bell hooks
giving voice to classrooms
Clifford Gertz
def of culture: post modern, stories we tell ourselves about ourselves
Cornell West
Identity is something you are willing to die for
Deborah Najor
professor of English Literature, Fictional Writter: Wrote Selma's Wedding
Deepak Kumar
south asian cuture studies
Donna Haraway
Technology is having a negative effect on culture
Dual Language method
Simotanouse language translation: Only works if all of the class speaks the same native language
EB Tyler
def of culture: developed a long list of culture traits that determine the culture (very complex)
Edward Said
father of post modernists, orientalism, influenced byFoucault and Fanon, Knowledge is power, colonialism is bad
Ernest Gellner
Critic of Said,colonialism is not bad bc it helped build roads in poor counties 
Evellyn Shakir
Social Science: "Bent Arab" Wrote a book on Arab Woman
Daughter of Mohamad,Led a battle, and challangd Islamic leaders
Ferdinand de Saussure
father of semniotics, study of signs
Frantz Fanon
Colonialism is terrible, would sneak supplies into colonies
Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak
Woman with a post modern view on culture
Greeta Kumar
south asian culture studies
Homi Bhebhi
Hybridity of colinized
Jean Francic Lyotard
Founder of post modernism
Jermoe Revetz
Culture is relivant in science,culture influences funding to science projects and the outcome of science court cases aka abortion
KArl popper
culture is relivant in science
Wife of the prophet Mohamad
Feminism poet
Margaret Mead
Def of culture: traits are past from one generation to the next, these traits shape the culture
Michel foucault
Knowledge is power
MK Gandhi
movement took down british colonial control in India, empowerment movement
Mohja Kahf
PhD in Literature, poet who confronts many sterotypes of the Arab American Woman
Paul Feyerbend
radical "around bend" objective,No such thing as scientific method
Pharoah Hepchepsuit 
Only female egyptian pharoah
Pierre Bordieu
Different classes view art differently
Pull out Translation
pull student out of class and teach that individual student the new language
Queeen of Shelba
Old Testiment, Leader of the Punt people
7th century mystic, very smart, many men would go to her to search advice
Raymond Williams

Culture def. Marxist view, class theory to understand culture, too large of a gap between rich and poor cause culture problems


founder of culture studies, empower through knowledge 

Rev. Mansur
1924 catholic priest (arab) telling youngs to adapt to the American culture, while not forgetting their past, 
Salman Rushdie
wrote terrible novels insulting islams and christians
shiv visvanathan
south asian cuture studies
Stuart Hall
co founder of culture studies, empower through knowledge
Teresa Saliba     
Christian Arab American, Secular Feminism
Thomas Kuhn
paradine shift- modernism (positivism)
Translation on demand
have volunteers do routes and help students with translations based on needs
son died in battle, picked up his sword and began fighting in his place
veena das
south asian cuture studies
Yvonne Haddad
Expert on Islam in the Western World
Wife of a caliph, built wells from mecca to bahgdad to help support those in between

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